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An augmented reality (AR) WYSIWYG editor allows users with limited to no coding knowledge to create AR experiences. AR WYSIWYG editors offer drag-and-drop functionalities that enable AR developers to upload 3D objects, which are referred to as target images, and drop them directly into previously designed scenes. They should be tracked and detected by the camera’s view so they may be overlayed with HTML content. An AR WYSIWYG editor stores these target images and lets users go back and edit them. These tools are ideal for those looking to develop an AR mobile application.

An AR WYSIWYG editor may work in tandem with an augmented reality SDK, which is catered to AR developers with more technical expertise. Applications developed with a WYSIWYG editor may also integrate with hardware that supports AR, such as a mobile phone.

To qualify for inclusion in the Augmented Reality WYSIWYG Editor category, a product must:

  • Offer users the ability to drag and drop uploaded 3D images into its platform
  • Store uploaded target images for further editing
  • Script logic for AR scenes so editors can manipulate how 3D objects behave
  • Produce scenes that are compatible with corresponding hardware
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    Amazon Sumerian lets you create and run virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D applications quickly and easily without requiring any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise.

    Open Hybrid is a platform for interaction with everyday objects. It combines physical objects with the benefits of a flexible augmented user interface.

    The simple but powerful way to create AR is with Blippbuilder. The design tool is easy to learn, and lets you add a layer of interactivity to your printed materials, anything from a poster, a print ad, event stand or book. Bring it to life with animations, games or 3D models. Add links to buy, collect user feedback, showcase how to use your product and more.

    Gemino AR is a dynamic augmented reality shopping experiences to consumers through apps and the web as a SaaS for E-Commerce Merchants

    Inscape AR streamlines the creation of interactive AR content for industrial operations .It offers unrivalled productivity gains by overlaying step-by-step instructions ,context specific documentation or assistance tools to the real environment. It provides the unique capability to display technical documentation content directly on work-site.

    Mirra is a design tool that allows anyone to create professional quality AR and VR experiences, without 3D expertise and without code.

    Create step-by-step instructions and visualize product components as well as diagnostic data, without coding skills. By re-using 2D and 3D content, rich media and video, you can turn paper-based manuals into interactive guides for Android, iOS, Windows and Microsoft Hololens.

    ROAR Editor is the best-in-class tool to create your own high quality Augmented Reality experience just in a couple of clicks. It is designed for non-technical users. Whether you need it for personal use or for business, ROAR will provide you the full set of AR features that will help you test, play and deliver totally immersive user experience for your customers, partners and friends. The ROAR Editor contains all major Augmented Reality features, including video, audio, action buttons (CTA), im

    Wikitude Studio is a web-based AR solution that allows you to create, manage and publish your AR project from an mobile application.

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