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ArtRage 5US$79
ArtRage 5 is a powerful digital painting program for Windows and macOS with a full range of natural media tools and professional editing features.
  • Incredibly realistic graphite pencil and thick oil paints, easy to control watercolor, blending markers, pastels and more
  • Smart digital drawing tools for professional design
  • Custom brush creation and customizable resources
  • Multiple interface modes and flexible menu layouts
  • Graphic design tools including stencils, perspective, grids, and guides
ArtRage LiteUS$29.90
ArtRage Lite is our introductory desktop software for Windows and macOS, suitable for beginners or users who only need the natural media features of ArtRage.
  • All the main painting and drawing tools in a fully functional program
  • Includes digital editing tools like Cloner, Selection, Fill, Transform, and more
  • PSD, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF support
  • Less complicated menus for a gentler introduction to digital art
  • Use stencils, references, and tracing images
ArtRage for iOSUS$4.99
ArtRage is available as a universal app for iPad and iPhone devices, allowing you to paint anywhere you go with realistic oils and customizable canvases.
  • Full range of natural media tools
  • Record scripts and play them back at larger resolutions on the desktop
  • Supports popular bluetooth styluses
  • Full support for the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro
  • Export PTG, JPEG and PNG files with transparency
ArtRage for AndroidUS$4.99
ArtRage is available for Android phones, tablets, and Kindles. The Android app includes the full range of natural media tools, layers, presets, customizable canvases, blend modes and more.
  • Pencil, Oils, Fill Tool, Ink Pen, Watercolor, Palette Knife, Eraser, Gloop Pen, Airbrush, Glitter Tube and more.
  • Unlimited layers and undo/redo
  • Add references and tracing images to work from and pick colors from
  • Full range of layer blend modes
  • Editable canvas appearance and interactive texture
ArtRage Oil Painter FreeFree
A very simple painting app for Android that lets you practice with oils on a single layer. Great for kids, quick test paintings, practicing real life techniques, or demo-ing the ArtRage oil brush.
  • Four oil brush presets for different techniques
  • Textured canvas interacts with brush strokes
  • LS/H color wheel with metallic slider
  • PTG files compatible with any other edition of ArtRage
  • JPEG export to email, device gallery, or other apps

ArtRage pricing & plans

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Desktop purchases are valid for both Windows and macOS, and users can access downloads and updates by registering at, but this is not required to use the program.

Existing users can access 30-50% upgrade discounts to our latest desktop version by registering at See for details.

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Pricing information was last updated on September 26, 2017

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