Top Free Mobile App Debugging Software

Check out our list of free Mobile App Debugging Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Mobile App Debugging Software to ensure you get the right product.

(189)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:0

We deliver Real-Time Contextual Insights throughout the entire mobile app lifecycle, empowering mobile teams to connect with customers, accelerate their workflow, and release with confidence. With the best-in-class bug and feedback reporting, secure crash reporting, intuitive in-app surveys, and reliable infrastructure that supports over two billion devices worldwide, Instabug helps development and product teams easily collect bugs and feedback from beta testers and customers. Instabug automat

Rich C.
I have a small startup that is not yet making money. Appreciated the free trial so we could test it out first before subscribing. We also found... Read review
Its incredible the amount of information you can get to help diagnose the problem. Having instant access means a better user experience for the... Read review
(45)4.4 out of 5
Entry Level Price:0€ 1

Genymotion is a cross-platform virtualization suite for Android. It is used by 5M+ professionals working within the mobile app ecosystem. 4 flavors are available: - Free - Premium (30-day free trial) - Cloud - On-Demand (Amazon Web Services)

Alejandro S.
It is a really good application to emulate almost any phone or tablet, so you can have any resolution of phone and see if and application created... Read review
The fastest Android emulator in the market. Easy to setup and use. Free for personal use. Read review
(18)4.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$99 Up to 100 devices

Bugsee is a bug and crash reporting tool for iOS and Android apps. Like a black box on an airplane, Bugsee locally records everything that the app is doing. Whenever a bug occurs, everything that led to it has already been recorded: - Video of user’s actions + touches (including in live apps) - All Network traffic - Console logs and more Also, recently, an independent benchmark for mobile crash reporters  named Bugsee as the #1 crash reporter for iOS — You can s

Sebastian J.
To know exactly when a crash happened and replay the user steps that lead to it. Read review
We love Bugsee. I using it every time when I need to report bug in mobile apps. This is the easiest way to report bugs to developers Read review
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Entry Level Price:8.70 $

Bugbattle’s automated in-app bug reporting environment empowers developers to build the best software while spending less time on debugging. Our reports automatically ship the important insights into a bug, Bugbattle is GDPR compliant and most of all it is super easy to use.

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The only monitoring and developer analytics platform built for mobile apps; Crashlytics and FullStory on steroids. Whether an unsolved crash, a bug in the checkout flow, an error log without resolution, or a startup that takes too long, developers need to find every issue and not take days. With Embrace, mobile teams instantly look up any user, see every user’s sessions on command, and understand what happened seconds and minutes before any error of any type.

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SessionStack helps teams understand and improve the quality of their customer support thanks to co-browsing, session replay, error notifications, troubleshooting insights, analytics, and reporting tools. With SessionStack you can view, guide or take control of your customer’s screen. You can either watch live or replay the problems customers run into. You can share the support session with any team member for troubleshooting and debugging purposes. Valuable technical and user behavior informatio

Top 6 Free Mobile App Debugging Software in 2021

  • Instabug
  • Genymotion
  • Bugsee
  • BugBattle