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Check out our list of free Freelance Platforms . Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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Broken products, never-ending deadline extensions, stolen ideas, etc. From the process of finding a partner to getting the product developed just the way, you'd want, traditional outsourcing has had issues every step of the way. Presenting Supersourcing, a next-generation platform built to help companies find the best companies in tech to work with. We've built an all-new way to tackle outsourcing by vetting companies based on various parameters and facilitating project management with the chos

Siddharth M.
The platform that connects the developers with quality leads that are interested for either Web Services or Mobile App Development. Also, since... Read review
Prakhar A.
Communication was simple and fast. Qualified lead making sure no time is wasted. Read review
(11)4.8 out of 5

Hiring and Payments for remote teams. Starkflow is the #1 platform for hiring and paying SaaS talent globally.

I needed a highly responsive and flexible ecommerce website with intricate categorization. I found Starkflow on Google and I couldn't be happier... Read review
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DigitlyX is a freelancing platform in India where Freelancers can sell his or her services which he or she gained over the passage of time by learning hard skills as well as soft skills. It's also a platform to help the entrepreneurs to solve their day to day problems of their organization within their budget.

DigitlyX is the best freelancing website in India, easy to use, payout on time. Freely create account and gigs Read review
Siddharth Y.
DigitlyX is an incredibly user-friendly platform. The site is super intuitive and offers several great tools to help you weed through the massive... Read review
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Entry Level Price:$40USD Per Hour

Hire from our exclusive pool of top 5% developers to build your next app, eCommerce or website with our pool of hand-picked top 8000+ software developers in Europe & Latin Americas. Matched to you in under 24 hours. For a flat rate of $USD35/Hour We started Cloud Devs because we knew there was a better way for developers and businesses to collaborate. A way that valued quality over competing on the lowest price with Asian outsourcing companies or getting ripped off by overpriced providers

What convinced most about cloud-devs was their top technology, the expertise of their people, and their very affordable prices. We were on a tight... Read review
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Turing connects world-class remote software engineers with world-class companies. Our accomplished developers possess excellent technical and communication skills and tailor their working hours to your timezone. 100+ companies, including those backed by Google Ventures, Andreessen, Founders Fund, Kleiner, and Bloomberg, have hired Turing developers. Over 180,000 developers from across 130 countries have chosen Turing as their preferred platform for landing remote jobs. Turing Hire Program: Tur

jorge t.
esta plataforma me parece extraordinaria ya que todos los lenguajes de programacion son turing todo lo que se pueda programar con un lenguaje se... Read review
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Aileensoul Artist Profile is for the artist to showcase their talent and connect with other artists from around the world.

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Aileensoul Freelancer Profile is a freelancing platform for finding online jobs, showcasing your portfolio and connect with the employer.

(21)4.4 out of 5

ClearVoice is content creation software with a built-in talent network. Built for marketing teams of all sizes, our self-service platform seamlessly connects in-house and freelance teams with an integrated workflow, allowing companies to ultimately create better content, more consistently. No matter the industry or niche, leading brands and agencies know they can turn to ClearVoice to create blog posts, articles, ebooks, infographics, case studies and more. With easy-to-use tools like a dynami

We can select subject matter experts that know the topic at hand. Saved my team a ton of research and elevated the content. Read review
The selection pool for content writers is great, and the comprehensive detail fields allow you to provide writers with great information on the topic. Read review
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Communication breakdown, fake CVs, further dishonesty - all this makes many entrepreneurs avoid using outsourcing services. To prevent such cheating product owners have to spend a lot of time interviewing and ongoing tracking of engineers. We started Naprok because we believe that hiring remote developers doesn't have to be that way. Naprok allows you to: ❓Interview relevant candidates only to find perfect devs within a few days 🤙Stay in touch with dedicated managers who will assist you at ever

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Overpass gives companies the capacity to quickly-hire quality remote sales freelancers on a platform that replicates the “in person” experience at a fraction of the cost. Get everything you need to build a tailored solution for your customer engagement needs. Real-time data transparency holds remote sales reps accountable to businesses and the public. With Overpass, you're just a click away from building your team!

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Entry Level Price:Free is a marketplace supporting procurement organisations find, hire, work with, and pay freelance procurement experts. Whether it's a corporate or a public entity facilitates the matching of procurement organisations’ project requirements with best in class purchasing experts in Sourcing/Category Management, Supplier Development, Quality Control and auditing, or advisory services

Top 10 Free Freelance Platforms in 2021

  • Supersourcing
  • Starkflow
  • DigitlyX
  • Cloud Devs
  • Turing

Learn More About Freelance Platforms

What are Freelance Platforms?

Businesses use freelance platforms to hire temporary employees for roles or specific projects. Freelance platforms provide freelancers with the opportunity to advertise themselves in a talent marketplace to gain temporary employment via a customized profile, which typically includes their resume and lists their proficiencies and interests. Freelance platforms also allow freelancers and businesses to communicate with each other and manage the workflows and digital assets involved with the role or project.

