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TranscribeMe Alternatives & Competitors

(2)5.0 out of 5

Looking for alternatives to TranscribeMe? Tons of people want Transcription Services. What's difficult is finding out whether or not the service you choose is right for you. Rev, 3Play Media, Speechpad, and One Hour Translation are the most popular alternatives and competitors to TranscribeMe.

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Top Alternatives to TranscribeMe

  • Rev
  • 3Play Media
  • Speechpad
  • One Hour Translation
  • GMR Transcription

Top 20 Alternatives & Competitors to TranscribeMe

  1. Rev

    (160)4.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  2. Rev is a platform that provide document translation services for small and mid-sized businesses around the globe.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    Stuart M.
    Quality and pricing are by all means the greatest aspect of REV!
  3. 3Play Media

    (52)4.7 out of 5
  4. 3Play Media provides a more technologically advanced and cost-effective captioning, audio description, and subtitling solution. We work with more than 2,000 customers across media & entertainment, enterprise and educational institutions. Our methods allow us to reduce the cost and simplify the process, while maintaining premium quality levels. We provide all major caption formats, efficient workflows, an API, and fast turnaround. 3Play Media was borne out of MIT in 2007 and operates in Boston, MA.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    Joan C.
    It's quick and easy to use - very little work on our end!
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  5. Speechpad

    (2)4.5 out of 5
  6. Speechpad provides services for captioning video, including subtitles and closed captions.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    Platform ease and speedy service provided.
  7. One Hour Translation

    (15)3.9 out of 5
  8. At One Hour Translation they understand that some documents require industry-specific knowledge and 'jargon' and therefore a general understanding of a language isn't enough.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    Speed, accuracy and professional work. The system is very easy to use.
  9. GMR Transcription

  10. GMR Transcription provides a transcription services that transcribes voice recordings for academic, business, legal, non-profit and other organizations.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
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  11. Translated

    (5)4.1 out of 5
  12. Translated is an internet based translation service in 120 language combinations that allow web site translation, manuals, and multimedia.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    As people of Translated are Correct and hard wokring with smart system, I love their integrity and consistency. I have done translations for them, working since summer 2016, (I had known them since...Read more
  13. CaptionSync

  14. CaptionSync is designed to offer high quality, transcription and automatic captioning services.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
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  15. Type Studio

    (4)4.9 out of 5
  16. Type Studio is an online text-based video editor. You can edit your video by just editing the transcribed text. In addition to that, you can add subtitles to your videos automatically.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    Tasos V.
    Their design and the UX is pretty friendly
  17. iTranscript

  18. A standalone platform for transcription, captioning and subtitling requirements.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
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  19. Easy2Transcribe

  20. Convenient and user-friendly audio recording, uploading, and transcription app

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
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  21. BuildBubbles

    (3)4.5 out of 5
  22. BuildBubbles - Unlimited Podcasts With Sound Design From Your WordPress Articles More people are blogging than ever. But at the same time, more people today prefer to listen rather than read. So, we thought: What if bloggers could offer a way for people to listen to their content? Converting a written blog to a podcast involves what’s known as text-to-speech. But text-to-speech alone cannot create podcasts that connect with people. Good podcasts need more than a voice to tell the story: They need music and rhythm to create an emotional impact. That’s why we came up with BuildBubbles. It’s a web app that can help bloggers easily make awesome podcasts without a microphone or studio equipment. Bloggers do not even need to know how to edit the podcast. BuildBubbles converts written blog posts into compelling podcasts with sound design! With BuildBubbles, your blog will stand out and you’ll reach a much wider audience. As a content provider, you spend a lot of time creating interesting content. Make sure it reaches as many people as possible! BuildBubbles is easy and intuitive. Just three steps and a few minutes and it’s done! 1. Paste a link of your WordPress blog post you’d like to convert to a podcast 2. Choose the BuildBubbles podcast template and voices you want 3. Edit your podcast if you wish. Once you’re finished, you can download it or embed it in your blog. Please try it! We’d love to hear your feedback.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    Easy to use interface with an extendable block-based interface. Great voices and speech generators are progressing so fast that new and even better voices are inevitable coming.
  23. Simultrans

    (1)4.0 out of 5
  24. SimulTrans specializes in customizing world class globalization programs for its customers, providing translation, engineering, and formatting services for the localization of software, technical documents, websites, and marketing materials.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    There has been always a fluent and smooth communication with all teams and project managers involved in the different localisation projects.
  25. Multilingual Connections

    (1)5.0 out of 5
  26. Translation, Transcription & Multimedia Localization

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    Quick service, great pricing, nice people
  27. Streamer

    (1)4.5 out of 5
  28. Automated private and secure captioning, translation, note-taking and speech generation software.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
    Innovative without sacrificing ease of use. Allows client to download and share a transcript of the meeting or conversation and customer service is excellent. Supports an impressive range of...Read more
  29. Language Connect

  30. Language Connect is a platform that delivers fast, accurate language translation services to national and international clients across multiple sectors and time zones.

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  31. Linguistic Systems

  32. Linguistic Systems is a platform that provides language translation services (conversion) for all media in over 115 languages, it focuses on the translation of legal, medical, business, institutional, academic, government and personal documents.

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  33. Click for Translation

  34. ClickForTranslation is a platform that offers free quotes and bulk order discounts, it utilizes human translators and also provides notary service specializes in providing translations of legal documents as well as transcription services, closed captioning and voice-over services.

    Categories in common with TranscribeMe:
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  35. Foreign Translations

  36. Foreign Translations provides a rrofessional translations services that specializing in foreign language translation, interpreting, website translation, and multimedia desktop publishing.

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  37. Dynamic Language

  38. Dynamic Language is a service that specialized in providing enterprise-level language translation, interpretation, and localization services to clients around the world.

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  39. Languages Translation Services (LTS)

  40. Languages Translation Services (LTS) is a platform that provide language and other services for more than 250 languages for public and private organization and individuals.

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