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AlienVault USM Anywhere is a cloud-based security management solution that accelerates and centralizes threat detection, incident response, and compliance management for your cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments. USM Anywhere includes purpose-built cloud sensors that natively monitor your Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud environments. On premises, lightweight virtual sensors run on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi to monitor your virtual private cloud and physica

Matthew W.
AlienVault USM Anywhere is easy to deploy with their Cloud-based model and deploying the required agents on-prem (or in the Cloud) is quick and... Read review
Kristopher H.
I like the fact they provide a free version of their flagship product in a .ova or vmdk file format so it is quickly loaded into VMWare or... Read review
(25)4.3 out of 5

Beam is a multi-cloud governance service that provides organizations with deep visibility and rich analytics detailing cloud consumption patterns, along with one-click fixes for cost optimization and security compliance across their cloud environments. Beam proactively identifies idle and underutilized resources, and delivers specific recommendations to right-size infrastructure services to ensure optimal cloud consumption. Beam’s machine intelligence driven reserved instance purchase recommenda

I really like the cost governance, security compliance & job automation. Those function is really helpfull. Cost governance help us to generated... Read review
The Cost Optimization and Security Best Practice Recommendations are very good and the interface is user friendly. The dashboards and detail... Read review
(19)4.6 out of 5

Lacework automates security and compliance across AWS, Azure, GCP, and private clouds, providing a comprehensive view of risks across cloud workloads and containers. Lacework’s unified cloud security platform provides unprecedented visibility, automates intrusion detection, delivers one-click investigation, and simplifies cloud compliance.

I love the event trial. It is a good record to help identify patterns, notifications, and evidence to be used for compliance. Read review
This is really one of the best software and it's features and tools are amazingly works. Aslo this software provide us high security to keep our... Read review
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Orca Security gives you instant-on, workload-level security for AWS, Azure, and GCP - without the gaps in coverage and operational costs of agents. Orca’s deep cloud inspection, powered by SideScanning™, identifies vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, secret keys, weak and leaked passwords, lateral movement risk, and high-risk data such as PII. Delivered as SaaS, Orca reads your workloads’ run-time block storage out-of-band, then cross-references it with cloud context pulled directly

Visibility the product provides, side scanning does not affect production, deployed product in 10mins. Read review
Agent-less. Quick, accurate, resolution. Read review
(13)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$499/mo Module

Tugboat Logic is the Security Assurance Platform that takes the misery & mystery out of security and compliance by automating the process of building and maintaining your InfoSec program. How we help: 1. Define your InfoSec program 2. Implement security controls 3. Prove it to auditors & customers This helps accelerate audit readiness, and improve security assurance with your customers, so that you can sell more!

Karin C.
The UI is very flexible and intuitive. You can apply filters to your work to help you sort and manage. We knew we needed to try to achieve SOC2... Read review
The product layout and usability are some of the best I have ever seen. The pre-built policies and controls are saving us a "tugboatload" of time.... Read review
(19)4.6 out of 5

Cybersecurity and Compliance Made Easy... Apptega helps businesses of all sizes accelerate and automate compliance efforts, monitor program performance, and always be audit-ready—all while fortifying your cybersecurity. Choose your frameworks, including PCI, SOC 2, NIST, ISO, CIS v7, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and more, and manage your program with: -Automated Cybersecurity Framework Crosswalks -Real-Time Compliance Scoring -Project Management -Workflow & Task Management -Collaboration -Budgeting -P

Andrew G.
Easy to navigate UI/dashboards Lots of cybersecurity frameworks out of the box Detailed controls/tasks for documenting compliance Ease of... Read review
(4)4.9 out of 5

Akku is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that is packed with features including single sign-on, password policy enforcement, IP- and device-based restrictions, multi-factor authentication and YouTube filtering. It provides enterprises with complete control over data access and privacy on the cloud while ensuring that they stay compliant to statutory industry standards. Akku also offers a dedicated deployment support service, without the need for a third-party system integrator,

