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Container runtime solutions enable container usage by providing APIs and abstracting technical components. They facilitate the execution of container lifecycle commands against each container instance. Runtime environments couple the configuration files with the actual files that are necessary to execute the application. Companies use these tools to launch applications and manage the container application lifecycles. With container runtimes specifications, companies can specify how file systems are unpacked, built, and configured. They allow developers to reduce system overhead, share resources, and enforce access capabilities.

To qualify for inclusion in the Container Runtime category, a product must:

  • Define execution specifications
  • Allow users to set access policies
  • Allow users to adjust and control isolation layers
  • Combine container images, configurations, and file systems

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    Apache Karaf provides dual polymorphic container and application bootstrapping paradigms to the Enterprise.

    GlusterFS is an open source, distributed storage system capable of scaling to several petabytes and handling thousands of clients.

    Apache Edgent is a programming model and micro-kernel style runtime that can be embedded in gateways and small footprint edge devices enabling local, real-time, analytics on the continuous streams of data coming from equipment, vehicles, systems, appliances, devices and sensors of all kinds (for example, Raspberry Pis or smart phones).

    The Apache Portable Runtime is a supporting library for the Apache web server. It provides a set of APIs that map to the underlying operating system.

    Ceph is a massively scalable, open source, distributed storage system. It is comprised of an object store, block store, and a distributed file system.

    REX-Ray is an open source, storage management solution designed to support container runtimes such as Docker and Mesos. REX-Ray enables stateful applications, such as databases, to persist and maintain its data after the life cycle of the container has ended.

    Sheepdog is a distributed object storage system for volume and container services and manages the disks and nodes intelligently. Sheepdog features ease of use, simplicity of code and can scale out to thousands of nodes.

    Apache ServiceMix is a flexible, open-source integration container that unifies the features and functionality of Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF, and Karaf into a powerful runtime platform you can use to build your own integrations solutions. It provides a complete, enterprise ready ESB.

    - an industry-standard container runtime with an emphasis on simplicity, robustness and portability.

    CRI-O is an implementation of the Kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface) to enable using OCI (Open Container Initiative) compatible runtimes. It is a lightweight alternative to using Docker as the runtime for kubernetes.

    Datera is challenging traditional datacenter models, and creating a new data fabric to continuously deliver infrastructure in real-time. Easy to use and scale - automated infrastructure that continuously adapts to business needs.

    Diamanti is an appliance built to combine the ease of hyperconverged infrastructure with the unparalleled performance of bare-metal containers.

    Hedvig offers modern software-defined storage for rapidly changing data, apps, and users.

    Nexenta Systems offers NexentaStor, a platform delivering ultra-scalable, cloud and virtualization-optimized storage solutions.

    OpenEBS is containerized storage for containers integrated tightly into K8S and other environments and based on distributed block storage and containerization of storage control.

    OpenSDS is an open source community working to address storage integration challenges, particularly in scale-out cloud native environments with heterogeneous storage platforms.

    Quobyte turns commodity servers into a Data Center File System. Quobyte delivers linear scalability, full fault-tolerance, and lights-out operations so that you can focus on your business applications and stop worrying about your storage infrastructure.

    rkt is an open source container runtime designed for composability, security, and speed.

    Robin Cloud Platform (RCP) is a solution for hosting all the applications in an enterprise on a shared platform created out of commodity or cloud components. RCP can be deployed on bare metal, or on virtual machines, allowing organizations to rapidly deploy multiple instances of their data-driven applications on-premise or on the cloud without creating additional copies of data.

    Springpath is the pioneer in hyperconvergence software, turning standard servers of choice into a single pool of compute and storage resources. The Springpath Data Platform eliminates the need for network storage and intuitively integrates into existing management tools to maximize operational efficiency.

    StorageOS is a software-based decentralized storage platform designed to provider persistent container storage.

    Simplifies the development of webMethods projects by providing a local webMethods run-time environment and integrating Designer with VCS systems. Read more

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