Freelance platforms vary in the type of freelancers they support or specialize in. For example, some platforms specialize in supporting creative workers, while others are designed to support engineering freelancers; these specialized freelance platforms are ideal for businesses looking to hire someone with a specific skill set. Meanwhile, many provide a platform for all types of freelancers. This type of all-encompassing platform may be right for your business if you anticipate needing freelance or short-term work done in a variety of fields.

All freelance platforms will have some sort of screening process for their users. However, they differ greatly in the type of screening they provide. For instance, some platforms vet freelancers and determine which ones are highly skilled, others may provide background checks, and many give you access to a worker’s portfolio. The type of screening that is right for you likely depends on the type of work you need completed. Additionally, some platforms require payment before work has begun, while others don’t require payment until you are satisfied with the work. Businesses should consider their preferred payment style before committing to a platform. Once hired, businesses should consider a freelance management platform as a solution to managing and monitoring onboarded freelancers.

Key Benefits of Freelance Platforms

  • Complete tasks that your current workforce doesn’t have the skills for
  • Maintain a flexible workforce
  • Complete short-term projects
  • Bolster your workforce without having to hire full-time employees
  • Hire freelancers irrespective of their location

Why Use Freelance Platforms?

Freelance platforms enable businesses to easily fill roles in a short amount of time. This is ideal for employers that have particularly busy periods during the year that require an extra set of employees. It’s also optimal for short-term projects and contractual labor, as well as for solving temporary problems. (For example, a business that moves into a new office might want to hire a temporary IT expert to help quickly set up technology.) Furthermore, employers have access to a larger pool of candidates if they’re interested in hiring remote positions, and all candidates, regardless of location, can be sorted by freelancer rating to allow employers to see top talent that have delivered good results and have exceeded expectations.

For freelancers, the major perk of freelance platforms is the flexibility it provides. Employees who participate in the gig economy enjoy a unified payroll process, on-demand work, and seamless transitions between projects. Using a freelance platform takes away the hassle of the manual, entrepreneurial efforts involved with freelancing.

Who Uses Freelance Platforms?

For a business looking to hire temporary workers, freelance platforms are a solid starting point for managers and human resource departments.

Recruiters — Depending on the needs of the business, recruiters might use freelance platforms alongside other recruitment software to supplement the employee search.

Freelancers — Freelancers have much to gain from using freelance platforms to advertise their skills. By leveraging the resources provided within the platform, freelancers have the ability to attract recruiters and showcase their skills to find an appropriate match.

Project managers — Project managers have a keen sense of how many resources are required for specific projects. For times when project load is heavy, managers might look for temporary workers to ensure the project is completed on time.

Freelance Platforms Features

Freelance platforms offer an abundance of features that benefit freelancers and businesses hiring freelancers:

Job posting — Employers can post available temporary or contractual positions to the marketplace of freelancers that have access to the platform. Freelancers can search keywords to locate a position related to the position of interest.

Calendar — Communicating availability is a key factor that helps both the employee and freelancer manage projects and effectively set deadlines and expectations.

Digital asset management — To transfer digital assets in an organized fashion, many freelance platforms provide a method of digital asset management that helps teams collaborate with freelancers. These platforms also provide a way for freelancers to send their project to employers as a deliverable, depending on the nature of the work.

Workflow builder — By building a proper workflow and making that workflow transparent, both employer and freelancer can see the progress of a freelancer’s work and maintain approachable expectations.

Freelancer ratings — Employers have the opportunity to rate the freelancers they’ve worked with based on performance level.

Payment — Employers can easily set up a payment system for their freelancers based on their requested hourly rate or based on the agreed-upon contract.

Potential Issues with Freelance Platforms for Freelancers

Competition — While freelance platforms ultimately make finding a temporary role easier for freelancers, it’s also a marketplace with stiff competition. On top of being worried about potential bad ratings from employers, freelancers often compete with thousands of other freelancers on the same platform, potentially stifling the job search.

Payment — Depending on the amount of time spent on a project and the work experience, education, and availability, the cost of hiring a freelancer varies greatly. Because of this, sometimes businesses will try to dispute or negotiate the requested wages. Freelancers should be aware of potential wage disputes and be prepared to effectively communicate with employers about the expected payment to avoid any misunderstandings.

Potential Issues with Freelance Platforms for Businesses

Training — There is often little to no time to offer full training for freelancers. While extensive training is usually not necessary due to the straightforward nature of certain freelance work, some businesses use curated databases or internal software that might necessitate some training to navigate and understand. This can be especially difficult for remote workers who cannot rely on an in-person explanation.

Communication — Outsourcing can often lead to mixed or lack of communication. While freelance platforms have features dedicated to collaboration and communicating, it also relies on the freelancer and the business to communicate appropriately. Factors such as a difference in time zones, language barriers, or unclear directions can result in a lack of communication, which can lead to poor performance and miscommunication.