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    Building converged storage resource pools for cloud data centers, delivering consistent data service experiences on- and off-premises, and enabling an agile cloud transformation

    HGST offers hard disk drives, solid-state drives and external storage products.

    Muliticloud storage solutions that work seamlessly with public cloud and your data center allowing your data to move freely without constraints on location or workload.

    IBM DS8000
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    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    IBM DS000 is a family of all-flash data systems designed to meet a wide variety of workloads for different business needs through mission-critical acceleration, ultra-low application response times, uncompromising availability and unparalleled integration with IBM Z® and IBM Power Systems™. For those organizations looking to deliver sustained, excellent performance for the ever-changing demands of the market, IBM offers the following DS8000 solutions: IBM DS8888F Analytics class: delivers superior performance and high capacity for the most demanding, business-critical workloads. IBM DS8886F Enterprise class: provides the ideal combination of high performance, capacity, and cost for a wide variety of workloads. IBM DS8884F Business class: enables midrange organizations to meet storage challenges with advanced functionality in a space-saving package. IBM DS8882F Rack mounted: delivers powerful enterprise capabilities as the larger DS8000 systems in a flexible rack mountable solution at the lowest entry cost. The DS8882F model can be integrated into existing client 19-inch standard racks, mounted into IBM Z model ZR1 or IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper II systems.

    IBM Elastic Storage Server is a modern implementation of software-defined storage, combining IBM Spectrum Scale software with IBM POWER8 processor-based I/O-intensive servers and dual-ported storage enclosures. IBM Spectrum Scale is the parallel file system at the heart of IBM ESS. IBM Spectrum Scale scales system throughput as it grows while still providing a single namespace. This eliminates data silos, simplifies storage management and delivers high performance. By consolidating storage requirements across your organization onto IBM ESS, you can reduce inefficiency, lower acquisition costs and support demanding workloads.

    Software-defined object storage designed for both traditional and next-generation workloads with unmatched scalability, flexibility and resiliency.

    Explore a full range of disk shelves and storage media (SSD and HDD) to support your diverse business and application demands.

    HyperIP WAN Optimization virtual appliance is used for data replication, cloud storage, iSCSI replication, and other IP storage and file transfer applications. Deploying HyperIP for replication, backup, recovery and data center migrations provides our partners and customers the confidence that their valuable information will be protected and moved on-time, every time.

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