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Dry cleaning software efficiently manages a dry cleaning business’ operations, with the end goal of maximizing profits. The software’s functionality ranges from simply providing a point of sale system and secure payment processing, to shop and inventory management, delivery route coordination, and customer contact or communication databases. Dry cleaning software is either implemented on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

To qualify for inclusion in the Dry Cleaning category, a product must:

  • Be exclusively used within the dry cleaning industry and not apply to any other industry
  • Create invoices or order history reports
  • Provide a point of sale system
  • Create and manage customer information in a database

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    Compassmax is a full-feature point-of-sale software platform that combines simplicity and competence. It is designed to improve efficiency in every aspect of the dry cleaning business, from sale to delivery.

    Geelus is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) software designed for dry cleaning, laundry, clothing alteration, and tailoring businesses. The software offers a range of features for managing sales, inventory, employees, SMS and email marketing, customer loyalty, invoicing, referrals, and more, with support for managing multiple stores through a single interface. Geelus Cloud Based POS Software – Features at a glance: - Clean, modern and user-friendly design - Loyalty system to boost your busine

    SPOT has features that range from simple operation by the user, detailed reporting for production and accounting, retention marketing to customer service features all with enterprise class configuration options.

    TMS (Textile Management System) is based on Microsoft .net the latest technology from Microsoft. TMS is the most complete Dry cleaning/Textile Management Software on the market with functionality and ease of use that is unmatched by any other dry-cleaning product. The system has been used by over 4000 drycleaners all over the world.TMS.NET revolutionizes the world of Textile Industry. Available in English, French, Spanish, Romanian and Dutch interface.

    Vivaldy is a dry cleaning software for any Windows System 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 7, and 8.1

    Expandable cloud apps include RFID garment tracking and GPS delivery routes, laundry process management with streamlined ordering, packaging and invoicing, and customer relationship management and dedicated customer portal.

    Dry cleaning is all we do, and we're the best at what we do. Just like you.

    Limited Time Free Hardware Terminal Bundle With Any Subscription & No Upfront Cost. DragonPOS is an easy to use Point of Sale that keeps your in store & online customers coming back. Grow your business with web & smartphone friendly customer tools for sign up, scheduling and account access for a seamless pick up & delivery service, plus dry cleaning & laundry locker options. Free 15 day trial - Nothing to download, No Set up and No Workstation fees, try us today!

    Touch Control offers you ways to reach out to your customers in the background while you work. It is designed to be quick and simple to use for your counter help yet powerful enough to handle everything your growing business needs.

    Pivot is a cloud based software application specifically designed to manage your entire dry cleaning business from any place at any time. Pivots extensive feature sets cover everything from the simple tasks of marking in to managing complex automated personalized marketing campaigns.

    TurboClean is a solution that allow user to take control of the business, streamline transactions with an automated system, deliver customer focused service and ensure greater control over employee actions.

    InvoTech Uniform System manages uniform operations, and integrates RFID technology to operate, as well as provides critical information to cut labor costs and lower operating expenses.

    WinCleaners is a dry cleaner management software that provide custom letters, coupons, and advertisements that help user market business to current customers as well as prospective customers.

    WinDryClean is a t dry clean computer software product. It is an easy program for dry clean plant to operate that will give you complete control of cash management and production at an excellent price.

    Laundry Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), contract management and logistic solutions for the Textile Rental Business.

    ALMdesk 4th edition is a program to manage laundry activities (articles acceptance and restitution, customers' management, statistics) particularly cured for the simplicity of use

    Made up of texroute (route and containger management), texorder (inventory management), and texscan (RFID scanner).

    Bundle Star is a smart laundry management system.

    Bundle Track is a smart asset management system based on RFID giving real-time inventory reporting and management.

    Bundle Worx is a smart productivity and utility management system giving real-time reporting and monitoring.

    Christian Cleaners is a Dry cleaner POS software that has a heightened financial security features and ergonomic user interface design.

    The revolutionary Point of Sales software for dry cleaners and laundries with over 5,000 user in over 50 countries. With POS, pickup and delivery apps, as well as integrations with accounting systems, assembly conveyors, lockers, and payment gateways CleanCloud is the only choice for a modern dry cleaning or laundry business that will raise your productivity and lower your costs. Power your business today with CleanCloud Dry Cleaning Software.

    CleanEngine is a cloud-based ERP system designed specifically for dry cleaners, bio cleaners, laundries, ateliers and alterations.

