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    Load testing software tests software products, websites, and servers by adding load pressure and measuring the response. Development teams use this software as a part of a larger software testing regimen to verify developed products, websites, and servers can handle the various stresses of day-to-day use, as well as high-impact uses (e.g., holiday shopping, enterprise application use, etc.). Load testing tools work well with load balancing software, often being integrated to stress points of impact during testing and then manage those stresses as they occur.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Load Testing category, a product must:

    Stress test software products, websites, and servers
    Test extreme cases for software, website, and server use
    Generate reports on strengths and weaknesses revealed during testing

    Top 7 Load Testing Software

    • SOAPUI
    • Apache JMeter
    • Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional
    • NeoLoad
    • BlazeMeter
    • Test Studio
    • WebLOAD

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    (98)4.5 out of 5

    SoapUI is the world's most trusted open source API testing tool

    (84)4.3 out of 5

    Apache JMeter desktop application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance.

    LoadRunner is the industry-standard software solution for application performance and load testing. LoadRunner emulates hundreds or thousands of concurrent virtual users, with minimal hardware, to apply accurate workloads to any application. As it drives load against the system, LoadRunner captures end-user response times for business processes and transactions to determine whether the application can meet the required service-level agreements. Nonintrusive, real-time performance monitors captur

    (11)4.2 out of 5

    NeoLoad is a continuous performance testing platform that automates performance testing from APIs to End-to-End applications. NeoLoad enables teams to automate and accelerate performance testing in Enterprise organizations. NeoLoad provides testers and developers automatic test design and maintenance, the most realistic simulation of user behavior, fast root cause analysis and built-in integrations with the entire SDLC toolchain. Learn more about how you can performance test with NeoLoad and:

    (16)3.9 out of 5

    BlazeMeter is a 100% JMeter-compatible, self-service web load testing cloud.

    (12)4.0 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$2,499 Perpetual

    The easiest to use Web Automation tool on the market, widely used by Enterprise QA’s for testing, but easy enough for anyone. Get automating for WPF, Silverlight, Web, HTML, Angular, React, KUIB, iOS, Android, Mobile Web, and API’s. Test Studio is ideal for a no-code or low-code approach for: QA Test Automation, Application Monitoring, Performance and Load Testing, Web/Marketing Process Automation, and Mobile App Automation.

    (20)4.3 out of 5

    WebLOAD is an enterprise scale performance and load testing product that powers the most demanding performance experts in the world. WebLOAD supports hundreds of technologies. DevOps teams will feel right at home with WebLOAD's flexible built-in scripting capabilities.

    (39)4.0 out of 5

    At Eggplant we empower organizations to create amazing digital experiences. We help businesses to test, monitor and analyze their end-to-end customer experience and continuously improve their business outcomes. Companies worldwide use Eggplant to surpass competitors, boost productivity, and delight customers. How? By dramatically enhancing the quality, responsiveness, and performance of their software applications across different interfaces, platforms, browsers, and devices - including mobile

    Automai is a robotic automation platform for BizDevOps teams. Since 2005 Automai was the pioneer in user simulation with robotic technology with their code free engine to intelligently mimic real user activity from the front end. Automai’s Robotic Automation Platform now hosts a suite of automation tools including RPA, Application Performance Monitoring, Functional Testing, and Performance Testing. Our solution is built to streamline the automation needs across your enterprise with one platf

    (3)4.3 out of 5

    Apica LoadTest is an application testing tool designed to help enterprises ensure the scalability of their websites, apps, APIs and IoT. By testing application performance at varying loads, IT and DevOps teams are able to identify and isolate performance bottlenecks that only rise to the surface during traffic spikes, increasing business efficiency to resolve critical issues before they do real-world damage. 

    (3)4.7 out of 5

    Gatling is an open-source load & performance testing tool for web applications. Gatling integrates the DevOps lifecycle and comes with many official and community plugins for other developer tools (like the continuous integration tool Jenkins).

    (2)4.8 out of 5

    LoadNinja is the performance testing platform on the cloud for engineers and performance professionals to load test web application with real browsers at scale using test scripts that can be replayed immediately after recording, producing actionable browser based performance data to isolate issues and debug errors in real time.

    (2)4.3 out of 5

    LoadUI Pro is a tool that allows developers and testers to conduct rapid and comprehensive performance testing for SOAP and REST APIs, test speed and scalability of new changes to APIs in minutes, as well as preview API performance behaviors before releasing to production environments.

