Best Unified Threat Management (UTM) Software

Unified threat management software and hardware provide dynamic firewalls that can provide other security services such as VPNs and malware detection.

To qualify for inclusion in the Unified Threat Management category, a product must:

  • Provide firewall capabilities to protect networks and data
  • Integrate with hardware
  • Offer other security tools such as a VPN or malware detection
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    Manage your entire network from a centralized dashboard.

    FortiGate offers a network security platform, designed to deliver threat protection and performance with reduced complexity.

    The global network of highly skilled researchers and analysts, protecting businesses from known and emerging malware - viruses, rootkits and spyware.

    SonicWall real-time breach detection and prevention solutions protect more than one million networks worldwide

    The industry's first threat-focused next-generation firewall (NGFW).

    For over 20 years, WatchGuard has pioneered cutting-edge cyber security technology and delivered it as easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solutions. With industry-leading network security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication, and network intelligence products and services, WatchGuard enables businesses from around the globe to protect their most important assets.

    Our security solution provides fine-grained access comtrol that identifies, mitigates, and fully reports on the sophisticated security threats of the moment

    Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliances, available as hardware and virtual appliances, offer comprehensive security to organizations.

    Barracuda's Cloud Generation Firewalls redefine the role of the Firewall from a perimeter security solution to a distributed network optimization solution that scales across any number of locations and applications, connects on-premises and cloud infrastructures, and helps organizations transform their business.

    Check Point Firewall. The Check Point Firewall Software Blade incorporates all of the power and capability of the revolutionary FireWall-1 solution while adding user identity awareness to provide granular event awareness and policy enforcement.

    UTM solutions are compact, cost-effective, all-in-one small business firewall appliances. Powered by dedicated security, rather than general purpose, processors, they deliver high-performance next-generation firewall, web, and email filtering, data loss prevention and more, easily managed via a single console. In addition, you can solve your networking needs with extensive routing, switching, Wi-Fi, LAN, and WAN capabilities.

    Huawei Enterprise is a leading global ICT solutions provider.

    SCWX is a cybersecurity company that works to provide an early warning system for evolving cyber threats, enabling to prevent, detect, rapidly respond to and predict cyberattacks.

    Check Point Capsule is one seamless solution that addresses all your mobile security needs. Capsule protects your mobile devices from threats, provides a secure business environment for mobile device use and protects business documents wherever they go.

    Check Point’s multilayered security technology provides protection against advanced and zero-day cyber threats, preventing attacks, minimizing risks and offering rapid response

    Kerio helps businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely.

    Trustwave UTM provides a comprehensive set of integrated network security technologies designed to defend against external threats, while also offering protective measures from the inside of the network out.

    Unified Threat Management is a network security software that was designed from the ground up to focus on ease of deployment, use, and ongoing management, in addition to providing the strongest security possible.

    ZyWALL USG/40/40W/60/60W offers unbeatable protection from malware and unauthorized applications for smaller-sized enterprises.

    Aker raised the level of automation and created a true Digital Fortress to include a number of features in its NGFW Firewall that, in addition to preserving the network environment, enable the efficient management of data traffic. With Failover feature rules, exclusive of Aker UTM - NGFW, the solution automatically sets the priorities of the traffic on your network so that you can retain the services of your company always working.

    Brinqa is a leading provider of unified risk management – enabling stakeholders, governance organizations, and infrastructure security teams to effectively manage technology risk at the speed of business. Brinqa software and cloud services leverage an organization’s existing investment in systems, security, and governance programs to identify, measure, manage and monitor risk. With Brinqa, organizations reduce response time to emerging threats, impact to business, and technology risk and compl

    CB Defense for VMware is a purpose-built solution with VMware AppDefense that provides advanced threat detection and in-depth application behavior insight to stop attacks in progress and accelerate response.

    Get the visibility needed to proactively identify potential security issues and respond before they cause harm, with CenturyLink Analytics and Threat Management services. With CenturyLink® Analytics and Threat Management services, you get the visibility needed to proactively identify potential security issues and respond to them before they cause harm. And with our event and incident management and response services, you can ease the burden of having to develop and manage incident response in

    Endian is the leading provider of open source network security and remote connectivity solutions. Our Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware, software and virtual appliances provide comprehensive gateway security including firewall, VPN, web and email security services for small to large business networks.

    Fusion's UTM is identity based, not location or physical topology. Deployment requires no changes to the user environment and the service can operate over existing customer equipment, providing the same level of data segmentation and security across all network types.

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