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Alteryx, Inc. is a leader in self-service data analytics. Alteryx Analytics provides analysts with the unique ability to easily prep, blend, and analyze all of their data using a repeatable workflow, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not weeks. Analysts love the Alteryx Analytics platform because they can connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets, and other sources, easily join this data together, then perform analytic

Dan H.
Standardised interface for every user 4 new feature upgrades per year You can solve every real world data issue It's so much fun showing people... Read review
The code-free code-friendly concept and speed of processing are unique. Super intuitive to use and easy to master. No code needed, but if you are a... Read review
(107)4.5 out of 5

At Trifacta, we’re focused on building software that helps individuals and organizations unlock the potential of their data by providing a new approach to how data is explored and prepared for analysis. Whether you’re trying to improve the efficiency of an existing analysis process or utilize new sources of data for an analytics initiative, Trifacta’s data wrangling solutions will empower you to do more with data of all shapes and sizes.

Jean-Baptiste G.
The tool is easy to use, without having to code, and without having to read a lot of documentation. Everything is quite intuitive. Most of the... Read review
I am in machine learning and AI as a data analyst. Trifacta by far is the most convenient software i have used by far. I am able to create flows... Read review
(74)4.5 out of 5
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Entry Level Price:$1,595 per user/ per year

Altair Monarch (formerly Datawatch Monarch) is desktop-based, self-service data preparation, offering the easiest way to access, clean, prepare and blend any data - including spreadsheets, PDFs and semi-structured text files. Monarch is the world’s most-used self-service data preparation solution. It is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source – including turning unstructured data like multi-tab spreadsheets, PDFs and text files into rows and columns. Once data is extracted, y

The ability to mine data from various sources and file types. Datawatch products also allow you to manipulate data in many ways without... Read review
The ease of extracting data into usable reports. Loved the ability of PDF to Excel conversion. Read review
(31)4.9 out of 5

Since 2007, we are creating the most powerful framework to push the barriers of analytics, predictive analytics, AI and Big Data, while offering a helpful, fast and friendly environment. The TIMi Suite consists of four tools: 1. Anatella (Analytical ETL & Big Data), 2. Modeler (Auto-ML / Automated Predictive Modelling / Automated-AI), 3. StarDust (3D Segmentation) 4. Kibella (BI Dashboarding solution).

I can automate giant process in order to execute it at any time Read review
Julián Felipe D.
- The graphic modules implemented make a great UI, instead of only code based. - The flexibility to make changes in ETL's already working. - Really... Read review
(20)4.5 out of 5

Incorta is an industry-leading, self-service data analytics solution that helps leading enterprises unleash the full potential of their complex data, gain insights previously thought impossible, and do it in record time at reduced cost. Via a combination of in-memory analytics and our own proprietary Direct Data Mapping, Incorta delivers unprecedented speed, durability and scalability — all within an open data storage and management environment. It’s not only our modern approach to data manage

Price, can be data warehouse in absence of one Read review
I really like how intuitive the Incorta platform is to work with and It's ability to develop dashboards , make changes and publish with minimal... Read review
(13)4.0 out of 5

Datameer is an analytics lifecycle platform that helps enterprises unlock all their raw data. The cloud-native platform was built for the complexity of large enterprises—yet it’s so easy to use that everyone from business analysts to data scientists to data architects can collaborate on a centralized view of all their data. Without any code, teams can rapidly integrate, transform, discover, and operationalize datasets to their projects. Datameer breaks down data silos, gets companies ahead of th

Chelsea S.
Datameer is so easy to use and very user friendly. This tool uses excel-like features, so users who are comfortable in Excel can easily pick up... Read review
Sai Shakti D.
Very simple to use. Supports Rest API as well. Read review
(2)3.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free

Visokio builds Omniscope Evo, complete and extensible BI software for data processing, analytics and reporting. A smart experience on any device. Start from any data in any shape, load, blend, transform and explore it, extract insights through ML algorithms, then produce interactive reports and dashboards to share your findings. Omniscope is not only an all-in-one BI tool with a responsive UX on all modern devices, but also a powerful and extensible platform: you can augment data workflows with

It is a great tools for data analysis and presentation. The ETL Data Manager is an absolute delight. It allows you to visualize and report large... Read review
Omniscope is making the role of data processing to sweet and successful, because it is easy to acknowledge any move that a company is making by the... Read review
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Entry Level Price:Free 500K Rows

Self-service data preparation with Paxata, a DataRobot company, provides both novice and expert users with the ability to visually and interactively explore, profile, transform, and shape diverse datasets for analytics, machine learning models, and AI applications at enterprise scale. Visit or engage with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube.

Non technical users can use it. Business staff can create their own reports. Read review
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Data Preparer populates your target without requiring you to handcraft data processing pipelines, edit spreadsheets, or write code scripts or rules to operate on the data. The software searches thousands of ways of combining, repairing and transforming your data, explains its choices, and gives you control to steer the automation towards the results that best fit your requirements. It enables multi-source data preparation at scale, since its configuration is independent of the number of sources.

Top 9 Free Data Preparation Software in 2021

  • Alteryx
  • Trifacta
  • Altair Monarch
  • TIMi Suite
  • Incorta

Learn More About Data Preparation Software

What You Should Know About Data Preparation Software

The amount of data companies collect is staggering. Even a mid-sized business can easily generate millions of raw data points about their customers, their business and their technology’s performance. As a company’s analytics multiply, proper data management can become an insurmountable task for even the most seasoned data prep expert — not to mention companies without a specialist on hand. Data preparation tools are designed to rummage through this pile of data, and aggregate relevant insights for users. These tools are increasingly useful and necessary for businesses with an endless influx of large data sets. These tools help draw valuable conclusions about important data points through the noise of excess information.