    Cleaners POS is a cloud-based or local software for single store Dry Cleaner's that help to Multi-Chain with Routes and Automatic assembly.

    CleanMax is a software that has the capability for enabling the user to categorize garments precisely within a versatile and expandable drop screen interface.

    CleanSuite, is a value point of sale software for drycleaners.

    Clean Touch is Made for... Dry Cleaners, Drop Shop, Flower Shop, Shoe Repairs and More... Any Business that needs to keep track of customer's every transactions, This is The King.

    cleanwash is a desktop software for retail business management that allow employees to receive orders and jobs, it is customizable and include branding and choose or set many options including business name, currencies, address, phone, email etc., managers include a search, filter and sort feature which helps user find data quickly, print receipts, tags, invoices for customers after each transaction and print reports; including expenses, orders, customer, customer histories, inventory lists, se

    Cloud-based software for dry cleaning, Clothing Alteration, Laundromat operation.

    DCCS is a sophisticated cloud software solution for dry cleaners.

    Laundry management software for your laundry business.

    Inbuilt ticket racking system for conveyors and fixed rails with optional SMS messaging. Automatic/Manual release forms with type of incoming garments. Time Attendance clock for staff. Built in sales dashboard in admin section of program. Account/Agent invoicing and payment system. Stock-take. Void/ Cancel tickets. Unlimited Items and item type setup and pricing. Loyalty voucher system based on reaching a certain value.

    Store management system with full cash register, built-in sales dashboard, time clock for staff, SMS marketing functionality, etc.

    Quick Dry Cleaning Software is much more than any typical POS software and automates almost all the management processes for any dry cleaning

    Point of Sale dry cleaning software and laundry software.

    DryClean PRO is an easy to use, reliable, versatile and time-tested software that has advanced features like auto-marketing and per piece item tracking.

    DryClean Soft is a Dry Cleaner Store POS Software that can be use with Touch Screen or Without Touchs screen, all Transcation and operations are save , so user can view it later in the form of Reports.

    The World's First Dry Cleaning system that works with QuickBooks. It is a FULLY integrated POS system, with production and management function. It takes you from Drop Off to Pick Up and every thing in between.You can also use it for your entire accounting needs. DryFi was designed by a (Dry) Cleaner with a (Fi)nancial background. It has all of the latest SMS texting and E-Mail tools.

    Enlite POS software for dry cleaners is intuitive, fully customizable and won't leave you hung out to dry. Our revolutionary cloud based software allows you to work from any device from anywhere in the world. Our mobile apps allow customers to book a drop-off or collection, track the status of their orders and at the same time encourages more engagement and customer loyalty. Our software increases productivity, eliminates mistakes and with 30+ years of experience we are the #1 choice.

    EZ-Touch for Dry Cleaners is a Windows based touch-screen management system that help to improve Dry Cleaning business.

    Fabricare Manager POS provides all of the capabilities required to manage today’s drycleaning businesses. Since 1999, cleaners using this software and computer system have confirmed that it is the perfect choice for controlling cash, inventory, production and so much more. Based on Microsoft Windows and a specially designed touchscreen interface, the system is remarkably reliable, affordable and easy to use.

    Follow Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Alteration is a system that allows user to access the system remotely from anywhere in the world that there's internet.

    GestiClean Up' is a cloud-based point of sale system specialized in drycleaning, accessible from every internet browser on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone. Forget local installation problems and make room for high mobility! GestiClean Up' is fully designed for dry-cleaning management. It is modular, scalable and ready-to-use as soon as you subscribe to the service. You can customize the many features of the app: you only pay for what you need. GestiClean Up' covers all the steps of th

    Huebsch Command helps you run a smarter business by letting you easily accept mobile payments, control machines, and manage your laundry business from anywhere.

    Keep a complete record of your client information for personalized service, fast processing and complete customer satisfaction. Track customer spenditure and increase sales by making use of i-laundry's built in loyalty programs.

    Laundry management software to handle commercial and industrial laundry activities.

    Employee, machine and energy performance metrics

    Laundry Manager system tracks the movement of every tagged item from the laundry to each hotel, leaving and returning. It also automatically sends reports to accounting for invoicing customers and to purchasing when inventory needs replenishing.

    Comprehensive, complete and concise software available for dry cleaning and laundry business that enables complete automation of the business operations & management and assist in marketing and strategic decision.

    Laundry-Trak software is an on-premises software that automates linen weighing and handling (with, or without, scales and carts) including order processing, shipment, billing and management reporting for the commercial laundry, hotel, hospital/healthcare and hospitality industries.

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