Aravindh R.
Akku is a product that has been made with SMBs in mind and has the team to back it up. We were able to get them to customize the integrations we... Read review
Akku is a slick and simple, not great on designs yet but doesn't skimp on what it has to do. Its a great product and we love what it does to our... Read review
(4)4.9 out of 5

Aptible is building trust on the internet by empowering organizations to make information security a core competency. Our platform makes it easy for B2B SaaS teams to achieve compliance, automate compliance operations, and build trust with customers and prospects. The Aptible platform offers a compliance monitoring, workflow automation, and sales enablement solution so companies can achieve, maintain, and prove best-in-class compliance without the manual work. It also offers a solution that prov

Taylor H.
How easy it is to adopt various compliance frameworks and establish a baseline right out from the start. A vast portion of a security/IT... Read review
Megan L.
Aptible gives my company the tools to ensure compliance and best practices. Read review
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JupiterOne Centralizes cloud security operations into a single, searchable hub where you can manage compliance, create rules, perform access reviews, complete vulnerability management analysis, gather evidence and documentation for security assessments and reviews and more. JupiterOne integrates with more than 3-dozen tools, softwares and services, as well as provides and open API for bringing over your own data. All of the data is aggregated and JupiterOne applies classifications for the type

Jasmine H.
Every aspect of using JupiterOne and self-serve product onboarding is simple, painless, and intuitive. Compliance is complicated and this is a VERY... Read review
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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is an agentless SaaS service that makes it easy to stay secure while building applications in, and moving workloads to, public-cloud infrastructures. It provides security that firewalls cannot, including end-to-end visibility of your security posture in your public-cloud deployments and continuous, automated compliance monitoring and remediation of security controls.

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Entry Level Price:$5.99 Month/User

Coronet is a world leader in providing organizations of every size with cyber defense for their email, cloud applications, any endpoint, and data leakage prevention. Coronet's platform uses AI to detect and mitigate threats, eliminating the need for a security team to chase down security events. Provided as a subscription service, with nothing to install on premises, Coronet brings enterprise grade cyber defense to organizations at an affordable price, eliminating the complexity and laborious n

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Enactia covers essential functionality which enables your organization to manage your Privacy and Cybersecurity Governance in an efficient and effective way and most importantly to monitor your compliance with GDPR, ISO27001, ISO27701, CCPA, PDPL, and others.

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Security teams in cloud are faced with an overwhelming amount of information to process in order to keep their environments secure. Keeping up with everything manually is a difficult, never-ending task where failure can have high consequences. Google Cloud Policy Intelligence helps enterprises understand and manage their policies to reduce their risk. By providing more visibility and automation, customers can increase security without increasing their workload.

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Runecast adds value, security & stability to VMware, AWS Hybrid Cloud & Kubernetes Runecast Analyzer is a predictive and actionable support intelligence solution for VMware and AWS admins. It mitigates lost time and other costs incurred from troubleshooting often-complex issues only in a limited and reactive capacity by proactively scanning VMware and AWS environments in real-time to discover potential risks and provide admins with remediation solutions before any issues can develop int

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SOC Prime makes threat detection easier. Our core product, Threat Detection Marketplace, is a SaaS content platform that provides detection, enrichment, integration and automation algorithms to translate big data, logs and cloud telemetry into actionable signals related to cyber security. We help security professionals to detect and respond to cyber threats as early in the attack life-cycle as possible, supercharging the capabilities and increasing ROI for the majority of SIEM, EDR, NSM and SOAR

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Very Good Security (VGS) is a leading data security and enablement company that enables startups and enterprises to operate on sensitive data without the cost or liability of securing the data themselves. VGS provides the specialized infrastructure that intercepts data and replaces it with an aliased version that improves security while also accelerating business growth. VGS can also help find an alternative to Wirecard.

Top 10 Free Cloud Compliance Software in 2021

  • AlienVault USM (from AT&T Cybersecurity)
  • Nutanix Beam
  • Lacework
  • Orca Security
  • Tugboat Logic