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Check out our list of free Spa Management Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Spa Management Software to ensure you get the right product.

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(15)4.7 out of 5

BookSteam is an online appointment scheduling software. Services, classes and courses cloud management.

We moved from an all paper scheduling to booksteam and what an amazing improvement in business efficiency! The system provides easy ways to... Read review
For the past few years I have been using a bunch of free scheduling tools that never worked right, at the end I wish I just went with booksteam... Read review
(6)4.8 out of 5

Barberly is an ultimate Salon & Barbershop software. It offers a wide range of booking tools: 1) Custom iOS & Android mobile application. 2) Configurable appointments widget to integrate the Barberly booking system into a website. 3) Independent custom mobile-friendly website with booking functionality. 4) An appointment web page to share in social media. 5) QR poster to attract salon passers-by and barbershop visitors. 6) Self-check-in kiosk with appointment board to automate walk-ins.

Esteban G.
Attractive and efficient software, it has a very important feature and is the ease of use. A very accessible interface that will allow you to take... Read review
jose g.
This company personally highlights all the news in barbers, has excellent software and easy access for customers who want it, through this... Read review
(7)4.4 out of 5
Entry Level Price:129 monthly

Orchid Medical Spa Software is business management software that has been serving the needs of day and medspas for more than a decade. Available as either locally installed Windows software, or as an "always on, always available" cloud application, this software will help you schedule appointments, track purchase history, automate client communciations, perform payroll and dozens of other critical business operations at an affordable monthly subscription - no setup or cancellation fees, never a

Mariana S.
Software Orchid Spa is a program of management and administration of spa where its main functions are oriented to the booking of appointments,... Read review
Of all the programs of administration of beauty salons that I use, I can affirm with total security that Orchid Spa Software is the best most... Read review
(95)4.4 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 offers a simple and yet extensive online appointment scheduling software that works for all companies accepting time appointments. Now your clients can finally book appointments online 24/7 and receive sms/email reminders to eliminate No Shows. You will get your Booking web page, Facebook booking button, Google calendar sync, Promotional Feature, Ability to sell products upon booking, Membership features, Gift Card sales, Statistics on your bookings, Booking button if you already h

I used the free option for the first 6 months of business and have been completely satisfied. This option has been useful in setting up and... Read review
I love that it's a separate website that I can link and integrate into my social media accounts (Facebook) and my blog. I love that it gathers... Read review
(3)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:£19 1 employee/per month

Versum is salon management software used by 37,000 hair & beauty professionals worldwide. The system is perfect for solo businesses as well as salons with numerous employees. Thanks to its comprehensive and easy-to-use features the software allows salon owners and managers to save time and money. Versum, helping salons grow.

Mariana S.
like me, the configuration was very simple due to the friendly program, Versum allows me to optimize daily operations and improve the efficiency of... Read review
First of all I would like to emphasize that it is a very easy to use tool, the program is very friendly and intuitive, has many features such as... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$99 Per Month

Salonist is a CRM base salon management software to operate a salon business fluently. Salonist is a software to operate a salon business easily and effortlessly. Its unique features makes it different and useful. It established in 2016 in India. Salonist also helps the salon owners to collect the payment and make many transactions easily. Here are the features of salonist below: Features : Membership Management Export Data For Future Reference Integrated Online Cash Register Search & Sma

It amplify profits and increase overall productivity. It has highly innovative, creative, helpful and capable features. Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

Skinic is an online software that can be customized for all the services offered by a particular salon, spa, clinic or wellness center. It has been created for those who search for a friendly and extremely efficient facility management tool. Everything is in the cloud, accessible anywhere and anytime.

My customers can book online visit all the time and receive SMS reminders so they don't forgot about upcoming training Read review

Top 7 Free Spa Management Software in 2021

  • BookSteam
  • Barberly
  • Orchid Spa Software
  • Versum

Learn More About Spa Management Software

What is Spa Management Software?

Spa management software is designed to help spas and salons manage their businesses. These tools can be end-to-end solutions that handle every aspect of salon and spa businesses or tools with scheduling or other spa- and salon-specific features. The end goal of salon software and spa management software is to make it easy for both the business and its clients to interact.

