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What is ActiveCollab?

Gain Complete Control Over Your Work and Make Real Work Happen.
ActiveCollab is the project management software that gives you complete control over your work.

Use tasks to organize work.
Break down your entire work into tasks your team can tackle right away. Deadlines will never surprise you again. Actual priorities are given priority, and everyone is accountable for their work.

Make your team accountable and always on track.
Your team is in charge of tasks assigned to them, and subscribers are instantly notified of any changes made. With start and due dates, reminders, and priorities on every task, you will always be aware of how much time you have to complete your work.

Deliver exceptional client service.
A single place for collaboration will reduce the noise created by scattered communication, save precious time, and make your client work a lot easier.

Create cost estimates, track budgets, get paid.
Manage your projects, track time and issue invoices in ActiveCollab. Cost estimates, invoicing, and budget tracking guarantees control over your budget and expenses.

Time tracking & expense tracking.
Time is money. Employ ActiveCollab's time tracking app to measure how much time is spent on tasks. Combined with expense tracking, this allows you to pinpoint where your finances and time are being invested, and where they are being wasted.

Make your time work for you.
Set hourly rates for job types and track time on multiple tasks at once. You will be able to make better estimates and manage your time and work better.

In short, ActiveCollab incorporates project management, time tracking, and invoicing into a comprehensive Project Management Software. Organize your entire work in one single tool, track time on each task, and create and issue invoices so you can get paid.

ActiveCollab is the difference between an investment and an expense.

ActiveCollab Details Provided by: Svetozar K.

ActiveCollab Details Provided by: Svetozar Krunić

Head of User Acquisition at ActiveCollab
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