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    KeyShot Pro Floating
    <ul style="list-style-type: none;"> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>All KeyShot Pro&nbsp;features</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>KeyShot Animation</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>FlexNet based server license</li> <!--FOLD--> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>Floating license manager</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>Floating license borrowing</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>Camera animation</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>Part and object animation</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>Multiple turntable animations</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>Interactive setup, editing and playback in realtime</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>Individual frame output</li> <li><span class="check-stack"><i class="circle"></i><i class="check"></i></span>Compiled movie output (Quicktime, AVI, FLV)</li> </ul> <br /> Compare all versions <a href="">here</a>.
      Annual Subscription
      £519 1 license for 12 months
      Single user license for individual professionals Annual subscription license agreement, paid in one time or monthly instalments

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        Free Trial is available
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        VECTARY Pricing-Related Review

        Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
        Validated Reviewer
        Review source: Organic
        What do you like best?

        I like the ease at which I was able to create 3D designs. The interface is easy to work with and is pretty robust for the cost. It also seems to be pretty flexible allowing for quick changes and plenty of options for creating a texture and surface that isn't stock. Review collected by and hosted on

        What do you dislike?

        I would like a better knowledge base for online help and suggestions. I'm sure this will develop over time but the documentation seems to be a little weak. Also, it would be nice to suggest the best browser to work in. I was using Safari which didn't work at all and almost scrapped using Vectary but when I switched to Firefox the user experience was much better. Review collected by and hosted on

        Recommendations to others considering the product:

        Documentation is weak so getting started if you are a novice 3D designer creates a learning curve, however the learning curve is not steep. You will be delighted with the ease at which you can start building in 3D. The robust materials and flexibility of modifying textures and reflection gives you the customization features that seem endless. Review collected by and hosted on

        What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

        I am a 2D artist and graphic designer. I have used Photoshop and Illustrator 3D tools to do all of my illustrations and was looking for a better, quicker and more intuitive solution and opportunity to produce more 3D artwork. With Vectary and the export options I can expand the art I create into the websites I build as well as other uses I can now imagine Review collected by and hosted on

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