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Check out our list of free Auto Repair Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Auto Repair Software to ensure you get the right product.

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Shop-Ware Shop Management Software is a cloud-based platform for your auto repair shop that will bring you more profit and give you back more time. Request a demo with a product specialist to learn about how Shop-Ware's integrated workflow, inspections, and customer communication tools will increase your average ticket and improve your technician efficiency.

Matt P.
ShopWare has streamlined our process and allowed us to go completely paperless. The transparent interaction with the customer really helps get the... Read review
The ability to get approval of the text and email has worked out great. We are able to get a faster approval from the customer, which means we are... Read review
(12)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:200 2 users/ month

GaragePlug is a cloud-based easy-to-use software to provide end to end digital platform for auto repair workshops and detailing centers.

Archana J.
It covers all aspects including accounting Read review
It gives you complete control over your garage business. Right from flexibility to back end support, everything is perfect. Have been able to scale... Read review
(3)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$9.99 /month

ARI (Auto Repair Invoicing) is an app designed specifically for auto repair service providers. It offers a very big set of features, including license plate recognition, VIN lookup, car service history, upcoming maintenance and repair, invoicing, accounting, reporting, car inspection, online appointments, and many other cool features. ARI is built by a software company that understands the needs of the current automotive industry. We are striving to offer some of the most comprehensive solutio

The price, the set of features, and the customer support. Also, the software comes with a lot of very useful tools like VIN decoder and licence... Read review
It's easy to use and comes with a lot of useful features. Read review
(2)4.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$109.95 per month

Shop Boss is a web-based management system. This allows your productivity to increase with no software to download and no upgrades to worry about- we manage all of that for you. Access and manage your company information anytime, any place, and from any smart device. No more late nights at the office doing invoices. Where there’s Wi-Fi, there’s Shop Boss.

Rebecka M.
I like how the software is always being updated. Being able to work remotely is great, plus integration of parts ordering. Read review
(1)4.0 out of 5

AutoRepair Cloud is a cloud-based multi-platform software system for running your auto shop business. It gives small and midsize businesses complete control over the auto shop business processes; It helps to manage customers and inventory, repair orders, workflow tracking, inspections and invoicing with ease and keep track of the annual/monthly budge allowing to run the business like a fine-tuned machine. Techs can see all important data arranged in one place and complete each order fast and smo

Bhupesh J.
It is a cloud based tool so you don't have to install anything. It is completely online. This is a best suited tool for both small and the medium... Read review
(1)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$10 user/month

The Real-Time Labor Guide® was built by mechanics for mechanics. It helps them be more successful in their business by saving them so much time with the necessary but constant task of giving estimates, plus provides several shop & customer management tools to make running their business easier. If you’ve ever used a flat rate book to look up a labor time you know how time consuming and complicated that can be. Or perhaps you’re a new mechanic just coming out of school. You’ve heard of these

Interface is easy to use. I like Real-Time Labor Guide gives options to brose time using menu and diagram as well. Read review
0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$100 per month

AllsystemsMax is an auto repair shop management software that gives you control with standardized service procedures, and shop management with, scheduling and job creation, customizable invoices and estimates, online parts look up, and more.

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$35 per month

MaNova is a business management system used to manage the daily operations of a repair shop including inventories, customer sales, repair process, personnel as well as other functions for the retail repair store.

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$99.99 per month

Omnique is a shop management solution that allows you to manage your business's efficiency and profitability, with tools needed to support your shop.

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$19 Per Month Paid Yearly

Super simple to use and fully featured Auto Shop Management Software. Turn your workshop into a streamlined profit machine. Free trial. No commitment. No lock-in contracts, ever. From $19 per month, from the simplest shop to multi-branch operations, there is a solution for every auto shop. Direct integration with major accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Xero plus Automotive integrations with CarFax, PartsTech, TireMetrix, TireConnect VV Garage, MOTOR labor times and more. Save t

Top 10 Free Auto Repair Software in 2021

  • Shop-Ware
  • GaragePlug
  • ARI (Auto Repair Invoicing)
  • Shop Boss Pro
  • AutoRepair Cloud

Learn More About Auto Repair Software

What is Auto Repair Software?

Auto repair software is built specifically to help repair shops manage their repair business by providing tools such as point of sale, vehicle history, invoicing, and estimation. An automotive repair business can also benefit from customer service features, purchase orders, accounts payable management, and inventory management, all of which are available features within auto repair software.