Online booking, for example, is one of the key features for any beauty salon or spa. Not only does it free up the front desk from answering phones all day, but it makes it much easier for clients to see the availability of a service and book outside normal business hours. The lack of a physical appointment book makes it much easier for everyone working at the spa or salon to see their availability and plan accordingly.

With spa and salon management software, day-to-day operations are digitized and streamlined, making it easier for the back office to see trends, perform administrative tasks, and adjust their services to better please their clients.

Why Use Spa Management Software?

The world is going paperless, and in the wellness industry, the ability to book appointments online has changed the industry. A main feature of spa and hair salon management software is online booking, which clients greatly appreciate. But digitizing all aspects of the business has huge benefits as far as saving time and money.

Spa management software is an all-in-one solution that combines booking software with point of sale, real-time data and analytics, and back-office features such as accounting and payroll. So why purchase multiple software solutions when you can purchase one? Spa management software can help businesses save time, money, and hassle.

Who Uses Spa Management Software?

Any business that provides spa services as well as other health, beauty, and wellness services can benefit from spa management and salon software. From back-office features to appointment scheduling, these platforms can be a one-stop shop for anyone in the spa industry. Rather than spend the majority of their time trying to manage their business, owners and employees can focus on providing a quality service to their customers.

Stylists who rent a chair or have their own single studio can use these platforms to save time and money and focus on their customers. Streamlining the online booking process helps increase business by making it easier to book and confirm appointments.

What You Should Know About Spa Management Software

Appointment scheduling – Customers love being able to schedule their appointments online at their convenience. Salon software and spa software that provide this feature make it much easier for both clients and service providers to schedule appointments. Appointment reminders via email or text help prevent missed appointments and lost revenue. By booking online, clients can see a provider’s availability and choose a time that fits their schedule without playing phone tag. Business owners can use the scheduling software features to block off time for cleaning, administrative tasks, or times they need the facility for other engagements.

Inventory management – Many spas and salons sell beauty products in addition to providing services. Those services, of course, use some of that inventory on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, knowing how much inventory is available at any given time prevents the loss of a sale or an appointment. Spa management software will often contain inventory management features so employees know how much inventory is available and when more needs to be purchased. These features can also show sales trends and which products are most popular so the business can be sure to keep them in stock.

Point of sale – POS software is a requirement of any business providing goods or services to the public. For a salon or spa, spa management software that contains comprehensive POS features will make it easy to manage clients paying for their services or purchasing products in person. POS features make it easy to process credit card payments, apply gift cards, and bundle multiple services into set packages.

Loyalty management – Many businesses in the wellness industry thrive on repeat clients, so encouraging customer loyalty is a large priority. Spa management software often contains features to create and manage loyalty programs to both entice new clients and encourage current clients to book another appointment. These programs can take the form of point systems that add up each time a service is booked, discounts for frequent visitors, or gift cards for new clients. Each business can design a program that works best for them, but the software platform will help create, distribute, and track the program.

Back-office management – There’s a lot that goes into managing a spa or salon business, and spa management platforms provide tools to help keep the business up and running. Those tools can often take the shape of accounting features, employee scheduling or payroll features, business performance analytics, and marketing features. By having all these tools in one place, owners can efficiently run their business with everything they need at their fingertips and without purchasing multiple software solutions.

Marketing – Many salons and spas are small businesses with only a few locations, so getting the word out is a major priority. Some spa management tools will include marketing features that may help create email newsletters, post to social media, and create loyalty programs. These features can help create landing pages to collect emails, design newsletters, and distribute them. They may even help design and schedule social media posts on various social media platforms. As mentioned above, loyalty programs can integrate with both email and social media as well as POS features.

Mobile app – Some salon management software will provide a mobile app that allows business owners to manage their business on the go. This app may also be customer facing, allowing them to communicate directly with the salon or spa via text or live chat and book appointments using their phones. Because many POS systems are available on mobile devices, mobile apps for salon and spa management platforms makes it easy for both large establishments and single-person businesses to stay organized. Mobile apps also make it possible for stylists who travel for weddings or other events to stay on top of everything even while traveling.