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With the help of Machine Learning, Spocket is revolutionizing the dropshipping market and aiding online retailers competing with Amazon- by removing the need to hold inventory and erasing upfront costs for retailers. Spocket enables over 30,000 entrepreneurs across five continents to launch and scale their online stores with a focus on US and EU products. By carefully vetting suppliers, merchants and customers can be ensured of fast shipping, quality and consistent products, branded invoicing

Spocket is platform not just to find products but to have a great experience as well, you'll be getting great customer support as they'll be... Read review
The products are nice and with suggest retail prices, very simple and easy, seems fair as well. Read review
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Easyship is the world’s leading cloud-based shipping technology platform that helps eCommerce merchants ship their products globally. As a user-centric product, Easyship has helped to simplify the complex world of cross-border logistics for more than 100,000 clients worldwide; with exclusive rates from leading couriers, on-demand pickup requests, and a dashboard to track every shipment, we've got your logistics operations covered from checkout to delivery. Product Features: - 250+ Shipping Solu

Jordan S.
I like the simplicity of logging on, and being able to quickly set up a new shipment. I have saved a lot of money and time using this online... Read review
We shipped out all our pre-ordered stock to 13 countries in a couple of weeks using Easyship, the orders pulled directly from Shopify and we were... Read review
(18)4.5 out of 5
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Circle is a shipping software that streamlines the shipping operations. By integrating selling channels and shipping carriers, we can help shippers save time and money when printing labels. Circle offer UPS, FedEx & USPS shipping services with delightful discounts.

Easy to use with all options represented in one page which make decision making so easy Read review
Very competitive compared to direct use of various shippers. Read review
(7)4.1 out of 5
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Yakkyofy helps shop owners to completely automate the management of their Woocommerce Dropshipping store. Yakkyofy sources for you the products to sell, also branded with your own logo, helps you import them on your store with only a few clicks and takes care of all your order fulfillment process automatically. ##Main features Stand out and beat your competition with our amazing features! #Real-time product quotations Search and find thousands of products in real-time thanks to our Chrome Ext

easy to get quotes for products, the dashboard is easy to use. Support service is good. Overall a good quality product that i recommand Read review
(12)4.1 out of 5

ZhenHub enables modern retailers to execute global logistics operations with ONE-CLICK. Manage inventory and orders, track packages and fulfill your orders instantly. If you are an eCommerce retailer using Shopify or crowdfunding on Indiegogo or Kickstarter or just simply selling online, ZhenHub will satisfy all your Inventory Management and Order Management needs. We have created a FREE platform for merchants to easily manage their inventory, integrate with sales channels like Shopify and fulf

Good simple portal transparent pricing automation options kitting options Read review
Customer support and the fully automated fulfillment Read review
(123)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$25 per month

Import, manage & ship your orders with ShipStation, the #1 choice of online sellers. We integrate with over 150 of the most popular marketplaces, shopping carts, & carriersplus, you can have as many selling channels & carriers as you need. With ShipStation you get: up to 40% off USPS rates & 29% off FedEx rates; the Branded Tracking Page & Returns Portal; customizable automation rules to prevent errors & cut your shipping time in half; an easy-to-use interface; a totally

ShipStation is probably my favorite SAAS that I use at work. It is so easy to use and so configurable, that it's really hard to think of not using.... Read review
(20)3.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$49.99 per month

Orderhive is a simple inventory management and shipping software for online retailers. Integrate channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, QuickBooks Online, Etsy, QuickBooks Online, Magento, etc. to automate inventory control and streamline shipping process. With Orderhive, retailers can manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations seamlessly. The software integrates with leading shipping providers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. so that you can check rates, print labe

Tanya D.
We were looking for an affordable app that didn't have any limitations on number of clients, items or inventory. Most of the apps out there have... Read review
Not a darn thing. Do yourself a favor and save the aggravation and don't bother. If you are a busy growing company this will cause you to lose your... Read review
(12)3.1 out of 5

Ecomdash is an inventory management and order fulfillment platform that gives the user the option of managing all online sales channels via the one application. It is designed for small to mid-sized multi-channel online retailers. With ecomdash, users can automatically sync inventory levels across all channels and customize their inventory rules for each channel. Ecomdash integrates with Amazon and eBay, allowing users to easily list products for sale on both channels. The platform sends and re

EComdash is super easy to work with and it helps us-- a small e-commerce company with several channels and platform and vendors to manage our... Read review
Julie L.
Low price. Listing overview is good. You know which marketplace the product listed or not. Sync time and listing&updating listing are pretty fast.... Read review
(1)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:900 per Month

Ezyslips is an E-Commerce back-office automation tool that helps businesses in carrier API integration, multi-channel shipping management, automatic order allocation according to the service types, zip codes and weight, fulfilment automation, NDR Management and much more.

