Adverity Features

Summary of Features

Marketing Operations

  • ROI Tracking
  • Data Collection
  • Customer Insights
  • Multi-User Access

Campaign Activity

  • Campaign Insights
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Campaign Stickiness
  • Multichannel Tracking
  • Brand Optimization


  • Reporting


  • Extraction
  • Transformation
  • Loading
  • Automation
  • Scalability

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Reports Interface

Reports interface for standard and self-service reports is intuitive and easy to use. This feature was mentioned in 19 Adverity reviews.
(Based on 19 reviews)

Steps to Answer

Requires a minimal number of steps/clicks to answer business question. This feature was mentioned in 18 Adverity reviews.
(Based on 18 reviews)

Graphs and Charts

Offers a variety of attractive graph and chart formats. This feature was mentioned in 20 Adverity reviews.
(Based on 20 reviews)

Score Cards

As reported in 16 Adverity reviews. Score cards visually track KPI's.
(Based on 16 reviews)


Based on 20 Adverity reviews. Provides business users an interface to easily design, refine and collaborate on their dashboards
(Based on 20 reviews)

Data Updates

Historical Snapshots

Ability to track historical data.

Not enough data available

Real-Time Updating

Track metrics in real time with consistent and frequent updates.

Not enough data available

Email Reports

Receive email reports and notifications regarding metric.

Not enough data available

Marketing Operations

ROI Tracking

Helps marketers measure return on investment (ROI) by analyzing campaign effectiveness against costs 42 reviewers of Adverity have provided feedback on this feature.
(Based on 42 reviews)

Data Collection

Gathers data about the effectiveness, impact, and reach of marketing campaigns 58 reviewers of Adverity have provided feedback on this feature.
(Based on 58 reviews)

Customer Insights

As reported in 40 Adverity reviews. Collects and reports on data relating to customer journeys, preferences, and history
(Based on 40 reviews)

Multi-User Access

As reported in 48 Adverity reviews. Allows multiple users access to a unified, transparent overview of analytics, dashboards, and campaign results
(Based on 48 reviews)

Spend Management

Includes features for budgeting, forecasting, and managing marketing investments

Not enough data available

White Label

Offers a white labeling service for agencies or resellers to customize platform branding

Not enough data available

Campaign Activity

Campaign Insights

Based on 54 Adverity reviews. Analyzes historical and current marketing campaigns to inform future strategy
(Based on 54 reviews)

Reports and Dashboards

Creates reports and dashboards to analyze results of campaigns This feature was mentioned in 60 Adverity reviews.
(Based on 60 reviews)

Campaign Stickiness

As reported in 37 Adverity reviews. Identifies which marketing campaigns resolved in open or closed opportunities
(Based on 37 reviews)

Multichannel Tracking

Collects marketing campaign performance data across multiple channels 53 reviewers of Adverity have provided feedback on this feature.
(Based on 53 reviews)

Brand Optimization

Provides opportunities for brands and businesses to fix or modify existing or future campaigns via feedback This feature was mentioned in 39 Adverity reviews.
(Based on 39 reviews)

Predictive Analytics

Uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict campaign outcomes and suggest actions for optimization

Not enough data available



Based on 38 Adverity reviews. View ETL process data via reports and visualizations like charts and graphs.
(Based on 38 reviews)


As reported in 29 Adverity reviews. Record ETL historical data for auditing and potential data correction needs.
(Based on 29 reviews)



Extract data from the designated source(s) like relational databases, JSON files, and XML files. This feature was mentioned in 47 Adverity reviews.
(Based on 47 reviews)


Cleanse and re-format extracted data to the needed target format. 47 reviewers of Adverity have provided feedback on this feature.
(Based on 47 reviews)


Load reformatted data into target database, data warehouse, or other storage location. 48 reviewers of Adverity have provided feedback on this feature.
(Based on 48 reviews)


Based on 48 Adverity reviews. Arrange ETL processes to occur automatically on needed time schedule (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly).
(Based on 48 reviews)


As reported in 46 Adverity reviews. Capable of scaling processing power up or down based on ETL volume.
(Based on 46 reviews)

Data Sourcing

Data Enrichment

Uses external data sources to improve customer profiles.

Not enough data available


Can be updated to accept new sources and types of data.

Not enough data available

Content Marketing

Can act as a content marketing platform.

Multiple Devices

Can engage with customers across any device with a consistent message.

Not enough data available


Marketing Performance Measurement

Provides analysis of marketing program ROI and efficiency.

Not enough data available

Predictive Modeling

Predicts outcomes based on statistical models; can give insight to "what-if" scenarios.

Not enough data available

Recommendation Engine

Uses artificial intelligence to provide suggestions based on desired outcomes.

Not enough data available


Pre-built Connectors

Facilitiates API development and integrations with prebuilt connectors, templates, and examples.

Not enough data available

Custom Connectors

Provides the ability to create connectors from existing services and APIs in catalog.

Not enough data available


Reporting and Analytics

Provides dashboards to gain real-time insights into API performance, usage, and errors.

Not enough data available

Data Mapping

Facilitates to and fro data map according to the data model between applications/web services.

Not enough data available

Integration Options

ERP Systems

Provides integrations to ERP Systems.

Not enough data available

Accounting Systems

Provides integrations to accounting Systems.

Not enough data available

CRM and Marketing Automation Systems

Provides integrations to customer relationship management and marketing automation systems.

Not enough data available


Provides integrations to EDI service providers.

Not enough data available

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