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Best Web Client Accelerator Software

    Web client accelerators are used to reduce the amount of time it takes client-side for users to access websites or web applications. While web server accelerator software focuses on server-side improvements to connection speed, web client accelerators focus on improving connectivity and load time within the client’s own browser or application.

    These tools focus specifically on how websites and applications cache and load for the end user, using techniques like precaching, prefetching, and ad filtering to improve access resolution times. This software serves to maximize end user experience with websites and web applications, as well as helps to reduce strain on end user devices. Network teams are most likely to be using web server accelerator software, though server analysts and engineers may also utilize it.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Web Client Accelerator category, a product must:

    Reduce access time with device-side techniques like precaching and prefetching
    Integrate with local device web applications and software

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    (23)4.3 out of 5

    WP Rocket offers a caching plugin for Wordpress.

    (1)4.0 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:€9.99 per month

    Speed Kit is a performance-add-on that makes your website load instantly. Added as a JavaScript, it accelerates websites by 50–300%. Here’s what happens when you supercharge your website with Speed Kit... - User Experience: Turn page speed into your competitive advantage. - SEO Ranking: Let the speed-based search rank boost your visibility. - Time on Site: Make your users stay longer and click more. - Conversion Rate: Grow e-commerce revenue and funnel metrics. - Bounce Rate: Reduce your market

    0 ratings

    Edgemesh helps any website run 2-10x faster with zero infrastructure changes and just a single line of code. Based on next generation client side technology, Edgemesh helps deliver some of the fastest web experiences on the internet. Edgemesh uses an advanced AI platform that learns the navigation patterns of visitors in real-time, and allows their browser to dynamically pre-cache content. The results are dramatically lower page load times, increased conversion rates and higher performing web