Top Free Regulatory Change Management Software

Check out our list of free Regulatory Change Management Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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(30)4.6 out of 5

VComply is a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management platform that helps you monitor and measure the success your GRC programs, and mitigate risks real time. Vcomply is a no-code workflow solution that helps you build a robust internal control framework, import standad regulations and accrediations, and helps manage compliance, assess risks and strengthen governance within your organization. VComply offers a whole suite of modules for compliance professionals including compliance mana

Compliance Library, Ease of Use, Interactive Platform, Google Drive integration, Real time reports, Free trial Read review
AloK P.
The best thing about VComply is its auto-reminder and appraisal feature which enhances its impact massively. Read review
(17)4.7 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:349 €/month

DPOrganizer is a Swedish company, founded to help privacy pro's like yourself get more things done. Whether you need to organize your privacy program better, manage your RoPA faster, or raise awareness more efficiently, professionals can increase their productivity through the entire privacy program lifecycle in DPOrganizer.

DPOrganizer is a helpfull tool and has helped us in our GDPR project. It easy to get a quick overview and a consolidated place for our team to see... Read review
We liked that we could set reminders to come back to certain brainstormed ideas. Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:25 €

Axeptio is a trusted third party that collects and archive users' consent in a GDPR compliant fashion. It's a generic and recognizable form that can be embedded in any website, displaying all the required information about the consent that is given. The end-user can access and modify its choices anytime on Axeptio's platform.

Ludovic M.
I love Axeptio because it enable a transparent marketing : you can explain what cookie you use, and your visitor can choose cookie per cookie which... Read review
(18)4.4 out of 5
Optimized for quick response

SureCloud provides Gartner recognized Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software and Cybersecurity & Risk Advisory services. Whether buying products or services, your organization will benefit from automated workflows and insight from the award-winning SureCloud platform. SureCloud’s service offerings are fully compatible with the GRC suite of products, enabling a seamless integration of information, taking your risk programs to the next level.

Works efficiently when in comes to the data privacy management . My company had a great review for it. Read review
Andrew G.
The SureCloud platform has the ability to be tailored to the very specific needs of our organisation, both during design and, to a slightly lesser... Read review

One Tool with all processes to build your Data Protection Management System for GDPR & CCPA. The DataProtectionMS is a software toolbox to create a Data Protection Management System in medium to big enterprises. The value Raptor Compliance offers its customers is in their deep knowledge of data protection in multi-entity group settings and complex organizations, built into one SaaS solution.

- Onboarding - One-click Compliance Report - Task Management - Data Flow Read review
Joseph B.
Everything that is needed to fulfill GDPR compliance. Detailed data processor management with review cycles etc. We use the activities log, so at... Read review
(21)4.6 out of 5

Walk the line with the Got Ethics whistleblowing solution. At Got Ethics we appreciate old school values and cutting edge technology. That’s why we are Europe’s fastest growing whistleblowing solutions provider – with more than 500 satisfied customers around the world.

Tormod T.
Got Ethics has a very sensible price point and excellent customer service. Read review
André G.
Its a complete solution, and can be modified to match our exact needs. Full GDPR compliance and working solution "straight out of the box" Read review
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Parapet is an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) System. Using a unified way centralised governance, Parapet helps you in viewing and managing your company’s set of risks profile, threats and compliance assurance all at one place. We enable you to develop a culture that is risk-aware and adopt technologies that improve decision making and performance

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PrivacyPerfect is an established legal-tech organisation that provides an easy-to-use and secure SaaS solution for GDPR compliance. The PrivacyPerfect solution was developed for Data Protection and Privacy Officers, to simplify data protection tasks, make compliance processes highly efficient, to better business performance, and to contribute to the protection of oranisational reputation. Data Mapping. Processing Inventory. Assessment Manager. Data Subject Requests. Easy Reporting.

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By leveraging machine data, coupled with automated assessment and dynamic alerting capabilities, Q-Compliance provides immediate feedback on control effectiveness and drives risk decision and risk reduction actions on a near real -time basis. Q-Compliance simplifies the daunting task of establishing real-time control monitoring with dynamic dashboards for both executives and operational security, risk, and compliance staff.

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Tandem is an online solution that eases the burden of regulatory compliance and, more importantly, improves security posture. This is your all-in-one information security and compliance solution. We named our product Tandem because it works in partnership - in tandem - with you. You bring your knowledge of your organization and your needs, Tandem brings software built by information security experts to help you organize and manage your information security program. Let Tandem carry the burden

Top 10 Free Regulatory Change Management Software in 2021

  • VComply
  • DPOrganizer
  • Axeptio
  • SureCloud
  • DataProtectionMS for GDPR & CCPA