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Blip is a Utah based company founded by veterans of the technology and marketing industries. Built on the premise of innovation, Blip opens new doors to SMB advertisers and OOH media owners. Blip works with media partners and advertisers across the USA and Canada. Blip is a self-serve marketplace that allows advertisers to reap the benefits of outdoor advertising at any scale. No contracts or minimum ad budgets means that an advertiser can quickly and efficiently advertise on a single local billboard or on any combination of the over 1,200 billboards within the Blip network. The entire advertising process takes place in an online platform allowing advertisers to create new campaigns or make adjustments in a matter of minutes. Ad space is sold in a unique pay-per-blip manner. Advertisers only pay for when an ad displays. This granularity gives the ultimate control on when and where ad displays are delivered. Blip make billboard advertising more accessible and affordable for any size business. Advertisers get more diverse cross-channel campaigns, exposing potential customers to their brand in new places. Spreading ad budgets across billboards in addition to online campaigns can help alleviate ad fatigue, increase reach, and reduce the rising cost of scaling online ads by improving their efficiency. All while being as simple as adding a new online ad channel.

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Blip gives advertisers access to a nationwide network of digital billboards using their no-contract marketplace. Similarly to online display networks, Blip provides a self-serve platform where advertisers can pick locations, upload ads, manage budgets, and view analytics through an online interface. Advertisers pay per ad display which gives them greater flexibility in cost and frequency of ad displays.

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