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CHAMPS EAM is a powerful and easy to use enterprise asset management suite developed by CHAMPS Software that lets you take control of how you manage your assets. For nearly 40 years, CHAMPS has been building, implementing, and supporting organizations in their efforts to improve asset reliability and efficiency. The CHAMPS EAM suite is an all-encompassing solution to managing assets and other daily facility activities and includes a large number of features to help you accomplish your goals. It includes all the typical EAM components including work control, materials management, logistics, and procurement as well as key differentiators including fully integrated or stand-alone LOTO, ITAAC, CAP management, permitting, metrology, inspections, and project tracking. CHAMPS EAM is extremely flexible and lets you choose the features that matter most to you. Each module can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, combined with other modules, and even be integrated into existing applications. CHAMPS also offers a wide range of deployment options, including on-site, hosted, and cloud deployments to meet your specific needs.

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For nearly 40 years, CHAMPS has remained focused on creating and implementing CMMS/EAM software solutions that enable enterprises of varying size, sophistication, and industry to optimize the life cycles of their capital assets. Efficient acquisition, maintenance, repairs, replacement or salvaging of these critical assets result in operational excellence, leading to decreased cost and increased profits.

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I like that the website is easy to use. Review collected by and hosted on

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Sometimes it is difficult to locate the information you are looking for. Review collected by and hosted on

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I haven't ever experienced a time when the website wasn't working. I enjoy it's ease of use and easy to understand information. Review collected by and hosted on

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I use CHAMPS to identify and verify patient insurance eligibility. Review collected by and hosted on

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