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Sisense is an end-to-end business analytics software that enables users to easily prepare and analyze complex data, covering the full scope of analysis from data integration to visualization.

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What is Sisense?

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From messy data to beautiful dashboards – Sisense gives you the simplest way to analyze and visualize complex data.

Sisense Details Provided by: Ilan H.

Sisense Details Provided by: Ilan Hertz

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About Sisense

Sisense is the only business analytics software that provides an agile solution for organizations struggling with large and scattered data. The unique In-Chip technology that powers Sisense enables it to crunch huge amounts of disparate data in seconds and join different data sources on the fly when a query is made.

Data preparation is automated and simplified, and users can easily explore complex data by asking ad-hoc questions and receiving answers that are always on time and always accurate. The end result: for the first time, businesses can gain real insight and value out of complex data - without IT bottlenecks, an assembly line of different tools, or an army of specialists.

Features include:
- Data preparation and ETL capabilities
- Visual data management environment for managing complex data models
- Dozens of stunning forms of data visualization to choose from
- Web-based dashboards that can be accessed from any device or email / PDF reports
- Ultra-modern GUI designed to direct users towards best practices in data analysis
- Statistical and advanced functions for power users

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Our technology allows us to transform terabytes of raw, disperse data into ready-to-use dashboards in a matter of hours. Due to unique caching and querying techniques which make the most of existing commodity hardware, we're able to achieve better results using the same (or even much inferior) hardware - all without compromising usability and simplicity. Currently we offer a high-end solution for both data analysts and business-minded end users at highly affordable rates.

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