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    PDX's full suite of solutions provides innovative technology services to pharmacy and health systems alike. From a fully integrated Specialty solution, to a high-efficiency, results-driven business intelligence platform, we have the tools needed to keep your patients safe and drive your business forward.

    Pharmacy 4.0 is an approach that improves quality, flexibility, speed, and productivity of the pharmacy production process.

    PrescribeWellness inspires collaboration for better health across America. Its proprietary cloud-based platform empowers pharmacies and other healthcare professionals to provide more effective, preventive health care services, which improve medication adherence, chronic disease management, and population health.

    ScriptPro Telepharmacy connects pharmacists with their patients-anywhere, anytime. It allows pharmacies to conduct high-quality, safe, and efficient telepharmacy operations.

    Pharmacist's Companion Series brings it everything you need together to practice consulting pharmacy and pharmaceutical care in one easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, time-saving software package.

    Pharmapod is the leading cloud-based software for driving efficiencies and standards and reducing Patient Safety Incidents in community pharmacies and hospitals. It enables pharmacies to record, review and analyse Patient Safety Incidents quickly and securely.

    PrimeDELIVERY™ allows pharmacies to offer customers the convenience of having their prescriptions delivered, while ensuring an electronic paper trail records the delivery and captures required signatures.

    Quatros Safety Rx (Streamlined Incident Reporting) is an intuitive, web-based solution for reporting and tracking safety and quality Incidents.

    340B Optimizer platform is a web-based integrated 340B solution for both in house split-bill and contract pharmacy.

    Multi-Store Connect is a user-friendly document management system providing reliable and secure way to share files and folders. It acts as a centralized repository, where you can upload and store all your documents and share them with multiple users within your chain network.

    This complete and intuitive pharmacy management system allowing retail pharmacies to stay connected as it enables them to access details of an Rx, prescription log reports, sales based reports and account billing from one central system via web or mobile phones.

    A perfect pharmacy software to get patient signature and maintain an electronic log of your customer data at the time of prescription pick-up. It eliminates the need of signature pad and manual paper storage and makes the check out convenient. It is capable of operating independently and also as an add-on with POS system. It follows HIPAA compliance regulations; therefore, it keeps all the data of patients confidential and away from access of other customers.

    The Repeat-prescription Management Software works independently on any pharmacy computer and provides reminder lists for repeat patient requests, collections and deliveries. The software contains a preloaded drug file database which enables pharmacies to easily set up and manage the repeat cycle for their patients.

    E-Detailing is the present imperative with potential to arrest the attention and engage the well informed, techno- savvy doctors for favorable outcome of every call.

    FillMyRefills™ lets pharmacies meet this customer expectation. The web-based portal allows patients to create an account and submit refill requests directly to their pharmacy. FillMyRefills™ allows patients access to the web portal from any PC, tablet, smartphone or internet-connected device.

    FrameworkBI allows for easy access to all pharmacy information via a web-browser, helping your managers stay in touch with the pharmacy no matter where they are physically. FrameworkBI provides the real-time access you need to your business metrics so you can make crucial day-to-day decisions.

    FrameworkLink enables real-time electronic communication for information retrieval and task automation with the facilities you serve.

    HIPAA Bank is a monitored Backup Agent. Manages your Backup Data.

    InSilicoTrials works with Pharma & Medical Devices companies to create a secure cloud-based computational hub in an easy & cheap way

    LTC wireless nurse call system allows you to send and receive alerts and notifications, locate residents/staff/equipment, control access, and document tasks to provide quality care with increased speed and efficiency.

    LayerRX is a platform for healthcare professionals. Helps to discover the most valuable HCPs for the brand and reach verified HCPs in real-time.

    Oceans mHealth is a global virtual pharmacist - designed to give users the ability to check medication, drug interaction and severity with over 19.5m products names, including active and passive ingredients

    Backed by a 24-hour development effort, the PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System™ (EPS™) has become the industry leader in pharmacy management systems. Designed by pharmacists and continually enhanced by the nation’s largest pharmacy-focused development team, EPS is the solution used in thousands of pharmacies, including independents, regional and national chains, mail order facilities, central fill locations, specialty pharmacies, and pharmacies serving out-patient and long-term care facilities. EPS offers versatility in deployment through distributed, virtualized, or cloud environments to satisfy your infrastructure needs. EPS is fast, safe, and intuitive, helping you meet your patient’s expectations.

    We develop pharma-tailored solutions to extract evidence from various data sources, including CRM systems, social media, job advertisements, clinical studies and other external data providers.

    PipelineRx Telepharmacy Services provides 24×7 access to experienced clinical pharmacists for expert order processing, including on-demand coverage.

    A web-based portal that allows multiple-store owners to control operations from a centralized location. Provides a level of functionality and visibility enjoyed by large pharmacy chains.

    PrimeDMS™ utilizes Windows compatible scanners to record documents into PrimeRx™ for secure and easy access. The document management system scans, records and stores prescriptions, patient ID cards, insurance statements, letters from doctors and any other physical documents into a digital image

    PrimeESC™ is Micro Merchant’s electronic signature capture system which scans and links patient signatures to their records in the pharmacy system. PrimeESC™ helps pharmacies accurately manage prescription pickups by maintaining electronic logs.

    PrimeWEB™ is a pharmacy workflow optimization tool that connects patients, doctors, health facilities and pharmacies. Providers can review patient prescriptions that are stored in PrimeRx™, making it easier for all parties to communicate, and conduct day-to-day business practices. PrimeWEB is a HIPAA-compliant pharmacy web portal system that connects patients, doctors, health facilities and pharmacies.

    SigCap generates a list of all the prescriptions that require a signature. Also, SigCap can check to see if the patient has signed a notice of privacy acknowledgement, and prompt them for it if necessary.

    Rx Reconciliation manages claims and payment reconciliation services for retail pharmacies. The solution improves reimbursement, profitability and payer compliance through claims reconciliation, exception workflow management, and business intelligence.

    Sendkey provides a unified text (SMS), fax, voice (IVR) and email communications platform making it easy to add multiple communications methods to your applications (Private and Commercial).

    SOFTDMS is an enterprise DMS that helps to control & distribute the SOP's , STP's, BMRs, Protocols and other regulated documents for pharmacies.

    A quality management system (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on achieving quality policy and quality objectives to meet customer requirements. It is expressed as the organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management. Of all QMS regimes, Pharma Soft Sol Quality Management System Software deals with quality and sustainability and their integration.

    SPINE BMS has every feature one would ever need to manage a Pharmaceutical company efficiently. SPINE BMS is highly user friendly, available as SAAS over the cloud, easy to customize and meets all important regulatory requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry. is an online pharmacy in USA which provides online services for Branded Medicine with low price.

    StreamCare works directly with workers' comp payers and bills in accordance with your state fee schedule. StreamCare makes workers' compensation prescriptions a viable revenue source for the independent pharmacy.

    Xircles is a digital treatment assistant for pharmaceutical and medical products. It is a lean solution for bold impact and fits into a physicians pocket.