    (1)5.0 out of 5

    LoadComplete is a desktop tool for load, stress, scalability testing of websites and web applications that works with both traditional HTML web sites and with Rich Internet Applications using modern web technologies like AJAX, ASP.NET, Java, Flash, Flex and Silverlight. The 'record and playpack' and 'visual programming' features enable to create powerful and flexible first load test within a few seconds.

    (1)4.5 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$499 per month

    LoadView by Dotcom-Monitor is for DevOps teams and performance testing engineers looking to load test their websites, web applications, and APIs with thousands of concurrent connections, using real browsers, from a fully managed cloud. Uncover bottleneck and performance issues to improve the user experience. Utilizing the EveryStep Web Recorder, the LoadView platform gives users the ability to quickly and easily script complex user scenarios and offers the flexibility to design multiple test sc

    (2)3.8 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:FREE 1 licence per user is a performance and load testing tool with enterprise-level features using a familiar jMeter interface. Since its beginning is built as a hybrid performance management tool that runs well on a laptop, in a team, on a private infrastructure or a public cloud. Key reasons to prefer our solution: • excels in on-premises testing where the money is and where new cloud-based solutions are useless • replaces for a fraction of costs expensive obsolete on-premises solution

    (2)4.5 out of 5

    Testable is an innovative distributed load testing and synthetic monitoring platform. Define a test with a variety of open-source tools and let Testable handle the scale, reporting, and analytics. Supports JMeter, Gatling, Locust, Node.js (including HTTP, websockets,, and,, Selenium Java, Serenity BDD, PhantomJS, SlimerJS, record-and-replay, and HAR files. Load can be generated on our globally distributed AWS infrastructure, on premises using Docker, or by Test

    (1)4.0 out of 5

    WAPT Pro is a load and performance testing tool that works for any web site from a simple web service to a customized ERP or CRM solution. Mobile web applications, corporate portals and intranet sites implemented with any technologies can be easily tested with WAPT Pro. The test is created in a matter of minutes by recording it in a browser. A few clicks are required to make thousands virtual users concurrently execute duplicated sessions against your site. A convenient user interface lets you

    0 ratings

    AgileLoad is an enterprise-class load testing tool with end-to-end performance anomaly diagnostic.

    0 ratings
    Entry Level Price:From $0.03 VUH

    Tricentis Flood is a distributed, cloud load testing platform that helps teams test, analyze and improve the way their applications scale — with seamless integration across the DevOps pipeline. Flood helps you deliver the reliability and performance expected by your users and customers.

    0 ratings

    Comprehensive monitoring, management, and performance toolsto help you find & fix issues fast.

    0 ratings
    Entry Level Price:Free

    k6 is a free and open-source load testing tool built for testing the performance of APIs, microservices, and websites The k6 Cloud is a SaaS product that brings ease-of-use and convenience to organize, accelerate, and scale your testing.

    0 ratings

    Kraken is a load testing IDE based on Gatling. As such, Kraken provides a complete development environment to software programmers and load testers that seek to make the most out of Gatling: - A code editor to create and update .scala Gatling simulations with autocomplete suggestions and code snippets, - Simulations debugging and comparison with HAR imports, - Load tests analysis with aggregated data in InfluxDb displayed in comprehensive reports generated with Grafana.

    0 ratings

    Cloud API monitoring and load testing tools for websites, apps and APIs.

    0 ratings

    Load Impact is an online web load testing service that allows users to run load tests of their web sites directly over the internet.

    0 ratings

    Loadium is a JMeter based performance testing tool. You can upload your JMX file, configure test parameters (engine - thread count, iteration, geolocation, network type and more) and run tests. Also, it allows you to compare previous test runs. Moreover, you can integrate your test project with Jenkins, New Relic, Team City as well.

    0 ratings

    The automated backend testing platform that will get you to Continues Delivery. The biggest challenge in modern software development is changing code without breaking things. We make sure that everything done by your customers yesterday will still work for them tomorrow after you release. How Loadmill can take you to Continuous Delivery? Boost test coverage: By automatically generating tests from real user behavior Loadmill can help increase test coverage in a matter of days. Shorter test cy

    0 ratings

    Loadster is a cloud-hybrid load testing solution for high-performance websites and applications. Load test your sites to find bottlenecks, improve stability, and optimize user experience.

    0 ratings

    LoadStorm PRO is cloud-based load testing software for web applications.

    0 ratings

    An open source load testing tool.

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