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A meter data management system ingests, stores, cleans, and analyzes data retrieved from smart metering systems.

To qualify for inclusion in the Meter Data Management category, a product must:

  • Be exclusively used within the utilities industry
  • Synchronize with and collect data from smart meters
  • Identify operational trends
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    The PI System is an enterprise infrastructure for management of real-time data and events with tools and features to help you manage your data and more.

    Unlocks smart grid data and transforms it into compelling, quantifiable, and actionable results with low upfront investment and risk.

    Help utilities leverage innovative business solutions to deliver the next generation of electric, gas and water networks.

    AtlasEVO Energy Management and Smart Metering Systems enable users to monitor & analyse energy usage data from any number of electricity, gas, water or other resource metering points

    Connexo Insight is a meter data management solution tying together various head-end and other systems, guaranteeing the timely delivery of qualitative data to enterprise systems.

    Dropcountr helps utilities meet expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

    EIServer is Honeywelllegacy meter data collection and management software solution. It was designed to meet all current and future utility requirements, with focus on smart meter data collection and processing.

    Energy Data Management (EDM) provides a central data storage for discreet measurements, interval values, and all interval data that is independent of the unit of measurement. You can also determine actual and forecasted energy consumption values, compare the differences, and exchange this information

    EnergyVIEW by SystemVIEW is a software and hardware solution to make your energy use more efficient. It is specifically designed for the water and wastewater industries.

    Covers everything from data ingestion and data cleaning to business deployment and monetization.

    ENMAT provides affordable Energy Management, Monitoring and Targeting solutions that helps companies to monitor and reduce Carbon Emissions.

    Fluentgrid Smart Grid product suite provides the essential last mile building blocks for utility supply chain modernization.

    Fluentgrid Smart Utility product suite is the result of our sustained endeavor at supporting utilities in curtailing their revenue losses, ensuring customer delight and improving operational efficiency.

    GENERIS Platform is a flexible, scalable, highly performing, automated and open platform on which ia. Enoro's solutions are built. It provides an easy integration with over 100 standard interfaces. It includes flexible reporting functionalities with advanced search engines for automatic and ad-hoc reporting.

    Gridstream MDMS is a standards-based system designed to rigorously process and prepare data for a variety of utility programs and operations.

    Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management is an enterprise-wide data management solution for interval, register and event data for residential and C&I customers. It is a scalable, open-architecture system that manages data from many different collection systems. It also provides secure, accurate, reliable data to a wide array of utility billing and analysis systems.

    Meter Data Management focuses on data quality and controlling the information flood. MECOMS for Utilities handles all aspects of meter data collection, validation and calculation to turn raw meter reads into reliable consumption data.

    MeterDesk is a building energy and utility reporting application. It is a companion for any energy management system implementation in commercial and industrial facilities. It acquires and processes data from all types of sensors and meters and enables easy reporting and visualization of data with multiple dimentions.

    Drive operational efficiency, from purchasing, warehousing, and installation through the removal of the metering device, using comprehensive metering software from SAP. With centralized, transparent processes, you can guarantee timely, reliable, and secure collection, validation, estimation, editing, and analysis of metered data.

    The suite comprises modules for managing utilities, CRM, administration and control and is offered on the market as the full, integrated response to the new business needs of operators active in the energy market - sale and distribution of gas and electricity - in the water sector and its integrated cycle, of remote heating, environmental hygiene and public lighting.

    The system for managing and optimal improvement of consumption reading: generating, entering and processing reading lists.

    Energy Depot is a suite of interactive applications designed to quickly provide accurate and actionable reports based on commercial and residential customers specific energy efficiency needs.

    Plug and Play Metering is a scalable AMR solution.

    Prepago is a utility billing software that ensures collectibility of receivables with a prepayment platform that can deliver customer account information by the app.

    Silver Spring Networks' continuous two-way communications network overcomes the limitations of legacy Demand Response (DR) technology, giving you innovative new tools to achieve reliable, predictable load reduction while improving cost efficiencies.

    TAMM MDM is the component of TAMM suite that handles the management process of data and metadata received from meters through Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) software. So it acquires, sorts and organises all the information received from meters and makes it appropriately available to the operator of the Distribution Companies.

    uCentra Meter Data Management has built-in suite of solutions that deliver utility-focused analytics to provide actionable insight to solve unique utility business problems.

    Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management gathers, processes, and stores all types of meter data to help utilities deal with rising data volumes and succeed in a changing industry.

    ZONOS is an IoT Platform for critical infrastructures meaning tailored for the special needs of Smart Metering, Smart City and Smart Gird applications and beyond. ZONOS enables the provision of entire service concepts or of single end-customer products. Combined with the optional ZONOS Modules a full end-to-end solution can be delivered. It can be integrated into an existing software landscape due to the large number of interfaces.

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