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The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Python and Django Developers

DSS Pro Pack
The DSS Pro Pack takes our CMS/CRM solution and makes it even more powerful with reputation, social media, and local listing management tools.
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • DSS Forum Access
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Registration Monitoring
  • Page Level Analytics Information
The Free Website Guys
Professional Wordpress Website
We build people simple but professional and mobile-friendly Wordpress websites -- at no charge. We help our clients to get a website that is beautifully designed, mobile friendly, and that includes all the latest security features, daily automated backups, and that is ready to rank on Google. To learn more about why we do this, and to apply, visit
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Our SEO packages include everything from keyword research to content implementation. Each plan comes with custom pricing, depending on client needs.

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      Free Trial is available
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      Merixstudio Pricing-Related Review

      Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
      Validated Reviewer
      Review source: Organic
      Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

      Merixstudio has brought the Humanitrack platform to life, from initial UX design of my vision to provide humanity with an interactive technical progress guide and accelerator, through to an extremely polished MVP, and finally to the release and support of the public site of Review collected by and hosted on

      What do you like best?

      Transparency and Bang-for-my-buck...Merixstudio allowed me to be as involved as I wanted, shared everything with me, and did it all for an incredibly amazing hourly price. Review collected by and hosted on

      What do you dislike?

      Shifting/losing team members...although this is one of the strengths of using Merixstudio (ie being able to quickly find replacements for team members and being flexible and agile with schedules) it still sucks losing the momentum during these shifts in team members and also losing some of the personal touch if team members don't stay long enough for you to get to know them. This isn't Merixstudio's is just hard to find things to dislike about Merixstudio! Review collected by and hosted on

      Recommendations to others considering the provider:

      If you are looking for a developer where you can be as much of a part of the development process as you can handle, then don't hesitate to pick Merixstudio. I loved being a part of the team and following along in JIRA and Slack and being allowed to assist and intervene. This transparency is such an important quality for me and the vision for my own company. Don't forget the rule of Pi when budgeting...most projects go over budget so this isn't a surprise, and with my complex platform and additional features it was tough for me to keep on budget. So before committing, multiply the scoped budget by 3.14 and you'll stay on budget! Review collected by and hosted on

      What problems are you solving with the provider? What benefits have you realized?

      I save the time and effort of finding and managing my own web development team and of course all the learning involved here. I also can count on Merixstudio to be there when I have a problem with the platform or a new function I want to explore. The value for my limited budget is one of the best benefits of simply can't find all of this professionalism with a personal touch anywhere else for this price. Humanitrack is currently small-potatoes (just wait and see, we'll be well known and used worldwide in a few years by all science, tech, math, and engineering individuals) but Merixstudio treated us with priority and respect as if we were a large company. Review collected by and hosted on

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