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Check out our list of free Flipbook Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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FlippingBook is an online tool and desktop software for creating professional digital flipbooks. Make your PDF ebooks, e-catalogs, digital brochures, annual reports, presentations, magazines, and sales collateral interactive. Share them as links or embed into a website. Add videos, GIFs, external and outbound links. Collect leads and track statistics to see how your content performs. Use password protection for private sharing or boost your SEO and promote. FlippingBook makes everything easy!

We love that this software is the perfect solution for our Subscriber Research Publication of over 3700 pages, which we host using Wordpress. We... Read review
I like that it's easy to convert PDF's to Flipping Book and that it's easier to read on smartphones. Read review
(186)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free Single user

Lucidpress is a design & brand templating platform that empowers non-designers in your company to create and distribute marketing collateral all on their own (without going off brand). Lockable templates protect your brand while allowing colleagues to make small design tweaks and customizations, easing the workload off your creative team. Say goodbye to rogue branding forever with Lucidpress --the brand templating platform trusted by over 8 million users worldwide.

Yonggi Gray A.
The guideline is easy to understand. And I really like their templates. Read review
Jennifer T.
Lucidpress is such a valuable tool for my business! I have used Canva, Microsoft Publisher... and attempted to use Adobe InDesign, but Lucidpress... Read review
(21)4.6 out of 5

RELAYTO is the #1 Document Experience platform that transforms your static content into engaging interactive experiences, enabling viewers to choose their own path through your content. Simply import your PDFs (and add any supporting content, text, web/social content, images, video, and audio, into our intuitive builder to assign interactive elements and publish to your team for instant viewing desktop and mobile screens. With RELAYTO, you can create an unlimited number of public and private

Edward G.
An easy and most of all, trackable process that is completely seamless with our outreach and ABM. Having an AI engagement engine that helps us... Read review
It is a very easy and useful tool to use it, if you want to be strong in sales and marketing you should not hesitate to use it. I feel very... Read review
(11)4.3 out of 5

FlipHTML5 is an online digital publishing platform designed for creating different types of publications, including magazines, brochures, catalogs, photo albums, annual reports, newspapers, newsletters and so on. The user interface of FlipHTML5 is highly intuitive, making it ideal for beginners. Users just need to upload a PDF, then FlipHTML5 automatically converts it into an online publication with page turning effect. ● Build for beginners, user-friendly user interface ● Convert PDFs to gor

Thieo W.
Its expertly-designed templates make it the best tool for creating digital flipbooks. Its intuitive user interface allows anyone, whether beginner... Read review
Nahshon K.
FlipHTML5 is very light software. That means it is simple to load, and it does not need a lot of bandwidth for it to run on your computer. It comes... Read review

Simplebooklet is for marketing and communication professionals who need to unlock the value in existing print collateral to generate measureable customer engagement across digital channels that can’t be done with PDFs. Automatically Make Interactive Digital Content From Your Marketing Collateral, Brochures, Flyers, Lookbooks, Product Sheets and more. So you can influence and engage your audience across the digital channels where they hang out. The #1 way to share your marketing and communicati

Easy to use uploading a pdf for a non-techie, looks professional, 'green' no waste from paper disposal, easy to update where a paper print run... Read review
Emmanuel S.
Simplebooklet is a very intuitive platform that anyone can use instantly. I like that they are always improving the service and adding features... Read review
(11)4.5 out of 5

DCatalog has been the leader in the digital publishing industry since 2008. Our platform empowers publishers, content creators, marketing and eCommerce professionals to easily create and publish engaging digital experiences. With our advanced HTML5 flip book technology, your content is viewable on ANY device. Simply upload your PDF and instantly create stunning, page-turning content without the need to write a single line of code. Our HTML5 flipbooks, eCommerce catalogs, and native application

Interface is easy to use and customize (loading documents, setting up customer templates, features to enhance user experience). Provides engaging... Read review
Overall: We were looking for a way to offer an online, engaging experience with our marketing materials. We did a lot of research comparing options... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$227/year

iSpring Flip allows users to convert their Word, PDF or PowerPoint files into interactive HTML5 books that are compatible with all modern standards for eLearning delivery: SCORM, AICC, cmi5, and xAPI (Tin Can).

Neamul R.
The reason I like it most because of its easy navigation. It automatically captures screen size and allows me to resize the screen capture... Read review
(2)4.8 out of 5

Publitas helps you inspire shoppers by publishing catalogs online. Shoppers can browse your catalogs from any device and purchase the products they like. Over 1500 leading retailers such as IKEA, Aldi, Carrefour and Staples publish their catalogs online with Publitas.

