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WAN Optimization software provides features that allow users to improve the performance of their applications running on the wide area network (WAN).

To qualify for inclusion in the category, a product must:

  • Helps businesses to improve performance of certain businesses applications.
  • Provide users with a complete view of network traffic.
  • Accelerate business applications to increase productivity.

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    CenturyLink SD-WAN Solutions
    (4)3.0 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    CenturyLink® SD-WAN solutions integrate disparate connectivity types into a seamless hybrid software-defined WAN for complete visibility and enhanced performance of your entire network ecosystem through a centralized customer portal.​ CenturyLink was recently recognized with the Frost and Sullivan Innovation and Leadership Award for SD-WAN in North America to go along with our 2017 MEF Award as the Best SD-WAN Managed Service of the Year, Worldwide. CenturyLink® SD-WAN with hybrid connectivity

    SteelCentral is a end-to-end solution that combines user experience, infrastructure, application, and network monitoring for a holistic view of application performance.

    SteelConnect is a complete SD-WAN system for securely connecting users and business to the applications they need, wherever they reside.

    With Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN), you can deploy software-defined WAN without compromising the application experience.

    Accelerate your applications and optimize quality of experience for your users.

    Allot NetEnforcer AC-500 is designed to manage Internet traffic on multiple Ethernet links at speeds of up to 400 Mbps. These flexible devices bring carrier-class functionality and reliability to enterprise networks by providing real-time analytics, policy enforcement, and security services.

    Effective with the NetScaler SD-WAN 9.0.0 release in May 2016, find CloudBridge downloads listed under the download category called 'Citrix SD-WAN'

    Ericom Blaze RDP compression and acceleration software delivers a great local PC-like experience for users inside and outside the organization, while reducing bandwidth consumption and optimizing RDP network traffic across WAN / LAN. Use it to speed up slow remote desktop connections, PDF displays, and audio / video performance on terminal services (RDS) - especially in high latency / low bandwidth scenarios.

    Manage the way users, traffic, devices and applications behave on your network.

    The Silver Peak Global Management System (GMS) is a powerful platform for the deployment, management, and monitoring of a Silver Peak enabled Wide Area Network (WAN).

    With INAP’s robust global network presence and comprehensive Connectivity Solutions, nowhere is off-limits. We can help you establish network presence wherever you need to be and optimize your network with Performance IP, our automated route optimization engine.

    Align cloud application performance with your business needs and those of your customers. Guarantee fast and reliable application performance scalable to millions of IP flows. Control QoS per application, user, endpoint and location. Ensure that heavy transaction loads do not impact customer experience.

    Ipanema SD-WAN paves the way for unprecedented application performance on your network. Application intelligence that transforms your user experience.

    Solving today's #cybersecurity challenges with next gen #training and #assessment solutions for enterprise, government, & academic institutions.

    RFmx WLAN is application software that simplifies access to the most common WLAN PHY measurements and provides advanced optimization techniques like multi-measurement parallelism. The result is fast, high-quality measurements that abstract the complexities of lower-level wireless standards and RF instrumentation. RFmx WLAN supports various OFDM physical layers in single transmit-chain configurations. It also supports making modulation accuracy, transmit power, and spectral emission mask measurem

    Performance Hub gives you the ability to efficiently deploy resources at the edge, closest to your end-users, enabling a whole new level of global network performance. Configured to your enterprise requirements, Performance Hub is based on a core set of vendor-agnostic components which leverage Interconnection Oriented Architecture to give you secure, scalable access to major network and cloud service providers in all your important markets.

    Sangfor WANO (WAN Optimization) can be deployed in the WAN gateway of data centres and branch offices. Through traffic reduction, stream compression, stream cache, protocol acceleration and other leading technologies, Sangfor WANO can cut up to 70% of redundant traffic, reduce packet loss rate to below 1%, save 50 % of link costs and improve application speed by 3-10 times to achieve huge improvement for application performance & WAN speed.

    SteelHead offers industry leading secure optimization of all applications, across hybrid networks to users everywhere so you can leverage global resources and access applications and data from anywhere - all while reducing the cost of running your business.

    Verizon Enterprise Orchestration simplifies how you manage networking resources, helping you deploy virtualized networks through self-service tools and centralized management. This type of network orchestration gets new services to customers quickly and securely, while making your business more efficient and adaptable to changing conditions.

    VNS - WAN Optimization helps dynamically accelerate app delivery and performance across your WAN with network functions virtualization (NFV). It lets you deploy multiple functions on a single, universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) appliance, virtual CPE (vCPE) from Verizon Cloud, or a mix of the two.

    Silver Peak VX virtual WAN optimization software combines the cost and flexibility benefits of virtualization with the performance gains delivered by Silver Peak's industry-leading WAN optimization technology. Silver Peak VX virtual appliances support the full list of Silver Peak WAN optimization features for maximum functionality, including data reduction, path conditioning and traffic shaping. This enables customers to overcome bandwidth, distance and quality challenges when moving data over t

    Reduce bandwidth cost and Accelerate application speeds with WAN Optimization. Wan Optimization reduce network costs and accelerate network speeds through TCP Acceleration, Compression, Byte-Caching, Packet Loss Recovery, Caching and related techniques.

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