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Farm management software centralizes, manages, and optimizes the production activities and operations of farms. With farm management software, farmers can become strategic and efficient in their daily farm-related tasks and responsibilities. Farm management software automates the recording and storage of farm data, monitors and analyzes farm activities and consumption, and tracks business expenses and farm budgets. Additionally, the software can support farm financial management with accounting programs, farm planning and procurement functionality, and marketing and budgeting tools.

While farm management software, crop management software, and precision agriculture software all solve overlapping production and yield concerns, the scope of the former is larger and more comprehensive. Furthermore, specialized farm management solutions exist, tailoring the record-keeping and farm production monitoring functionalities to the specific business needs of dairy or cattle farms, grain farms, cannabis farms, and other types of agribusinesses. However, vendors do offer more generalized, sector-agnostic farm management solutions, benefiting farmers, ranchers, growers, and other agribusiness employees who manage and oversee operations that are multi-sector.

To qualify for inclusion in the Farm Management category, a product must:

Track and provide insights into the day-to-day operations and activities of a farm
Provide tools to improve production efficiency and profitability of a farm
Track and monitor field workers’ progress and facilitates in-field communication and collaboration
Offer crop management functionality
Coexist with other agriculture/agribusiness solutions

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(15)4.8 out of 5

Conservis is a farm management system that helps smart farmers become even smarter. Created in partnership with growers, Conservis is truly farmer inspired. Our software connects data from across your operation to help you plan and manage your business confidently. We connect your operation’s field data to your finances, so you can better manage risk, control costs and improve profitability. We’re with you from day one, learning about your farm to provide personalized, ongoing, unparalleled supp

(41)4.5 out of 5

Digital tools for farmers who need to focus on productivity and efficiency, not spreadsheets. Manage your operation by organizing data in one system for clear, field-level profitability, making the most of every input. Make faster and better decisions for your business with integrated operational, financial and agronomic data for your whole team - in the office and in the field. Farmers upload data already collected. Integrations are available through the John Deere Ops Center, Corteva On Far

(14)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$15/mo or $165 /year

Farmbrite is a complete farm and livestock record keeping & management system. Designed to help you run a more efficient, productive and profitable agricultural business. We've done more than just make record keeping easy, we've built a powerful and easy to use all-in-one farming software solution. With Farmbrite you'll find all the features you need to get better organized, keep better records, manage your resources, track production, identify trends, gain valuable insights and increase eff

(7)4.7 out of 5

AGRIVI is agtech company with the vision to change the way food is produced & today recognized in the industry as one of the leaders. AGRIVI addresses various stakeholders in the agricultural industry - farmers of all sizes, agricultural cooperatives, food sourcing industry, retail chains, banks, telecoms, NGOs, governments, and all other parties interested in improving the efficiency of the agri-food value chain.

(3)4.5 out of 5

Agrimap is a farm management software designed to help farms improve efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

(3)2.2 out of 5

The AGRIS agribusiness management system includes modules for accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank management, commodity management, custom file transfer (CFT) and web service communications, fuel transaction importing, general ledger, inventory management, patronage and equity accounting, payroll accounting, and system control and security.

(2)4.5 out of 5

A collaborative farm management system that will revolutionize the way you work. Agworld's comprehensive set of budgeting, scheduling and precision features enable growers, agronomists & contractors to work together at the same time, using the same set of tools. It takes a community of people and a wide range of skills to successfully grow a crop. Our cloud-based solution brings it all together by ensuring everyone has the information they need, when and where they need it!

CenterPoint Accounting is a farm accounting software designed to help users manage their farm_s finances and profitability with software specifically for agriculture.

(2)5.0 out of 5

DataTrack systems have helped hundreds of agricultural businesses world wide to accurately and easily collect real-time field and packaging data on Production, Time and Attendance and Labor Efficiency. Our DataTrack software can process the collected data to generate dozens of built-in time and production reports which results are exported to Payroll and Cost Accounting Software. With easy to use software and leading edge data collection device technology, each user can take control of their com

(2)5.0 out of 5

FarmLogics ERP solution is a business software made to help Agri business address the complex operational processes specific in plantation management.

Custom farm management systems include modules for crop management, food safety reporting automation, labor management, field management, accounting platforms, order processing applications, and machine maintenance tracking.

(1)5.0 out of 5

FarmLogic is a farm record keeping system that empowers growers to build better records, make informed decisions and increase efficiency of their operations.

(1)3.5 out of 5

Field monitoring software detects yield threats, automatically logs activities & gives instant access to field-specific rainfall data, soil maps & yield maps.

(1)5.0 out of 5

Farm Manager Pro is designed to be an all in one Agri app for all farm records, farm costs and expenditure accounting, tractor management, crop management, grass management, animal database, and others.

(1)5.0 out of 5

iAgri Online is a farm management agricultural software.

(1)5.0 out of 5

MyGrower is a powerful mobile platform that enables growers to access vital, real-time account information from anywhere, anytime. With an easy-to-use interface that integrates seamlessly with AGRIS, MyGrower users spend less time in the office and more time on the farm.

(1)4.5 out of 5

PickTrace provides labor and harvest management with real-time analytics to the agriculture industry.

The ABECAS Insight Ranch and Farm Management Software provides all the tools for full operations management and accounting management for larger and more complex farm operations. This includes row crop, field crop, tree crop, specialty crop, livestock, poultry, and fish farms. The center of the system is Activity Based Costing (ABC). This allows all costs and revenue to be allocated to a cost center (or job), such as a field, a crop or a lot, by the activity involved. You are able to see what ac

0 ratings

AEGRO is a farm management software to plan crops, control costs and get everyone working together.

