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Towing software helps automotive towing and recovery businesses manage their operation and assist customers in need. This could include a combination of features related to truck dispatch, customer databases and payment processing, GPS tracking, and accounting. These products may also locate and communicate with garages and auto repair shops to prepare towed vehicles for drop-off. Office managers and tow truck operators utilize these products to receive emergency calls, pick up customers, and manage back office tasks—sometimes integrating with accounting or fleet management software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Towing category, a product must:

  • Provide tools for managing towing companies such as GPS tracking, truck dispatch and scheduling, customer authorization, and accounting.

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    TOPS provides powerful tools to help you manage your business.

    Clearplan Makes it Easy to Manage Drivers, Accounts and Recoveries. Increase Performance, Productivity and Profitability. It increases your productivity by visiting all your accounts on a regular basis.

    Dispatch Anywhere is a towing and roadside management software that allows you manage your organization and dispatching with tools and features to help you take control of your business.

    PTOM is our cloud based software, it is loaded with features to power your success in the towing and recovery industry.

    The Tow Administrator is the premier towing office management software designed to help you effectively manage all aspects of your towing operations.

    Towbook is secure, web-based towing software built for towing companies. Use Towbook for dispatching, impounds, private property, invoicing, payroll & more.

    With DATOW Software, you enter the call information ONCE. From that moment on, our programs track your work until it is completed.

    Roadside is an workflow to help you assist your customers when they encounter a problem on the road. Roadside allows you to record proper documentation of both the problem and the solution.

    TowManager is a full featured, professional software suite built for the towing industry in order to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.

    TowSoft, as a towing software product for the towing industry, is now in its second generation.. The towing industry is growing and this software product is designed to grow with it.

    Tow Truck 2000 is a Tow Management Software that anticipates the needs of your growing tow business.

    Uber For Pickup Trucks is software to tow-trucking (Pickup Trucks) business online.

    DispatchDirect is a browser based dispatch solution that allows you to integrate the information between dispatching and mapping, manage truck deployment to help manage calls per shift, and more.

    Express is a trucking management software with full featured integrated accounting and compliance management systems.

    FoxTow allows their customer to manage their towing module, dispatch module, and line sale module

    Gazoop is a towing and recovery management software

    InTow Software Suite is a Microsoft, Windows-based service-cycle management and dispatching solution that provides data management, accounting integration, instant messaging capabilities, and mapping to help you manage your business.

    LETS is a law enforcement tow system that offers real-time access to two related services including voiceless tow dispatch, direct release notification and tow coordination.

    Omadi Mobile Management delivers the custom mobile technology and cloud-based industry-specific CRM to track, analyze, and increase employee production, enhance communication within companies and between clients, and replace the need for multiple software solutions. At its base, Omadi was created to help companies take control of their FATE: Flexibility, Accountability, Transparency, & Efficiency.

    SmarTOWtm is a Windows xp compatible computerized record keeping software for the automotive tow, repair, transport, and police impound transportation industry.

    sureFleet is a simple and efficient dispatch system allowing small companies from any industry to manage the entire dispatch workflow through web and free mobile applications.

    Swoop's technology focus and deep partnerships with local towing providers allow them to deliver an exceptional roadside experience, with all the features that modern, mobile consumers expect today (truck tracking, real-time notifications). Our software gives unprecedented transparency into an industry that previously operated as a black box. Today, we work with major insurance carriers, luxury OEMs, and ride-sharing businesses nationwide.

    TOW123 is an affordable web-based tow management solution with features such as GPS tracking, digital dispatch, invoicing, lot management etc.

    TowDesk Headquarters will take care of all the operational needs of your office. They provide the tools your business needs to move ahead in today's highly competitive market.

    Towed offers full-featured towing software in the cloud.

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