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Loomion makes your Board communication and meetings efficient and secure - wherever you are. Accessing business-related information anytime and anywhere in a safe manner is essential for members of the Board of Directors and Executive committees. They need flexibility of access, whether at the office, at home, on a plane, or on their tablet or smart phone. A Board Portal is a secure service based on internet technology enabling meeting management, communication and collaboration between Directors and the Board office. Board Portals deliver all content either on mobile apps or on designated web sites to the Directors. Board Portal software optimizes the communication and collaboration among your Board members and your Board office. Our governance platform is accessed by the Board members on their tablet computer, their smart phone or a web-based interface. The meeting and document management is done by the Board office through browser-based access. What are your benefits using our Board Portal solution? Loomion's Board Portals digitalise the communication of your Board of Directors and Executive management Loomion's Board Portals optimise the collaboration within your Board of Directors Loomion's Board Portals provide maximum security Loomion's Board Portals create transparency and control in your Board room Loomion's Board Portals are available both online and offline – anywhere and everywhere

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German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified)
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Loomion is a board portal platform designed to make board communication and meetings efficient and secure.

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Loomion AG
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Basel, Switzerland
255 Twitter followers
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