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Client Conflict Check helps protect your law firm's reputation with automated conflict of interest identification and management capabilities.

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Client Conflict Check helps protect your law firm's reputation with automated conflict of interest identification and management capabilities.

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There are not enough reviews of Client Conflict Check for G2 to provide buying insight. Below are some alternatives with more reviews:

Amicus Attorney Logo
Amicus Attorney
Amicus Premium 2015 offers superior functionality and is powerful, flexible and scalable for firms of all sizes.
AbacusLaw Logo
AbacusLaw is a turn-key, fully integrated Case Management, Time, Billing and Accounting Solution for small, medium and large sized firms in all practice areas and jurisdictions.
ActionstepConflict Check Logo
ActionstepConflict Check
Actionsteps one-click conflict check takes the time and difficulty out of checking for client conflicts. Its as simple as typing in a name, or part of a name, and clicking a button.
Cosmolex Client Conflict Check Logo
Cosmolex Client Conflict Check
Running a Conflict Check. This feature is used to check if there are conflicts of interest between clients and contacts of various matters. A conflict may only be found if relations were already set for a particular client.
Perfectlaw Conflict Checker Logo
Perfectlaw Conflict Checker
Detecting conflicts prior to working on new client matters or before acquisitions and mergers has become increasingly important, difficult and expensive, as the electronic universe expands and e-discovery becomes a way of life. Accepting client work that results in a conflict can damage client relationships and even result in malpractice lawsuits.
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HoudiniEsq is a powerful Legal Case Management system that is free for solo users. Manage your Legal Practice from anywhere.
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OpenText Conflicts Management
OpenText Conflicts Management is a flexible software system for identifying and resolving potential conflicts of interests.
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RTG Conflicts
RTG Conflicts is a software application that can run conflict searches through all your matters and client database.
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LSS Conflict of Interest
LSS Conflict of Interest is a mitigate reputational risks with automatic real-time indexing and preemptive conflict checking capabilities.
SILQ Conflict Check Logo
SILQ Conflict Check
SILQs one of a kind conflict check feature helps you to assure compliance with your duties to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality.
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