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Time-Off 25$/Month
Trying to keep track of everyone in your company and their needs can be extremely tedious. The use of a leave management system can save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors.
  • Restrictions - Use Time-Off Restrictions to limit the number of users who can book time off on the same day. Set limits per offices, departments, time off type, or in a specific combination. You can also set a date range for when each restriction will be active.
  • Bank Time - Give your employee’s the option to request additional vacation time for overtime hours worked. With our Banked Time feature, configure your banked time rules.
  • Create Custom Time-Off Types - Create any time off type your business offers (deductible or non) from Jury Duty and Voting Time, to Study Time and Parental Leave.
  • Accruals on Automate - Set up your users to automatically have an increase in their accruals once they hit a certain number of months/years of service with your company!
  • Reminders - It’s okay, everyone forgets sometimes. Time-Off can remind you about upcoming PTO such as paid holidays, pending requests, so much more!
Time-Sheet 15$/Month
With 3 different timesheet formats (Simple, Detailed and Advanced), we allow your staff to track their time in the most efficient way! Generate real-time time sheets and reduce the headaches!
  • Various Timesheet Formats - With three different timesheet formats to choose from, you can pick the one that best suits your company!
  • Improve Your Payroll Process - Is your payroll department struggling to get everyone’s hours on time in order to prepare payroll each pay week ?
  • Track Time Efficiently and Save Money - We make it easy for your workforce to track their time.More importantly, this ensures all time reporting is accurate, in real - time and reduces the nightmare of manual reporting.
  • One-Click Timer - In our advanced setting you have access to a timer you can start/stop on-the-go to track time spent on certain tasks.
Time-Clock 15$/Month
Time-Clock is a must-have tool to ensure everyone arrives on time each day! It allows you to see in real-time who's in and out of the office and generate real-time reports and time-cards.
  • See Who’s In and Out - Our Who’s In screen offers cutting edge visualization on your staff attendance. See who’s late, missing, on sick leave or on vacation, all in one screen!
  • Set IP Restrictions - Allow your staff to clock in from anywhere, or restrict them to only being able to access the
  • Allow Grace Periods - Allow your staff to clock in a certain amount of minutes late in the morning, without being flagged as tardy.
  • Setup Job Codes - Setting up job codes will force the users to pick a job code upon clocking-in on each shift.
  • Enable Tardiness or Absence Alerts - Automatically send alerts to managers whenever employees punch in late by more than X minutes or is MIA.
Staff (Core HRIS) 5$/Month
Properly managing your staff will allow you to increase productivity and reduce your costs. Our core HRIS module lets you manage all your staff all in one place.
  • Your Entire Team At Your Fingertips - Staff ™ allows you to search your employees by name, location, department, team and job title. Find anyone in your company.
  • Employee Profiles - Keep accurate contact details for your workforce. Track salary changes. Find all the information you need for an employee, all in one place!
  • Birthdays & Work Anniversaries - Use our core HR module to manage your internal culture. Get notified about employee milestones so you can celebrate special events with your staff.
  • Storage, For Days - Say sayōnara to your file cabinets! Secure, customize and share all your important HR documents!
  • Rockstar Reporting - Your people mean a lot to you, so they mean a lot to us. With Staff’s™ reporting function you’ll be able to receive in-depth and automated reports on your talent whenever you need them.

PurelyHR pricing & plans

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PurelyHR Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Core HR Software

$4.95per employee / per month
Dynamic per employee pricing discounts as employee count rises. Add-ons for Performance Management and Time Tracking available.
  • 100% web based
  • Employee Directory & Records
  • Document Storage
  • Standard Access Levels
  • Standard Workflows & Approvals
$45per month
Starting at $45 per month, Gusto is available in three plans: Core ($39/month + $6 per user/month), Complete ($39/month + $12 per user/month), and Concierge ($149/month + $12 per user/month). Visit gusto.com/product/pricing to learn about each plan!
  • Free 1 month trial
The ultimate management tool
  • Profitability charts
  • Scheduled e-mail reports
  • Tracking reminders
  • Adding time for employees
  • Project burnup charts and forecasting

Various alternatives pricing & plans

Free Trial is available
Pricing information for the above various PurelyHR alternatives is supplied by the respective software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase any of these products must be conducted with the seller.

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Director of Marketing and Operations
Law Practice
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
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Review source: Organic
What do you like best?

I love moving away from spreadsheets and opportunity for user errors! It is all automated - just like it should be in 2018! Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

Nothing so far! We have a small company and this product has been IDEAL. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

We are a company of 15... we love this. Small group? This is such a cost saving vacation tracking tool that your employees and managers will love! Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are able to track and evaluate as a staff member exactly what our manager sees in real time. We love seeing the true balance and all employees feeling we are on the same page. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

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Response from Rejean Martin of PurelyHR

Hi Holly,

I have to agree with you, spreadsheets are NOT cool anymore, PurelyHR is the way to go in 2018!

In all seriousness, I wanted to thank you for leaving us with such a glorious review and recommendation for others looking for a similar HR solution.

- The PurelyHR Team

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