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Check out our list of free Child Care Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Child Care Software to ensure you get the right product.

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Kangarootime has built the leading all-in-one childcare management platform. It brings automation to childcare centers and provides childcare professionals with the tools to scale their classrooms, digitize their businesses and seamlessly communicate with their families and employees. The company’s cloud-based mobile application takes professional caregivers out of the revenue cycle, freeing up time for what really matters—the children.

I like that there was a one time payment. Read review
Karla F.
Our favorite feature of Kangarootime is the process improvement it's helped with inside of our business. It has streamlined so many functions of... Read review
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Entry Level Price:$59 per month

Sandbox is childcare software built with educators in mind. We wake up every day with one mission - to equip owners, directors, and teachers with the best tools to grow their business. Our easy-to-use, award-winning platform speaks for itself. A true all-in-one solution that enables you to manage your center and engage with parents. Find out why thousands of educators like you, depend on Sandbox every day!

I like how easy it is to navigate within the program. The program is much easier than another program that we used previously. I also think that... Read review
I love the versatility of the product and how user friendly it is Read review
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Entry Level Price:$24.99 per month

Childcare Manager helps simplify the management childcare centers, preschools, and before/after school programs.

The best feature is their Parent Portal. This enables parents to enroll their children online, entering most information themselves, thereby... Read review
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Entry Level Price:0.5$ per Student/per month

Illumine is a child care management software for parent communication & school operations. It helps in streamlining new admissions enquiries, automated or ad-hoc billing, share holiday, event & daily schedule and make parent engagement easy for teachers. It can be accessed on any device from anywhere. Communicate with parents using our childcare management software efficiently, without print outs, diary-writing or sending Whatsapp messages. Send messages, photos, videos, notice or even P

Gaurav P.
This is the best app for attendance feature. Illumine has a QR code scanner and Kiosk mode attendance both for staff and children. This saves a lot... Read review
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It's time for better childcare management software. Famly is easy to pick up from day one, yet packed with the features you need to make your life easier. Speedy invoicing. Easy observations. Automated cohort tracking and immunization reminders. Secure check-ins. Overviews and reporting. Child information at your fingertips. All this combined with unlimited support? We think it's pretty good. But don't take our word for it, carry on scrolling to see what our happy customers have to say.

This platform has everything you need all in one place which is an amazing feature. One of the things we have used the most is the 'News Feed' this... Read review
That it is easy to use, parents and staff really enjoy using it, it has made an impact on our communication with parents. From a management... Read review
(2)4.8 out of 5

Kidkonnect™ - The most popular choice in school Apps. Kidkonnect™ – The smartest way to connect schools , parents and teachers. Kidkonnect is available in smartphones as well as a web based application. Kidkonnect™ - Helps schools to Communicate, Share, Organize and Learn. Kidkonnect™ - The ultimate school to parent communication tool. This School Application provides schools with an easy way to update parents everything they need to know about the school, like Diary, Insta Alerts, Personal Com

1. user friendly UI. 2.Android app is very easy to understand about the child daily updates like attendance , daily dairy and GPS etc. 3.friendly... Read review
Kidkonnect App is very useful and user friendly Web and Mobile app. get instant notifications to parents. Excellent app for communication between... Read review
(2)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$1.25 child/month

Kinderlime provides an all-in-one cloud-based solution for childcare centers, preschools, aftercare programs and multi-site K-12 programs. Our app and web-dashboard allow for simplified sign in-out, attendance tracking, auto-billing, daily sheets, parent messaging and reporting. Our intuitive software helps you manage your program from one dashboard and keeps parents happy and engaged.

user experience, addressing parents and school management needs Read review
Kacie S.
I love that anything our preschool needs they are so willing and able to help us with. For example if we need a fix for the app they are so quick... Read review
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Entry Level Price:$39.95 per month

With BumbleBee, all your family data is at your fingertips. Build classrooms for today and in the future. Print sign-in sign-out sheets. Replace out-of-date spreadsheets.

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CloudBB streamlines every process and provides the crucial transparency for everyone involved beginning with initial student enrollment, to the pickup process of students, and all the way to the final invoicing stage.

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Portable Security. Verified Attendance and Dismissal. Instant Communication. GoPad Secure for iPads keeps administrators, faculty and family connected and always prepared in crisis or emergency. COVID-19 updates include contact tracing and parent permissions.

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KidGenius is software designed specifically for childcare centres. Whether you are a small dayhome or a large multi-site daycare company, our software works for you. We provide tools for attendance tracking, photo sharing, activity records, child profiles, parent messaging and more!

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Entry Level Price:$2 per child per mo.

Kinder Tales is here to provide caregivers with the tools needed to spend less time managing the facility and more time sharing their love and knowledge with the children they care for.

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KINDIEDAYS PEDAGOGICAL DOCUMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT SOLUTION FOR EDUCATORS AND FAMILIES TO SUPPORT CHILDREN’S LEARNING Kindiedays is a cloud-based solution for childcare centers supporting all daily activities between educators, children and families. Kindiedays has been designed by Finnish early childhood education professionals and is available in English, Spanish and Finnish. Our customers are private and public childcare centers in Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin Amer

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Entry Level Price:$1 per child per month

Kindyhub is passionate about giving our kids a great start in life, so we can also include additional features such as Healthy Kids and Get Active promoting healthy choices and lifestyles for children.