Eric B.
la simplicité d'utilisation du back office, la possibilité de recharger un nouveau pdf sans changer l'adresse url et le graphisme final des books Read review
Rob V.
Everything is made with the user in mind. It's easy to use and simple to understand what each function or button does. Even hotkeys from your... Read review
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a robust digital publishing platform utilized by small to large corporations to add interactivities such as videos, audios, online shopping experience, etc. to their publication.

Top 9 Free Flipbook Software in 2021

  • FlippingBook
  • Lucidpress
  • Flip HTML5
  • Simplebooklet PDF Flipbook

Learn More About Flipbook Software

What You Should Know About Flipbook Software

Flipbook software gives the illusion of flipping the pages of a book. By taking a PDF and converting it into Flash or HTML5, users can create a dynamic website experience that is interactive for viewers. For many businesses, turning content into interactive flippable books is a way to keep viewers engaged. Content such as magazines, catalogs, brochures, e-books, and reports can all be turned into captivating flipbooks. Overall, the goal of flipbook software is to make your content stand out against normal PDF files. For businesses that are worried about low engagement due to PDF length, which can potentially intimidate viewers, converting the PDF into a flipbook is the ideal route to take.

Key Benefits of Flipbook Software

  • Converts PDF files to Flash or HTML5 files
  • Breaks up long PDFs into engaging, flippable pages
  • Helps create dynamic and interactive content

Why Use Flipbook Software?

There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to create a digital flipbook. One major reason is to create more engaging content for viewers. Flipbooks are more than just realistic page flips—they are a means of presenting content in an interactive way. By mimicking the physical activity of turning pages, users have more engagement with content and are more likely to click links, since they are already clicking on the page anyway. When viewers are more engaged in this regard, users may see higher click-through rates on links included in the flipbooks, which is a useful marketing opportunity. In addition to engagement, flipbooks also make a large presentation of information easier to absorb. By gating information using flippable pages, users are less likely to be overwhelmed by a wall of text that is sometimes inevitable with in-depth reports and other types of text-heavy content.

Who Uses Flipbook Software?

Industries that publish all types of content can benefit from flipbook software:

Magazine publishers — Publishers often will distribute magazines online using flipbook software so it mimics flipping through a physical magazine. Since the magazine industry is heavily focused on digital sales, flipbook software is an ideal tool to use in order to digitally publish a magazine that mimics the page-turning characteristics of a physical magazine.

Educators — Educators can make courses more dynamic using flipbook software. This tool can make courses more engaging for students, as it’s more interactive and enjoyable to look through content.

Researchers — Research teams, or any department that creates reports, can opt to use flipbook software to present reports for a more interactive approach.

Content teams — Any department that publishes particularly lengthy content, whether blog posts, newsletters, or product catalogs, benefits from flipbook software. Lengthy pieces of content are more dynamic and interactive when presented as a flipbook. For example, an e-commerce business with a large product catalog may choose to showcase the products within a flipbook, which would allow customers to see and interact with the offerings.

Flipbook Software Features

Flipbook tools have many features that help users create and edit their flipbooks:

Editor tool — The editing function of flipbook software is the main feature of the tool. Photos and fonts within the flipbook can be adjusted using a variety of photo and text editing functions, such as shadow effects. Users can also add interactive elements to flipbooks beyond the typical turning of pages, including animated GIFs, videos, and hyperlinks.

Templates — With predesigned templates, users can create flipbooks from scratch more quickly and efficiently.

File converter — Quickly and easily convert PDF files into HTML5 or Flash, the formats used for flipbooks.

Mobile support — Many flipbook tools can be formatted for multi-device viewing. This ensures that all created flipbooks are responsive on browsers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Table of contents — Viewers can begin their flipbook engagement with a table of contents, which allows them to easily flip to a specific page.

Analytics — Flipbook creators can track the amount of views, see viewer data, and even integrate with other digital analytics software for a deeper understanding of viewer engagement.

Potential Issues with Flipbook Software

Slow page turning — In some cases, content made using a flipbook tool may have pages that flip too slowly. Users can adjust the speed at which the pages turn, but depending on the size of the flipbook, the pages may still load slowly due to the size of the project. A potential fix is to lower the file size of the flipbook. Sacrificing size and quality can make files run more smoothly.