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At Red Hat, they connect an innovative community of customers, partners, and contributors to deliver an open source stack of trusted, high-performing technologies that solve business problems.

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Red Hat Products

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RedHat Enterprise Linux
Open source platform for mission-critical computing
Fedora is a Linux-based operating system, a collection of software that makes your computer run.
Ansible is a simple way to automate apps and infrastructure. Application Deployment + Configuration Management + Continuous Delivery.
Codenvy makes developer workspaces instant. Leverage pre-built environments that support nearly every language and stack. Run it behind your firewall, connected to your systems and projects to remove configuration maintenance from development. Deploy it to your own datacenter or any cloud. Codenvy is based on Eclipse Che, an open source project and is available on-premises as well as white label and SaaS. Codenvy supports Java, JS, PHP, Python, Android and more.
Develop, host, and scale your apps in the cloud. OpenShift is the open hybrid cloud application platform by RedHat
KVM (for Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is an open-source virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V).
Red Hat jBoss
A faster, easier, more affordable way to build and manage your company's dynamic website
RedHat Jboss Enterprise
With Jboss Enterprise Middleware you can do more. Much more. For much less. Cost-effectively develop, deploy, and manage applications. Update business processes faster. And integrate more services and data. On-premise or in the cloud. Your choice.
Red Hat Virtualization
Red Hat Virtualization (formerly Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization) provides server and desktop virtualization tools
OpenShift Container Platform
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a platform for creating and deploying any application, quickly and easily, on virtually any infrastructure.
Red Hat Gluster Server (formerly Storage Server)
Red Hat's open software solution for scale-out network-attached storage lets you manage exponential data growth at a fraction of the cost of other storage solutions.
rkt is an open source container runtime designed for composability, security, and speed.
Ansible Tower
Red Hat Ansible Tower is a radically simple IT automation engine that automates cloud provisioning, configuration, deployment, and orchestration.
Red Hat Directory Server
Red Hat Directory Server is an operating system-independent, network-based registry that lets administrators centrally store user identity and application information.
GlusterFS is an open source, distributed storage system capable of scaling to several petabytes and handling thousands of clients.
Infinispan is an extremely scalable, highly available key/value data store and data grid platform. It is 100% open source, and written in Java. The purpose of Infinispan is to expose a data structure that is distributed, highly concurrent and designed ground-up to make the most of modern multi-processor and multi-core architectures. It is often used as a distributed cache, but also as a NoSQL key/value store or object database.
API management platform that empowers API providers to easily package, distribute, manage and monetize APIs.
CoreOS provide a software that securely run application containers anywhere.
Red Hat Process Automation Manager
Red Hat Process Automation Manager includes a unique toolkit designed to speed construction of applications that solve complex scheduling and resource optimization problems. Business resource planner uses the business rules capabilities of JBoss BPM Suite to quickly find good solutions to problems that are otherwise extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to solve.
Red Hat Quay
Red HatĀ® Quay container and application registry provides secure storage, distribution, and deployment of containers on any infrastructure. It is available as an add-on for OpenShift or as a standalone component.
Atomic Host provides "immutable infrastructure" for deploying to hundreds or thousands of servers in your private or public cloud.
Ceph is a massively scalable, open source, distributed storage system. It is comprised of an object store, block store, and a distributed file system.
CoreOS Tectonic
Tectonic ships with CoreOS's signature Automated Operations, enables portability across private and public cloud providers, and is always upstream open source.
etcd is a distributed key value store that provides a reliable way to store data across a cluster of machines.etcd gracefully handles leader elections during network partitions and will tolerate machine failure, including the leader.
Transform Your Enterprise with the Power of Mobile
Red Hat jBoss Data Virtualization
Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization is a data supply and integration solution that sits in front of multiple data sources and allows them to be treated as single source, delivering the needed data in the required form at the right time to any application or user.
Drools is a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) solution. It provides a core Business Rules Engine (BRE), a web authoring and rules management application (Drools Workbench), full runtime support for Decision Model and Notation (DMN) models at Conformance level 3 and an Eclipse IDE plugin for core development.
Entando allows the development of UX-convergent applications as well as application modernization in terms of infrastructures, architectures, and processes. Evolving your software development helps your applications better align with today's business needs: efficiency, agility, and customer centricity.
flannel is a virtual network that gives a subnet to each host for use with container runtimes.
JEUS meets the demands created by internet usage and speeds in South Korea, that are some of the highest in the world, delivering stability and security providing additional benefits when combined with WebtoB, TmaxSoft's Webserver.