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Processing Fee3.75% + $0.37per transaction
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  • Processing & Software Fee includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx, & eCheck
  • Payment cycle: ACH 48 hours
  • Account setup time: 1 business day
  • No installment fees
  • No contracts

Click & Pledge pricing & plans

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Pricing information was last updated on July 02, 2018

Click & Pledge Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Fundraising Software

  • 5% Transaction fee
  • 1 campaign or event at a time
  • 1 administrator
  • Crowdfunding
  • Peer-to-Peer
$100per month (billed annually)
You're a smaller organization who wants a system that can grow with you.
  • 0 ‐ 1,000 Contacts
  • 0% Transaction Fee
Freeup to 250 contacts
up to $100k in annual fundraising revenue
  • no email marketing

Various alternatives pricing & plans

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Click & Pledge Pricing-Related Review

Spencer Gump
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
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Review source: Organic
What do you like best?

Very little, honestly. The best features I'd argue is either the holding tank or the ability to store credit card information securely and then access later with future transactions. However, both of these features have HUGE issues. The holding tank (temporary contacts) forces you to either send the most boring, generic email receipt instantly OR your donors are waiting for their receipt until a user goes into your CRM and merges the temporary contact, which leads to confusion for donors, unsure if their gift went through. Also, the stored CC feature works great for one-time situation but can be flagged as fraudulent when doing recurring transactions so not ideal. Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

Support, installation, and integrations are all very weak. When starting, we used Premier Support and every ticket or issue posted took forever to get help with and is expensive. They also helped import our recurring tokens when we transitioned from eTapestry to Salesforce, but did so incorrectly, which cost us dozens of our ~250 monthly donors. We used support to help understand the number of donors that were impacted by the issue and how we can get their giving back on track. Support's response was unhelpful, slow, and they didn't take ownership of their mistake. Also, you should use their standard donate forms for best integration and functionality but their forms are awful. If you use your own custom donate forms and expect to continue doing so, expect a painful and confusing integration process Review collected by and hosted on

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Look elsewhere? Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Processing credit card transactions. The only benefit has been their ultra-high fraud setting (which is a pro and con, as it has avoided almost all fraud attack attempts on our donation forms but also slows down real donors from giving online). Review collected by and hosted on

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