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Document scanning services providers assist companies with secure digital document imaging. With the help of high-speed document scanners, document scanning services providers securely scan paper documents and manually index them into the business’ database for optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities.

Document scanning services providers typically handle the transportation of paperwork from the business location to the document scanning location. Providers also prep the paperwork for optimal scanning and safely discard the paperwork once scanned. After paperwork is scanned, the documents are indexed within a business database. For businesses that don’t need to scan paperwork in bulk, document scanning software may be a viable alternative.

To qualify for inclusion in the Document Scanning Services category, a services provider must:

  • Provide document scanning services
  • Handle document transportation services
  • Scan documents with OCR
  • Safely discard paper documents after digitally scanning them

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    Document scanning converts ordinary paper documents into useful and accessible digital files.

    Armstrong Archives is a premier provider of secure and reliable record storage, document storage, document management, document scanning, paper shredding, and distribution. While maintaining our excellent customer service, Armstrong Archives Simplifies Service and Security Any Document, Anytime, Anywhere.

    Chicago Records Management provides secure Document Imaging solutions tailored to your organization's specific and unique objectives. Solutions range from scalable service models including document prep, scanning, and indexing to full turn-key offsite operations with 24/7 digital access.

    Ensures that your documents are scanned in a safe and secure environment and that all of your information will remain safe, secure and private.

    The conversion of standard paper and large-format drawings to digital images

    Scanned paper documents, business productivity and bottom lines and converted into a digital format

    Document Scanning is a business practice that can save time and money, preserve natural resources, secure vital information from disaster, and even create office space. It begins with the conversion of paper documents to a digital format that can then be used to email, fax, and work with other applications, like accounting systems.

    With the use of the latest Kodak technology, both black and white and colour high-speed scanning is now a cost effective option with Scan File.

    Provides document scanning solutions either on-site or at our state-of-the art conversion facility. With the capabilities to scan millions of pages per week, we proudly accept projects of any size. From the smallest to largest jobs, our experienced staff and professional-grade equipment will ensure your scanning project is completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

    Smooth Solutions provides high quality, high volume document scanning services for organizations across all industries. We specialize in helping businesses and government agencies improve efficiency, reduce costs and become compliant. Taking advantage of the specialized document scanning services we provide has a multitude of benefits.

    Vital Records Control's document scanning services improve your business processes and enhance workflows across the board.

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