A popular term for this process is called data wrangling. Data wrangling evokes the full capabilities of these tools. They have the ability to mine useful, relevant analytics from an overwhelming stream of different data sources. Modern businesses need to make timely, critical decisions in response to the diverse insights generated by these tools. These tools compile analytics about product users, sales numbers, system performance, and so much more in real time. The tools in this emerging space help streamline the data preparation process, gleaning precise information from large data sets. As a business’s data continues to pile up, data prep tools enable users to find important data points with the push of a button. This way, companies can leverage actionable insights immediately without sorting through hours of data.

Key Benefits of Data Preparation Software

  • Performing comprehensive scans of large data sets from disparate data sources
  • Profiling relevant data based on custom workflows and filters
  • Blending actionable data from large, distributed sets into a clean, optimized file
  • Enabling faster, more accurate analysis of relevant information without the need for manual combing of databases

Why Use Data Preparation Software?

In the early days of analytics, a small team would be responsible for manually preparing data — managing quality assurance for an entire company’s database, and pulling together actionable insights. This is still the case for thousands of organizations across multiple industries. As technology grows more advanced, the volume of unstructured data has grown immensely. People generate more data than businesses know what to do with, creating a unique and unprecedented challenge for data science experts and executives trying to make sense of the analytics. Data prep technology was created out of this growing necessity, with the ability to pick through massive amounts of unstructured data and present only the data points that matter for a given scenario. This relieves IT specialists of this strenuous task, and makes an impossible amount of data more digestible.

In addition to finding, profiling, and combining data based on user specifications, certain solutions in this category assist with data transformation, or converting data types into different forms or structures for analysis purposes. This creates a unified view of the most relevant analytics for convenient analysis and eventual exporting into external systems. Just as the amount of data has increased in recent years, so has the variety of data types, formats, and sources. Data preparation platforms work to identify or profile the most valuable data across these various types and deliver it in a way that is most useful for each new scenario. These advanced tools can save employees time while creating opportunities with data that were previously unattainable, especially if a business has a large portfolio of data sources.

Who Uses Data Preparation Software?

The solutions in this category are particularly useful for companies with a substantial pool of data and a complex network of data sources. For smaller companies in certain industries, data prep may still be a manual process that does not require new technology. However, since many organizations utilize various types of software and third-party partnerships, they generate mountains of data on a daily basis. As a result, more and more businesses are eligible for these tools.

The following teams or individuals are most likely to use these solutions in a given organization.

IT specialists — If a company has an IT department, these employees are the most logical choice for general data and test data preparation. IT specialists already have a comprehensive view of the computer systems and software platforms used across an organization. They may already be the primary owners of analytics tasks such as data enrichment and data cleaning. The analytics platforms featured in this category empowers IT specialists to expedite the quality assurance process and create clean data sets for internal use or to be shared across their organization.

Data analysts and engineers — As the data realm has swelled in size, tech-forward companies have started to seek designated employees for collecting and drawing conclusions from company analytics. These data analyst roles are becoming common in organizational structures and in third-party agency settings, such as data governance services providers. Whether employed with one of these firms or on a company’s full-time staff, data specialists benefit from one of the tools in this space. In some cases, data prep will be a daily responsibility in this line of work. Pulling various sets of data for additional analysis or tests and using the results to influence business outcomes emphasizes the impact this technology can have on a given organization. The right data prep solution can be an indispensable asset for data engineers, analytics executives, and others with a strong focus on data work.

Data Preparation Software Features

The robust tools in this software category offer a diverse range of functionalities related to the process of data preparation. The following are some prominent features of these unique offerings.

Workflow scheduling and monitoring — Depending on the intended use of these tools, employees may want to map out an automated query to prepare certain groupings of data on a regular basis. This might involve a custom data flow builder or similar user interface for customization. Using these tools, administrators can adjust the specific details of each workflow, including analytics filters, which sources to pull from, and the schedule for executing the query. A company may be able to adjust other components of the process, such as validation details and the destination for exporting finished data sets. Dashboards on some tools can help display analytics related to data prep workflows, including general efficiency and results summaries.

As a company creates data prep queries, whether for one-off events or routine workflows, a company may be able to configure the data blending and joining process as it relates to each function. Data blending is another common term used to describe the merging of analytics from separate sets into a single, cohesive group to use for drawing conclusions and continued analysis. When configuring the intelligent algorithms on these platforms, companies can specify how they want the data joined together and presented, for instance, which data type they prefer and how the data should be ordered. Whether called data preparation, data wrangling, or data blending, the solutions in this category can offer a degree of assistance with this increasingly popular business strategy, to help bring divergent analytics together for a unified purpose.

Data profiling — Once the intended analytics are pulled and organized using these tools, certain platforms can assess the data and help determine the additional purposes it can be used for. This is also known as data profiling. Some tools in this category offer more powerful profiling features than others, allowing for rich analytics and summaries about prepared data sets as they are constructed. If data profiling features are not present, a company might assign certain data analysts or other specialists to profile the finished data sets and determine the best course of action to take as results are delivered.