Sandeep P.
I have been using Ezyslips since last 2 years.Got to know about this software from this website only.What I like about this software is it can help... Read review
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SaleHoo is an online directory of verified wholesalers, manufacturers, liquidators and dropshippers. Mark Ling and Simon Slade created SaleHoo to serve the needs of eBay sellers and other online traders looking for goods to sell. The online wholesale buying industry is ridden with scams, and SaleHoo provides a way for retailers to avoid these scams by choosing from a selection of reliable, safe wholesale suppliers that have undergone a rigorous vetting process. SaleHoo is also a community hub

(3)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$50 per month

Deliver on Expectations with ShipperHQ! ShipperHQ makes it easy to personalize the shipping rates and methods you offer customers online. Whether you want to reduce cart abandonment, lower your shipping costs, offer international shipping (or all of the above), ShipperHQ lets you customize your checkout to align with the specific business goals you have. With over a decade of experience serving tens of thousands of retailers worldwide, ShipperHQ gives you the flexibility to set up free shippi

I like being able to set multiple carriers for our website--standard carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS, as well as setting custom carriers such... Read review
We were looking for a third party software for our Magento store which can integrate seamlessly into our complex back-end and make different LTL... Read review
(16)4.0 out of 5

Shippo is the leading multi-carrier shipping API and dashboard that empowers platforms, marketplaces, warehouses and ecommerce stores with the building blocks they need to succeed. The company processes millions of shipments per month for more than 10,000 customers. With instant access to multiple shipping carriers for real-time rates, printing labels, automating international paperwork, tracking packages and facilitating returns, companies of all sizes trust Shippo to power their shipping.

We are currently using Shippo in addition to our other shipping software. Shippo provides access to better shipping rates for small boxes 1-3... Read review
mulaka m.
I like the address verification and price discount after comparison with different shipping companies. Shipping labels are at very cheap prices Read review
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ShippyPro is the shipping software that helps online businesses to ship, track and return their e-commerce orders with ease. By using ShippyPro, online sellers can sync 60+ Marketplaces and CMS to 110+ Couriers worldwide to automatically import unshipped orders. With a 30-seconds setup online sellers are able to: print shipping labels in bulk, keep track of every delivery with a tracking dashboard, upload their return policy and create a custom return module. Start your free 30 orders trial

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SmartShyp is a shipping & order management tool built to save e-commerce retailers on time and money spent shipping their products. Designed to streamline the order fulfillment process, SmartShyp’s software offers a vast number of integrations that allow you to synchronize your business with the most popular sales channels, shopping carts, warehouse management systems, and parcel shipping carriers. Our multi-carrier shipping APIs can be used alone or together into an existing application or

Top 10 Free Drop Shipping Software in 2021

  • Spocket
  • Easyship
  • Circle
  • Yakkyofy
  • ZhenHub

Learn More About Drop Shipping Software

What You Should Know About Drop Shipping Software

Drop shipping software provides businesses with access to drop shipping companies from a single platform. Drop shipping allows an e-commerce business to offer products without building an extensive supply chain to produce, house, and ship items to customers. The drop shipper manages those aspects while the user of the software selects items to feature in their online store. Many drop shipping platforms integrate with e-commerce platforms, allowing users to build a store on the platform of their choice with the advantage of access to wholesalers.

The appeal of drop shipping is the low overhead, but often the profit margins are much tighter than a typical e-commerce business model. However, drop shipping software provides access to drop shipping companies, sales, and order fulfillment all in one place.

Key Benefits of Drop Shipping Software

  • Access to a variety of drop shipping companies and products on one platform
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms to create a seamless online store
  • Inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities

Why Use Drop Shipping Software?

Drop shipping software is ideal for users setting up an e-commerce store with few resources. A small company can easily set up a business using drop shipping software or dropship automation software. When the whole point of using the drop shipping model is to reduce touchpoints and the supply chain, drop shipping software makes it easy to choose a supplier and add a product to an existing e-commerce store. Those running the e-commerce store still handle customer service, while drop shipping software handles the majority of the logistics once an order has been placed.

Scalability — The advantage of using a drop shipper is that their infrastructure is already in place and you are using it as needed. This makes it easy to scale, since you are not building the supply chain. Most drop shippers ask that a retailer pre-buy a set number of items to make it worth their time and money. For the retailer, scaling can simply mean buying more product up front.

