Navisworks is a project review software designed to allow architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to review integrated models and data with stakeholders to better control project outcomes.

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Navisworks Features


Drawing Tools

Ease of use accessing basic drawing tools (line, circle, polygons, etc.)

(Based on 13 reviews)

Editing Tools

Ease of use accessing basic editing tools (erase, trim, extend, undo, etc.)

(Based on 14 reviews)

Text Editing Tools

Ease of use accessing basic text creation and modification tools (font style, multi-line text, wrap-around text, justification, spell checker, etc.)

(Based on 16 reviews)

3D/solid modeling Tools

Ability to modify 3D primitives (parametric editing tools, free-form editing tools, symmetrical editing process, etc.)

(Based on 15 reviews)

Rendering Tools

Ease of use accessing rendering tools (lighting tools, texture mapping, custom material creation, etc.)

(Based on 17 reviews)



Design your structure in 3D.

Not enough data available


Produce 3D visualizations without any integrating hardware.

Not enough data available


Ability to 2D and 3D drawings of your structure

Not enough data available


Ability to edit designs with a WYSIWYG editor

Not enough data available

Sequence Steps

Create and animate the sequences of steps, materials and building crews needed to construct your building.

Not enough data available

File Options

Import Files

Support for a number of file formats for import

(Based on 17 reviews)

Export Files

Support for a number of file formats for export

(Based on 17 reviews)

File Interoperability

Native file format is compatible with a number of advanced design and imaging applications

(Based on 15 reviews)

Backwards compatibility

Current file format iteration is compatible with previous versions of the application

(Based on 13 reviews)

File size

Support for a range of file sizes without degrading the user experience.

(Based on 17 reviews)


Multi User

Ability for users to share and save work to the same central file.

Not enough data available

File Import/Export

Ability to import and export 2D files to the platform so your team can update designs and collaborate as needed.

Not enough data available


Add keynotes, tags, dimensions and more to your document.

Not enough data available

Document Storage

Store various types of documents within this platform.

Not enough data available


Custom Commands

Ability to create custom commands or command aliases, change the active customization file, and configure command properties.

(Based on 12 reviews)

Custom Interface

Ability to customize the user interface and recall customizations. Can define the workspace a custom panel should appear in.

(Based on 13 reviews)

Custom Scripts

Ability to create custom scripts to automate tasks, such as add standard layers or styles to a drawing, update the title block, or automate plotting tasks.

(Based on 10 reviews)

Custom Menus

Ability to create custom menus, sub-menus, and contextual menus. Can create new toolbars and arrange menus in workspeace.

(Based on 11 reviews)



Ability to create models of various systems that need to be integrated into the structure.

Not enough data available

Reinforcement Tools

Add reinforcement to vital points in the model of your structure.

Not enough data available

Clash Detection

Ability to detect clashing elements, such as electrical conduit or ductwork that run into a beam.

Not enough data available


Hardware support

Support by a sufficient number of hardware developers (by default or through the use of custom drivers).

(Based on 14 reviews)

Task-based interfaces

Support for custom interfaces designed around specific design tasks, by default (out of the box) or through user customization.

(Based on 14 reviews)

Manage Multiple Profiles

Support for multiple user interface customizations. Can store and recall interfaces as required by a specific user without closing the application and without the need for scripting knowledge.

(Based on 11 reviews)

Command Clarity

Names of basic commands are clear and easy to understand. On-cursor documentation, such as tool tips and pop-up descriptions, provide clarification of icons and other user interface elements.

(Based on 13 reviews)