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        Certelligence pricing & plans

        Pricing information for Certelligence is supplied by the software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase Certelligence must be conducted with the seller.
        Pricing information was last updated on October 15, 2015

        Certelligence Alternatives Pricing

        The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Association Management Software

        $150 Setup, tiered pricing per count of active members40¢/mo up to 100 members; 36¢ for 101-250; 32¢ for 251-500; 28¢ for 501-1000; etc.
        Basic setup includes full support during setup period and importing your member and non-member databases.
        • Website with areas for public, members only and admins
        • Unlimited custom web pages
        • Unlimited photos and photo albums
        • 22+ modules built-in, including Event Calendar
        • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
        $200Per User/Per Month
        iMIS is priced as an annual subscription including hosting, online help guides, and technical support - everything you expect from a complete cloud solution. The total annual price varies depending on number of users and features selected.
          $44/MonthUp to 50 Members
          StarChapter Starter: A plan for smaller chapters with the basic tools to help volunteer leaders; Starter Turns Small Chapters into Successful Chapters!

            Various alternatives pricing & plans

            Pricing information for the above various Certelligence alternatives is supplied by the respective software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase any of these products must be conducted with the seller.

            Certelligence Pricing-Related Review

            Manager, Certification & Membership
            Non-Profit Organization Management
            Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
            Validated Reviewer
            Verified Current User
            Review source: Invitation from G2
            What do you like best?

            The ability for candidates and certificants to access certification or recertification applications from their profile.

            Helpful ACGI employees: Marc, Kacey and Alison Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

            What do you dislike?

            About ACGI: Their entire process of development and implementation of the product; billing for things as simple as asking a question, needing guidance, or having a conversation with their project manager; lack of transparency with the "base" product vs. the product you thought you were buying (sold by the salespeople).

            About Certelligence: an outdated look and feel; inconsistent stability of components; functionality that is still not fixed (after one year); no access to critical certificant certification fields; reporting limitations. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

            Recommendations to others considering the product:

            The Certelligence module is not worth the effort or money. They will try to sell you on buying Association Anywhere by offering Certelligence for free. Don’t fall for it - you will be on the brink of insanity before the process is over and you finally go live. Their company configured our workflows based upon teleconference interviews without consultation or demonstration. We learned about 6 weeks before our original go live date that we would not receive training for the module! There were many codes and fields that did not make a lick of sense us, but they refused to disclose any information and would only consider helping us if we agree to pay for a training session (note: in their promotional material and RFP response, they claim you get 1 week of training). Our staff had to play a cruel game of scavenger hunt to figure out what the codes meant and their functionality within the workflow. Furthermore, since we were not consulted we are stuck with critical naming conventions that an ACGI employee thought was good enough to explain what the field was capturing (ex: HOURS_A, HOURS_B, HOURS_C, etc. – was used to capture specific types of hours for many different categories).

            We have only been with ACGI for about 1 year, 3 months for AA, and 1 year for Certelligence. Since around October 2017, their answer to every problem, issue or question we have is that we need to upgrade to the latest version – at a very high cost! We still have issues they never fixed, they caused, or never provided proper training for and they want us to pay thousands of dollars to upgrade because it will “fix” our problems (based on the little I’ve shared, would you believe them?). From what we understand, all upgrades have a cost attached to them – no freebies from ACGI – and they upgrade frequently.

            ACGI is the ONLY vendor we have that charges us for EVERYTHING. Have a problem with a certain module, or need extra guidance for a routine process? - It will cost you extra to get the help or the answer. One of the most absurd occasions was when we were charged for their Project Manager to talk to our new IT Manager – which was just to make introductions (we had to preapprove 1 hour of billable time). There isn’t enough space to write about the extra costs we’ve had to endure, but to give you an idea, we’ve spent above and beyond (in the 6 figure range), just so we can function.

            Isn’t it the responsibility of software providers to continuously improve and enhance their product to keeps customers satisfied and to justify their monthly and annual service fee(s) (or at least be transparent of their upgrade policy/costs)? If you feel the same way, and are used to be treated in this manner, ACGI is NOT the company for you. If you have deep pockets, enjoy playing mind games, and do not give a hoot about your staff’s efficiency and well-being, consider ACGI as your AM/Certelligence provider. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

            What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

            We now offer a paperless application process that is conveniently stored within the candidate's/certificant's profile. This has been the greatest benefit, thus far. With the amount of money spent (way above and beyond the original plan/scope of work), and considerable functionality issues (one that shut down a module for 30 days), we are still waiting for the benefits to outweigh the issues, and to justify the investment. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

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