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Apparel design software helps fashion designers and clothing manufacturers design clothing or clothing patterns. These solutions provide designers with tools to create initial design drawings, product specifications, and even individual pattern pieces. Designs created by the design team can be shared with team members or other departments and go through multiple rounds of approval until a final design is reached and ready for manufacturing. Apparel design software may contain similar features to drawing software, vector graphics software, and general-purpose CAD software to create 2D designs and 3D mockups. It may also integrate with apparel business management and ERP software to aid with the manufacturing and prototype approval process.

To qualify for inclusion in the Apparel Design category, a product must:

  • Provide drawing or 3D tools to design apparel or clothing patterns
  • Aid with the design approval process
  • Provide tools specifically for the fashion or apparel industry
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    Design’N’Buy is a web-to-print software solution company facilitating web to print software, services and customized solutions for Printing Industry. Being one of the pioneer of web to print technology in India we have 500+ successful implementations of our printing storefront solutions in 40+ countries and we are still counting.

    InkSoft is the platform used by the most successful screen printers, garment decorators, and print shops.

    Create Professional Fashion Sketches and Design Your Clothing With Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software for Fashion Designers, Clothing Lines, Beginners, High School & College Fashion Design Classes. Digital Fashion Pro is a complete system of Training, Digital Fabrics & Hundreds of Customizable Clothing Templates that allow users to create professional fashion design sketches even if you can't draw. Super Easy to Use. Anyone can create amazing designs.

    inkXE T-Shirt Design software is a web to print solution tailored for businesses who sell customized t shirts and other apparel. Customers can customize and design their t-shirts online during the buying process. Whereas business owners can manage their print industry from one tool. It provides robust features to meet all your product customization needs.

    Design, sample, present & produce Men, Women, Kids Clothing, Jeans, Lingerie, Lining, Novelty fabrics, Scarves, Ties and Labels.

    PatternSmith and its integrated plug-ins make it possible for you to develop perfect patterns.

    SmartDesigner is an exciting new breed of CAD solution for the apparel, textile and related industries. Combining industry-specific design features with an intuitive user interface, SmartDesigner extends your creativity and shortens your product development cycle.

    iDesigniBuy is a custom clothes designing website software that includes all the impressive features of advanced shirt and suit design tool.

    Create is the 2D CAD suite for creating and editing patterns. It is possible to create patterns from scratch or to digitize them using the optical pen, scanner or blackboard, with of Survey and Draw modules. With Create you can directly import proprietary formats, maintaining so all the seam information and internal extensions such as notches, buttons and holes.

    Turnkey textile design software solution for all your designing and coloring needs.

    A pattern drafting program with symmetry function for sewing and knitting. Use ready-to-wear or custom measurements. Mac & Windows OS

    PAD software is designed to ease the workload of fashion designer and pattern designer with contemporary CAD software, facilitating higher flexibility for pattern & marker design.

    Start with a pattern from one of the garment collections or use CAD abilities to create new or alter existing patterns.

    As a teaching tool SnapFashun quickly and easily teaches students the indispensable tools of Illustrator that the fashion industry requires. This teamed with their learning the correct names of fashion details and silhouettes is the beginning that gives them the verbal and technical skills required to work in the industry.

    CAD and Textile CAD software will help you avoid making unnecessary samples, become more responsive to customer' requests and sell more garments by having the right sales presentation materials at the right time.

    In addition to all the Digital Design tools it has devised and engineered a large number of Functions that help a Garment Designer work digitally, similarly to working by hand. Create your own blocks and styles, build-up your own style library, modify and adjust existing blocks and create fully professional collections. Upgrade this software with the Automatic Patterns feature and get your own pattern blocks with a click of a button. Automatically created blocks can be retrieved in any size.

    BrikL is a 3D and eCommerce platform for custom-made clothing and team purchasing. Built with next generation technology, BrikL makes buying custom-made apparel simple and easy for both team wear companies and their customers.

    Allows you to create ready-to-wear collections and to release your technical files quickly and efficiently.

    Windows-based fashion design software with a user defined design drawing area and pressure sensitive stylus pen.

    Design pattern maker for tailoring which helps the tailoring community in the product of clothing, especially cutting masters.

    E-GEN produces superior fabric and apparel while maintaining core ethical standards of social and environmental responsibility.

    Quick and accurate pattern design, using basic design tools and advanced geometrical procedures.

    Apparel Constructor for apparel construction and design as well as pattern grading Apparel Designer for base apparel design

    Marker Making Suite can Pattern Design, Grading, Marker Making, Nesting and 3D for full design, optimization and visualization of your designs in the pre and post production steps.

    virtual fitting room service for fashion retailers that allows customers to create a 3D model of themselves and try on clothes

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