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MyDaycareOnline is cloud based software solution focused on reducing the amount of time that a childcare provider spends doing paperwork. It can help with all aspects of managing your daycare, from attendance tracking and invoicing, to expense tracking and reporting. Please see for more details, or to try a demo set up with sample children, parents and other information.

Top 10 Free Child Care Software in 2021

  • Kangarootime
  • Sandbox Software
  • Childcare Manager Professional
  • Illumine
  • Famly

Learn More About Child Care Software

Why Use Child Care Software?

Child care management software can make it easy for both staff and families to stay organized and informed. Staff can perform administrative tasks to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly, and parents can remain apprised of how their child is performing and what activities they are doing on a daily basis. With real-time updates via a mobile app, families can have peace of mind, and staff can spend more time with students.

Data Organization — Running a nursery or other child care business requires maintaining a large amount of records and other information. From immunization records to attendance tracking to payment history, staff must be confident that all data is accurate and up to date. Child care software helps keep all this data easily accessible so parents don’t need to send duplicate information.

Parent Portal — Parent portals and mobile apps make it easy for parents to stay in contact with staff and update any relevant information quickly. Parents may also be able to make payments within the portal or parent app, saving time and avoiding missed payments. For staff using web-based software, the parents portal makes it easy for staff to see updates and send notifications for payments or signatures.

What You Should Know About Child Care Software

Child care management software is designed to help those working for an early childhood education center or other child care program manage their business and their students’ information. The software can help with business tasks such as billing and invoicing as well as planning an educational program for students. Staff may also use these solutions to provide parents with updates on their child’s behavior and educational and social progress. Overall, child care software is designed to make a child care business run smoothly for both staff and parents.

Child care businesses must take into consideration their budgets and requirements when researching which software program to buy. A child care center can operate as a standalone venture or as a multilocation enterprise, in addition to a school or community center or as an extension of a family home, so buyers must carefully take into account the services they are able or unable to offer. Child care software can range from modular (software that can be separated into functionalities that can work independent of each other or the platform) to one-size-fits-all, so buyers need to take a look at their existing business plan and identify any inefficiencies that software can help solve.

Effective management of a child care center is crucial to its ongoing operations. Administration can cover anything from reporting, data management, billing, staff management, and parent-caretaker communication. Buyers should consider what aspects of child care will benefit from automation and what areas need better bookkeeping or metric tracking. The latter is important, as child care centers must adhere to specific industry regulations. Child care centers will ultimately benefit from software that can consolidate communication, paperwork, and employee scheduling into a singular database.

Security is a crucial element to consider when implementing and using a child care software product. The on-premise versus cloud debate necessitates the discussion about security. Child care centers store a lot of private, personal data about their clients and clients’ families. Additionally, it’s unthinkable in today’s world that users will not access the software remotely or through a VPN. Buyers need to take a close look at the kinds of security permissions the software offers.

Key Benefits of Child Care Software

  • Simplify the process of online registration and/or enrollment
  • Create payment and profile portals for parents
  • Better manage employee scheduling, monitoring, and payroll
  • Better communicate and engage with parents about the day-to-day activities of their child
  • Train staff and plan programming
  • Manage multiple child care sites and centers

Who Uses Child Care Software?

Early Childhood Professionals and Child Care Staff — Those who perform administrative tasks for a child care business will primarily be the ones using child care software. However, any staff may use the software to track attendance, update parents, or create activities.

Parents and Families — Using a companion app or parent portal, families and guardians can receive updates about their child, make payments, and update crucial information.

Kinds of Child Care Software

On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based — Buyers need to consider whether they want a cloud-based or on-premise child care solution. There are pros and cons to both, but the most significant consideration is price. Cloud-based software programs can be accessed via a subscription license and are more likely to help the child care center adhere more strictly to any industry regulations. On-premise solutions require extra fees for support, training, and updating of the hardware or server that hosts the software. There is a much larger upfront fee with the on-premise option. On the flip side, cloud-based solutions give users more freedom to customize. Buyers need to figure out whether they anticipate their child care business scaling rapidly in the future, as that will play a big part in which kind of deployment will better serve the business. Additionally, cloud-based software guarantees accessibility to the tool from anywhere.

Child Care Software Features

Administration — Child care businesses have many of the same requirements as other businesses, and child care software can help with back-office tasks such as accounting, invoicing, and employee management. Some tools will integrate with accounting software to make it even easier to perform these tasks.

Parent Portal — Parent portals allow parents to access the child care software using a customer-facing portal or app in order to make payments or update crucial information such as immunization records. This makes it easy for parents to access information about their children from any online device.

Attendance Tracking — Attendance tracking enables child care workers to keep track of which children are in attendance and which are not. Doing this digitally saves time and the effort of maintaining paper records. Knowing how many children are in attendance or expected to attend helps caregivers and other staff design activities and purchase supplies.

Classroom Management — Classroom management features help teachers and caregivers plan lessons and activities while also tracking student progress. Parents often want to be updated on their child’s progress in areas like reading and counting, and child care software makes it easy to both monitor progress and update parents easily.

Payment — The ability for parents and guardians to be able to receive notifications about payments and then easily pay online relieves much of the stress for both parents and staff. Parents don’t need to worry about forgetting a payment, and staff can rest easy knowing that payments are easily processed without staff input.