JustReachOut Pricing

Simple Search & Outreach (or D.I.Y. PR)$199/mo
Basic $199/mo: Simple Search & Outreach (or D.I.Y. PR)<br/><br/> This plan is the perfect fit for someone who has experience doing PR outreach and is simply looking for a tool to perform research for building a target media list, needs a seamless way to send email pitches, and track the success of pitching for a campaign. Features included in the Basic plan:<br/><br/> Journalist Search & Pitch Engine<br/><br/> Press Opportunity Search Engine<br/><br/> Templates for Email Pitches <br/><br/> Email Address Verification<br/><br/> Pitch Analytics & Benchmark Data<br/><br/> 50 Email Sends Per Month<br/><br/> In-depth Look At The Features<br/><br/> The Journalist Search Engine allows you to find journalists and content related to your topic, so you know you’re reaching out to the most relevant people and publications. <br/><br/> The Press Opportunity Search Engine aggregates journalists’ inquiries for experts on particular subjects, giving you a quick and easy way to find the opportunity and get a press mention. <br/><br/> The templates for email pitches are our top performing pitch formats with the best open and response rates. <br/><br/> With email address verification and send capability, you never have to guess another journalist’s email again; deliverability included!<br/><br/> Our pitch analytics tell you how our campaign is performing, you’ll have access to your open and response rates. Your data will be right beside our benchmark data, showing you how your campaign stacks up against all other JustReachOut customers. With open counts for each email, you’ll have an easier time gauging interest and managing follow ups, plus you can quickly view your best and worst pitches and continue to reiterate and refine your approach.
  • Journalist Search & Pitch Engine
  • Press Opportunity Search Engine
Advanced Outreach$399/mo
Standard ($399/month): PR Platform for Pros + Guidance <br/><br/> Standard customers enjoy the same benefits as Basic customers but with access to a full suite of PR lessons. In addition to our library of video tutorials, we’ve got some amazing tools to help you step up your PR game: <br/><br/> 200 Email Sends Per Month<br/><br/> Guest Post Search & Pitch Engine<br/><br/> Dead Link: The LinkLove Search Engine<br/><br/> In-depth Look At The Features<br/><br/> The Guest Post Search & Pitch Engine lets you find publications (related to your topic!) that accept guest contributions. From there you can pitch them directly from the platform!<br/><br/> The LinkLove Search Engine brings you information previously unheard of in the form of a tool. With an influx of customers seeking more traffic to their site, specifically more links, and world peace, we decided to create a win-win situation for publications and content owners. <br/><br/>Simply search for broken links related to your topic, reach out to the site telling them about the broken link and how you have a stellar piece of content they could point to instead, and next thing you know you’ve given new life to their content, populating it with a link pointing to your own content.
  • Journalist Search & Pitch Engine
  • Press Opportunity Search Engine
Guided Outreach$699/mo
Premium ($699/month): Better Than An Agency <br/><br/> Premium customers can take their PR campaign to the next level with the tools and guidance offered to Standard customers but with these additional benefits: Unlimited Email Sends<br/><br/> PR Strategy Calls With JRO Experts<br/><br/> Office Hours<br/><br/> Access to Our Vetted Pool of PR Pros for Hire <br/><br/> In-depth Look At Features <br/><br/> Hop on a PR strategy call with an expert from the JustReachOut team to guide you through a solid strategy and action plan you can implement using the PR tools. We’ll tell you if your story ideas are “pitchable” and what to expect as you begin the research and pitching process.<br/><br/> Office hours aren’t just for college kids! Hop on a group video call and share your questions, concerns, and challenges with getting your campaign underway. Meet other JustReachOut users on the call and hear how they’re using the tool to amplify their voice and their brand.<br/><br/> Access to our vetted pool of PR pros for hire. You don’t have to go it alone. Don’t be shy about pulling in an expert for hands-on execution for your outreach, copywriting, brainstorming, branding, podcasting, SEO, and general marketing needs! We’re happy to introduce you to our treasured colleagues in this space. Prices vary and are sold separately.<br/><br/>
  • Journalist Search & Pitch Engine
  • Press Opportunity Search Engine

JustReachOut pricing & plans

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Pricing information was last updated on May 29, 2019

JustReachOut Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Media and Influencer Targeting Software

Newswire Value Packs
$1,074 for 6 Press Releases
Newswire Digital includes distribution to 250+news and media sites. Additional fees will apply for releases over 500 words.
  • Google News
  • Newswire Digital Network
  • (1) Industry List
  • (1) Featured Image
  • (3) Hyperlinks and Resource Link
$119/ Month (Billed Yearly)
1000 contacts | 1 seat | 1 email | Unlimited Searches | Export Data
  • Monthly emails limit 10,000 emails/month
  • 64,000,000 Instagram Influencers
  • 19,500,000 Business Emails
  • 6,000,000 Bloggers
  • 7,000,000 Twitter Influencers
$29per month
  • 2 users
  • 500 contacts
  • 30 link prospecting searches

Various alternatives pricing & plans

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