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An AR content management system (CMS) is used to bulk upload raw 3D content that will serve as the basis for AR experiences. Users can manage their AR content within this platform, as well as edit it using the product’s drag-and-drop capabilities. These editing functionalities enable users to make changes to their content, such as adding color and various textures to their 3D products.

An AR CMS may also have the capability to function as an AR SDK for a more customizable AR experience. This content is typically used to create various AR apps for mobile devices, such as games and shopping apps. These solutions also offer reporting and analytics, so businesses may better understand the behavior of the audience using their content. An AR CMS should not be confused with a VR CMS, which is a platform that allows users to upload, manage, and publish virtual reality content.

To qualify for inclusion in the AR CMS category, a product must:

  • Allow 3D content to be uploaded onto the system
  • Offer drag-and-drop editing capabilities
  • Manage all created content within the platform
  • Publish AR experiences from the solution
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    Kentico Cloud is the API-first headless CMS that lets you manage your content and deliver omnichannel experiences across all devices with focus on powerful content collaboration. Kentico Cloud represents a comprehensive cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform that allows companies to focus on creating great digital experiences for their clients without having to tackle the technical challenges of running a CMS. Kentico Cloud provides a complete platform in a true multi-tenant

    Arbi is an Augmented Reality CMS that allows to upload 3D models and use them in Augmented Reality.

    Inde develops using emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, motion capture and computer vision to create next generation platforms that change the way people interact with content.

    With fully scalable solutions we can prepare a source of information or an educational tools operating on plenty of di erent platforms – starting from web pages and web applications, through mobile applications, interactive touch tables, desktop applications, up to advanced 3D virtual reality simulators. Many seemingly various ingredients can be mixed to deliver tools that will help to save money and time, will support communication and education or just simply will add some fun factor.

    It helps explain complexity and shorten your sales cycles, whilst making you understand what really works in your sales meetings. It helps to educate and train and provides the marketing department with that all-important measurability

    Plattar leverages rapidly evolving Augmented Reality (ARKit + ARCore) & XR tech combining with consumer hardware and browser evolution to act as a new enabler for customers to experience products in 3D and/or in context without the product being physically present. These and other emerging technologies provide the capabilities to engage throughout the product life cycle - an ongoing way to tie together adoption, use and loyalty through virtual education, support and upsell of complementary p

    An unlimited AR platform that can be customised to fit the needs of your business, Reality Engine is a powerful marketing tool. A robust browser, publisher and content solution in one package, it gives you the ability to turn everyday life into a new reality experience. It’s your most effective route to meaningful brand engagement.

    Easily use Interactive Print with multimedia and online content

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