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Marina management software is used by boat dealers, marina management companies, and boatyards to manage their or their customers’ boats, as well as activities such as rentals, repairs, and maintenance. By using marina management software, companies can optimize dock utilization, increase customer satisfaction, and manage assets. Furthermore, marina management solutions provide features to enhance security for employees and customers, as well as the boats managed by marinas.

Since not all marina management software solutions deliver functionality for boat dealers, some of them prefer to integrate with this type of solution. Other solutions focus exclusively on marina management and integrate with back office features such as accounting or CRM.

To qualify for inclusion in the Marina Management category, a product must:

  • Track the inventory of boats, spare parts, and equipment required for maintenance
  • Manage short-term and long-term rentals, as well as permits and licenses
  • Create and manage contracts for various types of services
  • Monitor arrivals and departure of boats and manage queues when required
  • Include features for resident and visitor processing and access control
  • Provide basic billing and accounting features, or integrate with solutions providing them
  • Report on occupancy, boat traffic, influx of customers or residents, profitability, and more

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    DockMaster Software is an industry leading management system for marinas, boatyards, and boat dealerships. DockMaster includes Unit Sales, Prospecting and F&I with fully integrated financial management and numerous integrations with CRM applications, dealer websites and text/messaging services. The Service module includes estimating, labor tracking, and complete parts management with ordering/receiving, subcontractor fulfillment and invoicing. DockMaster's mobile app allows technicians to

    Anchorsoft is a fully integrated Marine Dealer Management Software, most importantly our software is designed and tailored for your business, regardless of size.

    BiT's dealer management system can help you track, monitor, control, and drive nearly every aspect of your business with a focus on meeting your profitability, cash flow and customer satisfaction goals.

    The Total Marina Package is an enterprise level solution solidly built from the ground up using Microsoft's .NET technology and Microsoft's SQL Server database.

    Our marina management software streamlines marina operations by providing transient and seasonal slip reservations, leasing, waiting lists, lottery and retail in one unified system for attracting customers, serving their needs and maximizing your revenues.

    BLUESHELL is a software management programme for marinas, which simplifies the process of tracing Business Critical information with its engaging, intuitive interface.

    Boatslip Manager Software will be your mission critical piece of software that handles everything in your park from fuel sales (with our partner RMS), store and marina sales, slip management, marketing letters, invoicing, membership sales, splash down fees and then downloads all the system created journal entries to one of 7 different General Ledger programs.

    ClearWaterMMS is a flexible tool designed to help marina managers to manage and control most of the marina's day-to-day processes in an efficient and effective way.

    Complete client and vessel CRM that automates from booking to checkout, and provides a 360 degree view of a visual marina map.

    ClubHub was built from a blank canvas - SPECIFICALLY for boat clubs. This is NOT a modified version of something that works for hair salons. This is a seriously complex tool that simplifies the management of your club in four simple, yet intuitive modules.

    CODieBOARD# is a suite of softwares for marine industry.

    Web-based solution for ship owners, managers and brokers. Features include integration with PABX and task management.

    Modules for wet and dry stack storage marinas, harbor and port authorities, marine repair services and boatyards.

    HarbaMaster is a cloud-based marina management software digitalising repetitive and time consuming marina management processes. It is created in collaboration with marina owners and managers to ensure it is easy to use and adaptable to individual marina needs. HarbaMaster is based on a modular system so you could choose and pay for the modules and functions that you actually need. It also integrates and works along with the free mobile app for boaters – HarbaApp. With HarbaMaster: - Have m

    HMS Enterprise Edition is intended for mid-size to large marinas. The Enterprise edition offers an extensive range of features to assist in running every aspect of your business.

    Cloud based marina management software. It empowers teams to understand their marinas and their customers.

    HavenStar is an enterprise Marine Management System ideally suited for managing multiple sites in different geographical locations, offering full multicurrency transaction processing and reporting, and able to link with a wide range of accounting systems.

    iMagic Marina Reservation helps you manage your dock reservations and track your customers.

    InfoMarina is a software that runs under Windows, specifically designed for reservations. It allows visualizing all of your reservations and free time in graphic form.

    Marina Ahoy is a point of sale for leisure harbors. ​The tool combines occupancy overview with harbor specific invoicing and customer self-service apps. ​​ No need for additional software.

    Utilizes the innovative Visual Marina screen to provide management of marina operations.

    Solution for marina managers to reduce the complexity of marina operations and IT costs and increase customer satisfaction.

    Marina Master is a complete software solution for marina management that offers services for reception and cash desk work, currency exchange, guest registration etc.

    Marine solution with features such as accounting, POS, and the management of rentals and inventory.

    MarinaOffice is a comprehensive marina management software solution designed for the marina, resort, and property management industries.

    MarinaWare adapts with internet capabilities, the digital era creates the opportunity for real-time, online reservations and payments.

    SDSD provides online fleet management software and IT services to Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Containers, Ferries, Cruises, OSV, PSV, AHTS, Heavy Lift, Yachts and Barges.

    Molo is business management software for marine business that can accessed on iPad and web browser, it has a quick slip bookings with online contracts, email invoicing with online payments, mobile point of sale with digital signatures and email receipts, service and repair management and accounting integration.

    MT BOOKING SYSTEM is specifically designed for maritime tourist operators giving you a simple to use but powerful management tool for live ticket sales on site and beyond.

    With the My Marina Administration Software package the maintenance of your marina will become organized and easy.

    Pacsoft’s software solutions possess a range of capabilities and features that can simplify business life and most importantly save you time and money through superior marina management.

    Our cloud-based property management system, RMS Marina offers a highly advanced solution for you marina.

    Mobile app that allows boaters to book transient slips and moorings at marinas in real time from their mobile device.

    Dry stack marina operations simplified. A solution designed for dry stack marinas to manage incoming customer requests, track storage needs, and reduce communication time.

    StackTrack's web applications and mobile apps bring smartphones, tablets, and PCs together in one seamless interface specifically designed for drystack marinas, boat clubs, and their customers.

    The Successful Marina Management System (ERP/CRM), developed by Successful Software, is a 360 degree business management solution. It provides a comprehensive, turn key, software solution, essential for: • Solving challenges • Improving efficiency • Reducing operating cost • Improving Customer experience • Improving profitability • Implement environmentally friendly practices Modules include: cloud (or on site implementation), single marina (or multiple marinas), boatyard, drystack, marine sto

    A dedicated, stand-alone package for the management of harbors and marinas without ship servicing requirements.

    A full Integrated Dealership Management solution for Boat, Power Sports, RV Dealers and marinas.

    Winboats is the pinnacle of marine dealer management systems. The Winboats software is easy to use, all inclusive and entirely integrated. It is complete and comprehensive, covering all aspects of a marine business model. Exceptionally and uniquely intuitive, it's no surprise Winboats is the number one choice in marine DMS software programs

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