0 ratings

Increase the performance of your people and your business

0 ratings

AFS Connect offers a farm management system that provides a real-time dashboard access to equipments on any device.

0 ratings

AgCinect is a solution to analyze and store data from every segment of a farm. With data entered, provides the farmer with analytics, financials, and reports.

0 ratings

AgriChain brings together all stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain, allowing them make better-informed decisions, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and dockets, reduce supply chain inefficiency and risk, open markets and increase their bottom line, all on one easy-to-use platform.

0 ratings

Agri Tracking Systems is a farm management software with features for irrigation tracking, field and crop management, lab sample storage and analysis, mapping and field scouting.

0 ratings

AgriWebb is transforming global cattle and sheep production with farm management software that delivers profitability, provenance and sustainability across the supply chain. Focused on building software for livestock farmers, AgriWebb is Australia's market leader and is rapidly expanding across the globe in multiple markets including South Africa, New Zealand, the UK and Brazil. With over 10% of the national Cattle and Sheep stock across 35 million acres being managed on the AgriWebb platform, u

0 ratings

Agroptima is a software and mobile app designed to help farmers manage their farms easily and on-the-go.

0 ratings

AgSquared is an online farm planning and management software.

0 ratings

The AgStar system turns basic record keeping into a management tool that can assist growers in decision-making using a simple, yet sophisticated, enterprise accounting application.

(11)4.8 out of 5

At Croptracker, our mission is to make crop production more profitable, efficient, and safe. Since 2006 we have helped growers, packers, cooperations, and associations of all sizes to maintain accurate records, connect their teams, and optimize their operations through our integrated software and consulting services. Track and record nearly everything in your farm - including your sprays, harvests, packing materials, storage, shipping, and teams. Over 50 reports make your audits painless and

0 ratings

SourceTrace is a global leader in providing innovative mobile solution for sustainable agriculture and allied sectors such as Aquaculture, Plantation, & Forestry.

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Learn More About Farm Management Software

Why Use Farm Management Software?

Farm management software is useful for a variety of reasons in the farming industry and has proven essential to farmers, growers, and agronomists alike.

Resource Accountability — Farm management software keeps track of agricultural resources, including chemicals, livestock feed, and machinery. Not only do farmers have the ability to monitor resources, but they also have the ability to maintain a resource budget and ensure resources are being used efficiently and properly.

Reporting — Farm management solutions offer useful analytics involving a farm’s ecosystem. For example, the ability to anticipate and prevent risks associated with adverse weather or an influx of pests, as well as the ability to measure soil quality, helps farmers stay ahead of the game when it comes to maintaining the best possible crop production.

Labor Cost Savings — With streamlined and automated processes, farm management software is cost-effective in terms of labor savings. Basic crop monitoring tasks are easily handled by farm management software.

Who Uses Farm Management Software?

Farmers — Farmers benefit greatly from farm management software and generally take advantage of the main features, including crop and field management, livestock management, and inventory management. Streamlining crop monitoring, livestock monitoring, and other central aspects of farming is both cost-effective and resource-effective.

Growers — For growers, farm management streamlines the important aspects of growing and harvesting, such as weather pattern monitoring, mapping, and crop management.

Agronomists — An agronomist is a soil management and crop production expert. Farm management software helps agronomists understand crop profitably, as well as track soil and crop samples. Agronomists can also use crop reporting tools within farm management software to better understand the impacts that weather and other uncontrollable patterns have on crops and soil.

Kinds of Farm Management Software

Large Farm Management — For large farms, an integral benefit farm management solutions can provide is large-scale farming insights. The larger the farm, the more difficult it is to keep track of compliance issues, livestock, and supplier records. Farm management solutions that are tailored to larger farms help standardize productivity and streamline all aspects of an enterprise farm.

Small Farm Management — While the features are similar to the large farm version, small farm management software focuses more on providing easy access to crop information, farm health overviews, and inventory insights.

Farm Management Software Features

Crop and Field Management — Farmers can easily monitor crop population with farm management software by using its crop reporting functionality. Field management insights involve rainfall analytics and crop planning.

Mapping — Farmers can easily map their own farm to help visualize the placement of crops.

Livestock Management — Farmers can keep track of their livestock, their feeding times, and locations.

Financial Analytics — Farm management software offers a robust amount of financial analytics to help farmers keep track of the cost and potential sale price of crops all year round. Other financial-related features include budgeting tools, harvest and crop cost trends, and supplier cost records.

Labor Tracking — For farmers that employ a multitude of field workers, labor tracking is a useful benefit. Labor tracking provides data that allow farmers to understand how much time employees are spending on the farm and where time is being spent.

Inventory Management — Inventory management features include record keeping for farm essentials, such as supplies and chemicals. Items like machinery, fertilizer, seeds, and livestock feed are easily tracked within farm management solutions.

Agricultural Compliance — Farmers have the ability to monitor the impacts that pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals are having on their crops to meet the standards set by the government. Farmers can also easily access legal information within the software to keep up with general farming compliance.

Potential Issues with Farm Management Software

Learning Curve — Once a solution gets implemented, there can be a learning curve due to a large number of complex features. Figuring out all of the processes, like setting up supply orders and understanding the reporting features, can take quite a bit of time, especially for new farmers. Luckily, many solutions offer customer service among the myriad benefits.