Positive team collaboration can be beneficial for your entire workforce, enabling real-time work order updates and more efficient scheduling capabilities. Incorporating an internal live chat function with your auto repair system helps all team members stay on the same page, which can lead to a better employee and customer experience.

Key Benefits of Auto Repair Software

  • Provide customers with real-time updates on repair status
  • Save unnecessary paperwork with electronic contracts
  • More effectively manage inventory
  • Cut down on lost time and IT costs

Why Use Auto Repair Software?

Auto repair shops are not typically known for their advanced technology. However, more and more, repair shops and maintenance shops are turning to software to organize their businesses. While the repairs are still done manually, software can be used to ensure that accurate records are maintained, all the parts needed for repairs are in stock or ordered, and that mechanics have all the information and tools they need to complete repairs. Repair shop management software can ensure that repairs run smoothly and on schedule so clients can return to the road as quickly as possible. By implementing software solutions, mechanics can save valuable time while maintaining accurate records of parts and labor to avoid invoicing mistakes.

Mobile Readiness — Mobile capabilities can assist greatly in providing estimates and vehicle updates to customers. Auto repair software with mobile apps can allow users to access and manage company information any time, provided an internet connection is available. This can cut down on time spent at the office doing invoices, as well as help your business provide excellent customer support.

Vehicle Information Scanning — Maintaining proper documentation of vehicles and parts inventory is essential when running a repair shop, especially if you have a high volume of customers on a daily basis. Many auto repair systems feature vehicle identification number (VIN) scanners, taking the errors associated with manual entry out of the equation. Once a VIN is scanned with a mobile device, the customer information is found and vehicle information populated, reducing your need for additional input. If the customer is not on file, the vehicle information can be decoded and entered into the system. This feature saves an enormous amount of time when dealing with customers and allows for optimal repair efficiency.

Customer Retention — Without customers, you have no business, so it’s important to keep customers both happy and returning. By making work easier for your mechanics and maintaining high service levels for your customers, you can ensure that you will not lose business. A mobile app to help easily perform vehicle inspections can make a customer’s visit much faster than it would be otherwise. Repair shop software can also streamline the sales process and provide a labor guide for mechanics so all work is held to the same standard.

Who Uses Auto Repair Software?

Auto repair software is used by the automotive industry within repair shops and small businesses who perform automotive repair jobs. Managers can use the software to manage their workforce and day-to-day operations. Mechanics and other workers can use the software to organize individual jobs by ensuring that they know what repairs need to be performed, what materials or parts are required, and how long the job took once it is finished.

Shop Managers —

Shop managers can use auto repair software to organize their entire shop from back office tasks such as accounting and employee management to client data and invoicing. Managers can see their current inventory, jobs in progress, and available mechanics all in one place. This helps allocate resources accurately and determine the availability to perform new jobs. Managers can also create purchase orders for parts and track those orders in order to estimate how long repairs will take. Increased organization means more jobs can be performed more quickly, increasing the volume of repairs.

Mechanics —

Mechanics can use auto repair software to see what jobs they need to perform that day, the history of the vehicle they are working on, what parts they need, and what parts are in the shop and which need to be ordered. These tools allow mechanics to work more quickly and efficiently, so they can perform more repairs in less time. Mechanics may also be able to access a database of vehicle parts and repair instructions, removing the guesswork and extra research.

Auto Repair Software Features

Cloud vs. On-Premises — In the new world of cloud computing, it is important to consider whether your auto repair software is accessible outside of the office. While the majority of inventory management, customer data entry, and appointment scheduling can be done from the shop, many in the auto repair industry may prefer to have around-the-clock accessibility. When it comes to communication with customers and staff, cloud-based products may be a better option for those on the go.

Invoicing — While many shops may already employ invoicing software, invoicing tools in auto shop management software can streamline the entire business. Especially if the tool also integrates with or contains the features of accounting software. Operations become much easier when a customer can provide a credit card and pay for their service on the spot.

Integrations — Integrations are important, as the software platform you choose will likely need to be linked to billing, accounting, POS, and/or inventory management solutions. While some auto shop software offers extended features for billing, accounting, and inventory management, many do not. While integrations may not automatically connect to the software you are already using, some integrations are easy to set up, provided the software solution is primed to connect to that type of software.

General Ledger — While financial software integrations are not guaranteed, a general ledger will help your business stay organized. In the back office, a digital general ledger ensures that all aspects of the business are accounted for and easily accessible.