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Drug inventory management software tracks orders, monitors supply and usage of stored medication, and facilitates both pharmacist verification and billing. This software is specifically concerned with the management of drug and medication inventory, not the inventory of hospital equipment or devices. Pharmacies, clinical trial labs, and health care systems can all leverage inventory management software to better handle and dispense drugs, track retail documentation and information, and reduce both operational costs and medication waste. To better determine which drugs should be regularly re-ordered, users can look for drug inventory management that easily integrates with utilization management software. Drug inventory management solutions exist either as standalone software or modules within comprehensive pharmacy management systems.

To qualify for inclusion in the Drug Inventory Management category, a product must:

  • Record each drug that is stored and dispensed to patients (cost, lot number, expiration date, patient name)
  • Track drug shipments and deliveries
  • Centralizes inventory data like a count of how much of each drug is in inventory, trends in usage, and trend data on anticipated demand versus reality
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    McKesson Connect: comprehensive online ordering platform that supports the business needs of your pharmacy.

    A comprehensive Pharmacy Management Solution for independent and retail pharmacies.

    PharmaTrader is an GST Inventory and accounting software, developed for the pharmacy, medical shops, distributors, and traders in pharma

    SPINE BMS has every feature one would ever need to manage a Pharmaceutical company efficiently. SPINE BMS is highly user friendly, available as SAAS over the cloud, easy to customize and meets all important regulatory requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry.

    WinRx is a true Microsoft Windows Pharmacy Management Software that attracts users of all types with its robust functionality and ease of use. Designed to utilize the latest technologies and to adapt to future ones, WinRx Pharmacy Management offers advanced functionality while maintaining an intuitive user interface.

    CLIN1 Pharmacy will help you modernize your operations, improve patient safety and medication charge collection without increasing manpower requirements. It allows you to do more with the same resources.

    First of its kind, Presenting an exclusively designed software solution for Retail Pharmacy stores. As it is specially designed for this segment, it has various special features tohelp faster billing, to control stocks and enhance Profitability.

    ProActive Medical Inventory request is a solution to track and dispense medical supplies and pharmaceuticals quickly and accurately.

    The Mukto Pharmacy Management is the complete pharmacy software solution that your independent or retail pharmacy has been waiting for. It offers you an incredibly powerful and feature-rich system – for less than half the price of our major competitors.

    GuardianRx puts the full range of pharmacy management tools at your fingertips with elegantly integrated Dispensing, Medication Therapy Management, Compounding, A/R and Reconciliation, and Perpetual Inventory Management (including the ability to maintain multiple real or virtual inventories from multiple wholesalers).

    JAC's web-based One:MedicinesEPMA is a major advance in patient safety that is powerful, quickly deployed and easily integrated with other systems. EPMA delivers a Trust-wide electronic prescribing and medicines administration environment with outreach to outpatients in their home, in hospices, mental health clinics, GP surgeries and more.

    The first JAC pharmacy management system was installed in the UK over 35 years ago. Since then it has gone on to become the NHS industry standard, with a proven track record of success, long-term customer loyalty, domain expertise and a commitment to product evolution.

    The FSI Pharmacy Management Software is a PC based pharmacy management system that is ideally suited for Hospital Outpatient Pharmacies. It is a retail pharmacy system enhanced for hospital outpatient, HMO and clinic based pharmacies.

    Compound Assist is much more than a "Cookbook" of formulas. It's a complete business package, from inventory control and ordering support to a print utility that generates machine-scannable bar codes for compounding medications.

    Electra HMS is a comprehensive software solution for all medical imaging tasks. It offers basic functionality such as displaying and storing images as well as networking capabilities.

    Turn Rx®, an automated inventory management solution driven by predictive analytics, is fully integrated with EPS and provides an intuitive web interface that allows you the ability to manage and track inventory at a pharmacy or corporate level. Turn Rx® automates the daily order process and allows pharmacy businesses to create individual pharmacy, region, or chain-level rules on inventory replenishment.

    Datarithm® is a cloud-based pharmacy inventory management software, which through a bi-directional interface with leading pharmacy management systems (PMS), optimizes your Rx inventory. Datarithm helps pharmacies forecast usage, streamline tasks, reduce stock, recover inventory dollars and improve customer service.

    Ddots IDEA can be utilized as a stand-alone pharmacy system or incorporated as a module into CREDIT.

    Looking Glass Systems develops, installs, trains, and supports workflow software for specialty healthcare.

    Provides a wide range of products that give you the flexibility for the work environment you find yourself in whether you are at your desktop, on the move,

    RightSize PAR is a platform-agnostic software that extracts transaction data from various hospital systems, and applies sophisticated algorithms that query dozens of underlying factors, determining the correct statistical and operational treatment of each specific inventory location to arrive at the correct PAR.

    SpaceTRAX inventory management seamlessly links clinical supplies to physicians, patients and procedures, increasing charge capture and improving outcomes, all in real time.

    Partner, MedProcure. LLC Barcode, Supplies Management, Contract Management for Healthcare, Alternate Sites

    WebOps Logistics is a highly mobile and web-based solution, used in hospitals, physicians offices, warehouses, and other field locations in either online or offline mode. This application leverages the latest mobile, automated data capture and managed services technologies via tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC, keeping sales, operations and customer service on the same page in real-time.

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