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Object-oriented databases store data models created by object-oriented programming language. Programmers can create, modify, and store object datasets within these databases. Object-oriented databases require a query language in order to retrieve the information stored inside. Often used by engineering companies and science laboratories, object-oriented databases can hold more complex data than relational database tools, which require a table to be set with the information. Some may choose to use a object-relational database, which is a combination of object-oriented and a relational database. Other similar types of database solutions that differ from object orientated databases include document database tools, graph database tools, key-value store tools and more. Many object-orientated database software are available at no cost and developers have many free database software options.

To qualify for inclusion in the Object-Oriented Database category, a product must:

  • Provide data storage
  • Store the data in object-based data models
  • Allow users to create, store, and modify object data models
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    Cloud Storage is designed to help you quickly and easily store and serve user-generated content, such as photos and videos

    Visual FoxPro 9.0 provides the tools you need to create and manage high-performance, 32-bit database applications and components.

    InterSystems Caché® is a high-performance database that powers transaction processing applications around the world. It is used for everything from mapping a billion stars in the Milky Way, to processing a billion equity trades in a day, to managing smart energy grids. Caché is a multi-model (object, relational, key-value) DBMS and application server developed by InterSystems. InterSystems Caché provides several APIs to operate with same data simultaneously: key-value, relational, object, docu

    dBASE PLUS 10 is a rapid database application development environment that includes a modern object oriented programming language (dBL) that runs on 32 and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, including the latest version of Windows 8.

    namucloud myPC can connect to all devices by creating cloud with my PC without using NAS device.

    VelocityDB offers database systems that are easy to use and leave little footprint.

    Apache Object Oriented Data Technology (OODT) is the smart way to integrate and archive your processes, your data, and its metadata. OODT allows you to Generate Data,Process Data,Manage Your Data,Distribute Your Data,Analyze Your Data .

    Apache Torque is an object-relational mapper for java. In other words, Torque lets you access and manipulate data in a relational database using java objects.

    Paradigma Software makes the visual db & reports manager Valentina Studio Pro, Valentina DB and object-relational Valentina Server.

    Versant Object Oriented Database can be customized for your application architecture and production environment based on the particular requirements.

    HyperGraphDB is a general purpose, open-source data storage mechanism based on a powerful knowledge management formalism known as directed hypergraphs. While a persistent memory model designed mostly for knowledge management, AI and semantic web projects, it can also be used as an embedded object-oriented database for Java projects of all sizes. Or a graph database. Or a (non-SQL) relational database.

    ObjectBox enables app developers to devote their valuable time to what makes their apps stand out and not on storing and retrieving data.

    Objectivity/DB, the company’s flagship product and patented object orientated database technology, enables customers to maximize existing infrastructure to capture information needed to address evolving, complex, analytic requirements within Big Data.

    ObjectStore is an object-oriented database development platform for creating high-performance applications that run at in-memory speeds.

    Get ready to spin up a safe, scalable, & supported RethinkDB.

    grapholytic by MIOsoft produces results from the combination of a Graph DB and a scalable object database architecture.

    Objectality is a non-technical, conceptual object-oriented database and a dynamic software application.

    Switch DB is a basic object oriented hierarchical database platform.

    Versant FastObjects Database is a high performance, transactional object client-server database designed to meet the requirements of object oriented programmers with a need to manage application objects with a robust database engine.

    Viravis Platform is a web-based database application development tool that doesn't require programming knowledge to operate.

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