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Check out our list of free Payment Analytics Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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ProfitWell helps subscription products and companies achieve faster recurring revenue growth. We do this by driving better monetization, customer retention, and insights, with solutions backed by data science.

Devan S.
The dashboards and reporting are superb. So well designed, and impart a lot of information in the most effective way possible. Saves a LOT of... Read review
Larry C.
I never knew my LTV before using this product. Now I make marketing investment decisions based on that information. It has helped me grow my... Read review
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Connect all of your data in one place, visualize performance trends, monitor progress toward your goals, make more informed decisions, collaborate and report as you go with custom views and deep-dives for each function in your organization. Databox helps you to track the performance of your company, teams and individuals anytime and anywhere. Use Goals, Alerts and Scorecards to easily stay up-to-date on the most important metrics. 70+ ONE-CLICK INTEGRATIONS The easiest way to connect your dat

Bill C.
The design is very beautiful and versatile, it looks nice on all of my devices. Good Job Databox. Another thing I love about databox is its... Read review
Glen K.
Databox has some options when it comes to tools integration, this feature helps the user to do their tasks easier. The data sharing feature also... Read review

Top 2 Free Payment Analytics Software in 2021

  • ProfitWell
  • Databox

Learn More About Payment Analytics Software

What You Should Know About Payment Analytics Software

Payment analytics software integrates with payment gateways and payment processors to provide insight into customer payments. These insights help track revenue, invoices, and other key metrics important to managing business finances. Analytics help businesses remain compliant with financial regulations as well as manage any potential tax information.

Both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses use a variety of solutions to collect payments, so it is important to have a single repository for that data; this offers a complete and accurate picture of a business’ finances.

Key Benefits of Payment Analytics Software

  • Payment data housed in one place for easy analysis and reference
  • Accurate record keeping to ensure regulatory and tax compliance
  • Real-time data insights into customer payments

Why Use Payment Analytics Software?

Many payment options are available for e-commerce businesses to offer to their customers. Payment data is crucial for businesses to maintain accurate financial records. The ability to import data to a single place to analyze it all at once is extremely useful.

Real-time insights — Using a tool that provides real-time or regular insights can help businesses correct problems as soon as they arise or accurately attribute success to a specific change.

Fraud and risk prevention — Storing all payment data in one place makes it easy to see trends and scan for suspicious activity. Businesses can easily see which customers made successful payments and which have not, and who may be abusing a refund system. All of this helps reduce lost funds and improve fraud prevention in the long run.

Sales and marketing feedback — Analyzing payment data provides insight into who is buying which products, and if they are repeat customers. This helps businesses determine which products are successful and which are not. Organizations also use this data to inform marketing efforts and connect payment data with demographic data.

Who Uses Payment Analytics Software?

Accountants — Accountants and finance managers benefit from payment analytics software. Insights provided by the tool ensure compliance with financial and tax regulations, which prevents fines and other repercussions.

Business owners — Business owners use payment analytics software to receive payments, track revenue, and see which items are most successful.

Payment Analytics Software Features

Customer monitoring — Payment analytics software users can monitor how (and which) customers make purchases. Monitoring prevents fraud and other activities that jeopardize profit. This includes customers’ interactions with customer support and refund activity. These insights into real customer behavior inform future business decisions and which initiatives are successful.

Real-time data — Some payment analytics tools show data in real time through permanent integrations. While reports can be delivered on a regular basis, real-time data provides an in-the-moment view of the business. This is a great way to monitor new product launches and other time-sensitive information.

Predictive analytics — Predictive analytics use data gathered over time to predict likely trends. This information is helpful for long-term planning or business decisions.

Dashboards — Dashboards provide users with the most pertinent data in one accessible format. While there may be a variety of important reports, a dashboard allows users to quickly see the most relevant data.

Integrations — Payment analytics software needs to integrate with other payment software to import data. The more data sources an analytics tool integrates with, the faster users can receive real-time insights. Integrations only need to be set up once; they will continuously collect data from other products.

Customization — The ability to customize reports helps different businesses build unique solutions that provide them with the insights they need.