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Augmented reality training simulators, or AR training simulators, are intended to train users for a certain role in a partially virtual environment. Trainees utilize the augmented reality in these solutions to learn the vital skills needed for a new job. These from differ from virtual reality training simulators, as the latter provides training simulations to users in a completely immersive, virtual environment. By integrating 3D images into the real world using a phone or other mobile device with a camera, AR training simulators replicate real-life situations, which makes the learning experience more retainable and engaging. AR training simulators allow users in high-stress careers to develop skills necessary for the job before they are put in the field. These solutions tend to be used by those in hands-on careers, such as medicine or law enforcement. AR training simulators can also be of use to those in more niche careers, like aviation and transportation. Some AR training simulators may have augmented reality SDK functionalities, which means that developers can customize their specific AR training simulator platform to fit the needs of their organization.

To qualify for inclusion in the AR Training Simulator category, a product must:

  • Create augmented reality experiences for training-specific purposes
  • Upload necessary content directly to integrating headsets
  • Support customized content specific to your business’s needs
  • Provide reporting on individual trainee performance
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    Amazon Sumerian lets you create and run virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D applications quickly and easily without requiring any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise.

    ThingWorx is an application development platforms that allows you to build value from products and deliver end-to-end IoT solutions to capture business opportunities offered by pervasiveness of smart Things.

    By pointing the camera to the equipment, object recognition is enabled and the worker can access procedures that provide contextual information including 3D highlights, pictures, videos and documents. Procedures are easily created and assigned by means of an intuitive web-based interface

    MaestroAR provides procedure-specific learning in 3D augmented reality on both Trainer and FlexVR robotic surgery simulators. Based on recorded surgical procedures, MaestroAR allows trainees to immerse themselves in the surgery by using the simulator to control virtual robotic instruments to interact with anatomical regions within the augmented 3D video. Maestro AR provides opportunities to gain procedural familiarity and to develop decision-making skills

    It helps explain complexity and shorten your sales cycles, whilst making you understand what really works in your sales meetings. It helps to educate and train and provides the marketing department with that all-important measurability

    NuSpace is an interactive and immersive environment that enables people to communicate with one another in a real world like virtual world, using the best of both Virtual & Augmented Reality.

    SimX’s software replaces your physical simulation mannequins with a customizable, high-definition, 3D virtual patient that can be projected anywhere.

    With Skylight, hands-on workers get the job done faster and more accurately by connecting them to the people, information and equipment they need while remaining hands-free to focus on their tasks and their tools

    The Parallel is a symbiosis of technological expertise in architecture, virtual and augmented reality, IT and sales.

    Vision4D is a customized, full immersion training simulator that provides emergency drills and SOP Rehearsals, Maintenance training on critical rig and plant systems, and more.

    Vuforia Chalk brings your technicians and experts together to solve problems faster & more effectively. Power your people with AR Remote Assistance.

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