Low overhead — With drop shipping, the overhead required to start an e-commerce business is reduced significantly. While the margins are much tighter than a traditional retail business, the low overhead makes it much faster and easier to set up. By removing the cost to maintain a supply chain and fulfill orders, drop shipping software makes e-commerce much more accessible.

Quick setup — Along with the low overhead, drop shipping software makes it quick and easy to begin selling items on an e-commerce store. Many drop shipping platforms integrate with e-commerce platforms, and users choose what they want to sell, import it to their store, and purchase any stock up front. The drop shipping tool covers the order fulfillment on the back end and interfaces with the drop shipper directly, making it easy for users to create a relationship with various drop shippers.

Who Uses Drop Shipping Software?

E-commerce business owners — Business owners who want to quickly start selling items without setting up an extensive supply chain can use drop shipping software to get up and running. Drop shipping software is specifically designed to work similarly to a marketplace, so users can choose items to feature in their store based on a variety of metrics such as market value, bulk price, product reviews, and shipping speed. By making it easy for users to select and feature products in their store, drop shipping software streamlines the e-commerce process for those who do not have the resources to build their own supply chain.

Drop shippers — Drop shippers use drop shipping software to find clients and fulfill orders placed by customers of the retailers featuring their products. The back end of drop shipping software also often handles order fulfillment, providing shipping details for the products ordered. Drop shippers can then stay organized and fulfill all orders in a timely manner regardless of how many individual retailers are offering their products.

Drop Shipping Software Features

Marketplace features — Some drop shipping software function much like a marketplace, housing products from a variety of drop shippers that users can choose to feature in their own stores based on price, product reviews, and other metrics.

Product reviews — To help users make informed choices about which products to add to their store, some drop shipping platforms include product reviews from customers. Users may also have the option to allow their customers to write product reviews. Reviews from other retailers may also be featured.

Order fulfillment — Since the retailer is not actually fulfilling customers' orders, drop shippers need a way to easily and accurately fulfill orders. Order fulfillment features provide the drop shipper with a customer’s order and shipping information, allowing the drop shipper to closely track orders.

E-commerce platforms integration — Many drop shipping platforms integrate with e-commerce platforms to create a seamless experience for both retailers and customers. By integrating with e-commerce platforms, drop shipping platforms can easily export products to an online store, and crucial information from the customer can be easily communicated to the drop shipper to fulfill the order.

Fee calculator — The ability to automatically calculate taxes and shipping fees benefits both customers and retailers. Retailers need to stay compliant with local tax laws to remain in business, and customers want to know how much they are paying for shipping up front. Drop shippers also need to receive those shipping fees since they are often housed overseas where shipping and customs fees to the United States and Europe are more expensive.

Additional Drop Shipping Features

Automation — Some drop shipping software has the ability to automate certain processes such as order routing to manufacturers. Automating these tasks makes managing the business easier for retailers and fulfilling orders easier for drop shippers.

Inventory tracking — Since business owners are not selling their own inventory, their inventory availability is dependent upon the drop shipper. With inventory tracking features, retailers can know in real time whether certain inventory is available. This allows retailers to update their store as needed so they are not losing revenue selling products that are not available to customers.

Marketing tools — Some drop shipping software contains marketing tools to help retailers promote their store and the products they offer. This can take the form of targeted emails or social media posts.

Potential Issues with Drop Shipping Software

Small margins — The downside of the low overhead of using drop shipping is that the margins are much smaller than manufacturing your own products. While manufacturing and building a supply chain are much more expensive up front, the upside is the money saved in the long run. Using a drop shipper’s infrastructure comes with higher costs for products, meaning that the potential profit is much lower per unit.

Low control — Using a drop shipper means that the retailer has little to no control over the availability of their inventory, the quality of their inventory, or how quickly it ships. All of that is in the hands of the drop shipper, making the retailer the source of where customers purchase products. This can be helpful for a busy retailer, or frustrating for both retailer and customer. If there is a large delay, the onus is on the drop shipper to communicate that to retailers so they can relay that information to customers.

Product quality — Lack of oversight into the manufacturing process means no oversight into the quality of the products being sold. Many retailers order a sample before they offer a specific product, but a single sample is not a good indicator of quality over time. Because retailers have no quality control, quality may vary wildly.

Customer service — The retailer is the face the customer sees, so the retailer acts as a mediator for the customer and the drop shipper. If there is an issue with the drop shipper that affects a customer’s order, the drop shipper must let the retailer know so they can inform the customer. That may not always happen, which can mean angry customers. As a result, a retailer may lose business.