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Top Alternatives to Talk

  • Disqus
  • CommentLuv
  • Insticator
  • IntenseDebate
  • Viafoura

Top 20 Alternatives & Competitors to Talk

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  1. Disqus

    (21)4.2 out of 5
  2. Disqus helps publishers increase engagement and build loyal audiences

    Categories in common with Talk:
    Fideymar l.
    Upvoting ayuda a mostrar solo comentarios valiosos en la parte superior, que proporcionan más valor a los visitantes. El sistema de moderación es muy conveniente, todos los comentarios de spam...Read more
  3. CommentLuv

    (20)3.3 out of 5
  4. CommentLuv Pro has even more amazing features that can bring even more traffic and comments to your blog by giving you the ability to fight spam, add keywords, integrate twitterlink, add a top commentators widget, social enticements and, by having it installed on your site, you get advanced backlink features on EVERY CommentLuv blog when you comment

    Categories in common with Talk:
    Nothing. Every time i try to use the program it shuts down automatically.
    18%   of software applications aren't well liked by teams using them.
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  5. Insticator

    (14)4.4 out of 5
  6. Insticator is designed to increase engagement and ad revenue for publishers through interactive content while enhancing viewability and purchase intent for brands.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    Insticator is for good research and information collection. Super attentive and evolving.
  7. IntenseDebate

    (10)4.3 out of 5
  8. IntenseDebate is a feature-rich comment system for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many other blogging/CMS platforms.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    Software makes it easy to see what users think. On my website it allows for the open participation of our clients in real time so we can be in dialogue with them.
  9. Viafoura

    (10)4.7 out of 5
  10. Viafoura is an audience development platform designed to engage, discover, and grow audience through integrated user registration, engagement, moderation, and analytics tools.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    Coming from the implementation and management side of Viafoura the support given has been outstanding. I also couldn't have asked for an easier product to implement. With many sites to support this...Read more
  11. Thrive Comments

    (5)4.2 out of 5
  12. Thrive Comments is a comment system for Wordpress.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    manuel C.
    Me encanta es simple para enchufarlo en el sitio de wordpress y funciona tal como se indica en el cuadro. Es un poco grande, así que si tienes varios plugins considerar el recorte de éstos hacia...Read more
  13. Muut

    (2)4.3 out of 5
  14. Commenting and forums for your site.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    I like the simplicity of the software and the capabilities of the software as well. This is very good software for a community or forum and could help your site tremendously.
  15. GraphComment

    (1)4.5 out of 5
  16. GraphComment is a social comment system for websites.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    manuel C.
    Me gusta por que puedo hacer seguimiento analizando y escuchando las discusiones de mis visitantes. Trae funciones de interacción social para calificar, votar, compartir, para incrementar las...Read more
  17. JLex Comment

    (1)5.0 out of 5
  18. JLex Comment is a comment system for Joomla.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    The way how to connect JLex comment with Review
  19. Metype

    (1)4.5 out of 5
  20. Engage your audience with real-time comments. Keep away those trolls with advanced AI driven moderation. Configure Metype to suit your style of expression. Hook your readers with the stories they love.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    katty h.
    Me encanta metype gracias a el principalmente puedo alejar a todos los trolls de mis blog y paginas de comentarios, a parte atrae a mucha mas audiencia y les hace divertido participar con sus...Read more
  21. OpenWeb

    (1)5.0 out of 5
  22. Spot.IM offers a set of tools and technology for your online community management.

    Categories in common with Talk:
    User friendly interface, great community moderation
  23. Hyvor Talk

  24. Hyvor Talk is an ad-free, beautiful, and fully-customizable commenting platform for websites. It is freemium and provides a generous free plan. Hyvor Talk is a part of the Hyvor network, and the comments can be published using a Hyvor account or as a guest. Hyvor Talk comments plugin (or embed) is AJAX-based so that smooth and fast. All the comments are moderated at the console where numerous tools are included in. Commenters can edit/delete their comments at the Hyvor Talk home. Hyvor Talk plugin is available in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, etc. and consistently translated into different languages by contributors.

    Categories in common with Talk:
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  25. FastComments

  26. FastComments is a fast and privacy-focused embedded comment solution. Allow your audience to engage in a seamless way by adding a comment thread to any blog, landing page, news site, or product page. At 4.6 kB with no dependencies, it's the fastest comment service around. FastComments prioritizes speed and user experience above all else. It doesn't spy on you or your users and has the features you care about. Some features we offer: - Ad-free experience, no data harvesting. - Ability to moderate content. - Configurable notifications for you and your users. - Billed based on usage. No monthly fee (unless you purchase the support package). - Ability to import from Disqus. - Ability to export your data at any time. - Ability to upgrade to paid or enterprise plans. - A comment UI that fetches comments and renders in milliseconds to prevent disengagement. - Very Fast Time-To-Engage: No complex sign up process for your users. - Secure Password-less Account Management (email-based login links). - Up-vote/Down-vote Support. - Sorting by Date+Votes. - Threads (replies to replies) along with reply notifications for engagement. - An unobtrusive UI - no modals or behavior that distracts from your content. - Users get notified when someone replies, and you get notified of new comments to moderate. We also aggregate emails, so if you receive a hundred notifications in an hour we'll just send one summary email. - Anonymous commenting (unverified comments auto removed after three days)

    Categories in common with Talk:
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  27. Commenze

  28. Commenze allows any users to add a fully customizable comment section to their website in minutes. Install on ANY website by simply copying and pasting 3 lines of code. Users can then create a custom theme for their comment section that matches the look and feel of their product/website. Commenze relieves business/website owners from the painful process of building or hiring a developer to create a custom comment section for their site. Save hundreds of hours building and maintaining a custom comment section and allow Commenze to relieve you of these headaches.

    Categories in common with Talk:
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  29. Coral

  30. Comments and community platform, featuring world-class moderation tools, trusted by some of the world's largest publishers.

    Categories in common with Talk:
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  31. Vuukle User Engagement

  32. Vuukle turns data into revenue. We provide business intelligence solution and help product and content marketeers to target relevant audience. We do this by analyzing the untapped user generated content and monetizing it using a sophisticated software.

    Categories in common with Talk:
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  33. Kontxt Website Plugin

  34. Kontxt is an online communication and engagement platform that adds live collaboration and interactivity to digital content. One technology, two products, and unlimited use-cases. Website Publisher - risk-free Ad system guaranteed to grow revenue. Enterprise - turn the web into a workspace. Education - custom LMS. The list goes on... How will you use it?

    Categories in common with Talk:
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  35. Civil Comments

  36. Civil is a comment platform enabling people to connect on the websites.

    Categories in common with Talk:
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  37. LiveRe

  38. LiveRe provides comment management and content response solutions.

    Categories in common with Talk:
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  39. HyperComments

  40. HyperComments offers tailored comment system for websites.

    Categories in common with Talk:
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