PATTSY combines an interface with what is necessary to manage complex intellectual property scenarios from milestone dates to upcoming actions to supporting data.

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PATTSY review by Administrator in Legal Services
Administrator in Legal Services
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"Buyer Beware. Cumbersome Initial set up of PATTSY WAVE"

What do you like best?

Web-Based interface. Fast when moving around from case to case. The family tab with a got to different case with a click function. The family tree print out function. All of the links with country patent websites. The auto docket & down load feature. I really like the one line action item docketing. There are not multiple line reminders or actions this makes reading a docket report much easier.

What do you dislike?

The biggest problem we've had with PATTSY WAVE was the transferring of our data. We were asked to give our database over to the transfer team at OP Solutions. We did. The team didn't ask questions just did the transfer. Because of this status were incorrect on all migrated Invention Disclosures, Provisional applications. Expired provisional showed up in PATTSY as pending or proposed. Docketing was entered numerous times. Our migrated docketed items and then PATTSY would docket it's way because auto docketing using the country law was not turned off. This meant an annuity or maintenance fee was on a case 3 or 4 times with the same due date but with a different action name. This was truly a data dump. OP Solutions did minimal communication during the entire process. We are going to be moving another portfolio from a different site this fall and I'm actually scared for OP Solutions to migration of the data.

The reports are another problem. When you try to run a docket report using the Docket Report tab and as to print to Excel you don't get a true standard excel spread sheet. It is virtually impossible to sort this report unless you spend a lot of time removing merged cells and such. I had to make a quick report in order to export to a standard excel spreadsheet and still have to make changes to it in order to do custom sorting.

These are the two biggest issues I'm having with PATTSY WAVE. All of the other issues are not as paralyzing and I can work around them or by pass them all together.

Recommendations to others considering the product

If you can afford it I would suggest you go with either Computer Packages Inc., or CPA Global. We chose OP Solutions PATTSY WAVE because we wanted to keep our data on our servers in house.

You will have a lot of work ahead of you. I've had to change the country laws automation, which drives the docketing due dates.

There was no country law for the appeals process in any of the countries we file including the major countries. (US, EP, CN, JP etc)

Annuities are auto docketed by filing date based on the country law calculation. This is not correct. Annuities are not due in Asian countries until they issue, like the US not like EP.

There are a lot more capabilities with PATTSY that we didn't have with FlexTrack CTS. The IDS function linked with PAIR is one I'm still waiting to use. When I called and asked when this function would be usable I got an uncertain answer.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I'm not really sure how these two questions apply to my office.

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PATTSY review by User in Law Practice
User in Law Practice
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What do you like best?

Ease of Use- interface is easy to learn. I like that it has the capability to web validate some countries, but it is unfortunate that the ability to web validate all of the 'most filed in' countries are not available.

The Quick Search addition was great.

The reporting capabilities are great.

I like the built in 'soft' reminder feature- to minimize clutter on the dockets.

What do you dislike?

Trademarks- The Madrid Protocol setup is NOT ideal. There is no way to easily track the country reference numbers in the record- which is troublesome if you want to 'webcompare' or easily review the portfolio.

The software is not 'global' in the sense that there is not a specific Design Portal- although the rest of the world - outside of the USA- treats design applications more like trademarks.

It is frustrating, as one of the largest- if not the largest client of the software, that any customization or requests cost so much money. Specifically, when there are other products on the market, that offer customizations for less charge- to no charge.

Although I have little exposure to the 'back end' of PATTSY, my understanding is that it is scrambled- and difficult to interface with.

For TTAB/PTAB cases, there is no 'easy' way to docket the deadlines- and must be custom built- so much so, that the firm determined a different software would better suit the needs of the practice.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The firm standardized the IP practice to one software, which has enabled the group to be more uniform.

What Intellectual Property Management solution do you use?

Thanks for letting us know!

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