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Database security tools are used by businesses to ensure the data stored within a database is secure and used properly. Many tools provide additional features for database activity monitoring to track actions and ensure only permitted parties have access to sensitive data. Database assessment and security testing features are also common. These help to maintain security standards and simulate potential threats. Encryption is the last common feature among these products. They will ensure data is not usable in the case a leak or hack occurs. These tools can secure on-premise, cloud, or hybrid databases, but may vary depending on the offering. Businesses choose to use these tools to add an extra layer of information security for their data.

There are overlaps between database security tools and other data security software solutions, but these tools are designed specifically to secure databases.

To qualify for inclusion in the Database Security category, a product must:

  • Integrate with on-premise, cloud, or hybrid databases
  • Enforce database access control policies
  • Encrypt data at rest
  • Monitor or record database activity
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    HashiCorp Vault
    (11)3.9 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    HashiCorp Vault enables organizations to securely secure, store, and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data across multiple clouds. Vault secrets management centrally manages and enforces access to secrets and systems based on a trusted a trusted source of application and user identity. Governance features enable security teams to control these identities for different teams. Additionally, Vault handles multi

    DBHawk is a web-based database management and data analytics tool. DBHawk is compatible with various databases, including on-premises as well as databases hosted in the cloud. DBHawk provides central data security with 2FA, LDAP integration, data logging and auditing, and object access control. DBHawk is supported with Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Azure SQL, Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, Netezza, Teradata, SAP-Hana, MariaDB, MongoDB, Hadoop, Amazon Athena

    High-speed analysis of your enterprise data for real-time insight under the control and security of IBM Z

    Oracle Advanced Security provides two important preventive controls to protect sensitive data at the source: encryption and redaction. Together, these two controls form the foundation of Oracle's defense-in-depth, multi-layered database security solution.

    BladeLogic Database Automation allows you to quickly configure, provision, patch, secure and manage your databases with less time and effort.

    Enables customers to enrich their existing data security solution through creating an optimized security big data lake.

    Imperva Data Protection analyzes all user access to business-critical web applications and protects applications and data from cyber attacks.

    McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases automatically discovers databases on your network, determines if the latest patches have been applied, and tests for common weaknesses.

    SafeNet ProtectDB provides transparent column-level encryption of structured, sensitive data residing in databases.

    Acra enables selective encryption and provides data protection in distributed applications, web and mobile apps with PostgreSQL, MySQL, KV backends.

    Validates each end user using RACF, TOP Secret, or ACF2 security definitions before allowing access to Adabas. Available for Adabas on mainframe. Read more

    The Protegrity Database Protector is a comprehensive security solution for most major databases utilized in the market today. It enables column level encryption, tokenization, masking, and monitoring in databases, storage, and backup systems, with policy-based access controls and auditing.

    Simple, secure, and performant database access is the key to creating successful enterprise applications. And that's just what ASNA DataGate provides. ASNA DataGate works directly with either the IBM i or MS SQL Server databases. DateGate provides transparent record-level access to IBM i DB and Microsoft SQL Server databases with superb performance, performant, and security.

    DataSunrise Database Security Software secures the databases and data in real-time with high performance. DataSunrise solution is a last line of defense against unwanted data and database access from outside or inside.

    DB Networks DBN-6300 deep protocol inspection – together with our patented machine learning and behavioral analysis technologies – non-intrusively discovers all of your databases, pinpoints compromised credentials, and protects your data by immediately identifying database attacks.

    The IBM Security Guardium portfolio empowers organizations to meet critical data protection needs by delivering complete visibility, actionable insights, real-time controls, and automated compliance throughout the data protection journey. With IBM Guardium your organization can achieve smarter data protection by leveraging discovery & classification, vulnerability & risk assessments, real-time monitoring & alerting, encryption, and advanced analytics.

    Scans your data environment to detect vulnerabilities and suggest remedial actions

    Hidden risks expose your data. Imperva Discovery and Assessment discovers unknown databases, classifies sensitive data and detects database vulnerabilities.

    KSign Secure DB is an enterprise-wide integrated DB security product that encrypts data on a column-by-column basis to prevent database leakage, provides granular access control, and enables selective monitoring of post-accountability.

    SecureData provides a flexible range of native interfaces, REST and Simple APIs, to enable easy integration across applications and systems, from legacy databases to mobile, web, and IoT.

    Monyog is an agentless MySQL monitoring tool that helps DBAs pro-actively identify issues affecting MySQL database performance. Monyog reduces downtime, tightens security, provides performance insights and optimizes the performance of MySQL powered systems. It is easy to setup and ships with 600+ monitors and advisors that continuously check the health status of your MySQL servers. Monyog makes monitoring MySQL databases easy and uncovers valuable MySQL server performance insight within 2 minut

    The Leading Security Solution for Open Source Database

    Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall monitors Oracle and non-Oracle database traffic to detect and block threats, as well as improves compliance reporting by consolidating audit data from databases, operating systems, directories, and other sources.

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